122 Awesome Things to Do This Weekend in GBA

By That's GBA, May 25, 2023

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Girls Night Out @Coco's Party Bar


Free Margaritas & Selected Wine for Ladies 9-11pm!

Live Party Band, DJ, MC & Tequila Girls with Free Tequila Every Hour!

Every Friday

Coco's Party Bar, Zhujiang Party Pier B08, Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizhu District

Latin Party @Coco's Party Bar


With DJ Beto & MC Riivaas! Hosted by Beto & nando! Jorge!

Special Shows after Midnight!!

Salsa/ Reggaeton/ Merengue/ Bachata/ Top 40 & More!

Every Wednesday

Coco's Party Bar(Formerly Zapata's Party Ba) 

AMA Open Day


Join us at AMA Preschool Campus on May 28 from 2pm-5pm for an unforgettable event, the "Little Animal Hero" day! This event is designed for families with kids aged 2-6 who love animals and want to learn about animal rescue, guide dog engagement and adoption.

May 28, 2pm-5pm

Room 1011-1013, TIT Interlligent Park, Tianhe

Summer Refreshing Party


Join us for a drink and some bar bites. Morton's will feature some of the new menu launch dishes converted canapes style!

DJ Performance: 16:00-18:00

Singer Performance: 18:00-21:00

Saturday, May 27, 16:00-21:00

Morton's Grille, Shop L505 and L603, IGC Mall, 222 Xingming Lu, Tianhe District

Sparkle Afternoon Tea


Savor the sparkle afternoon tea at The Lounge with your loved ones and indulge in teatime's vibrancy in the city's heart.

Daily, 14:30-17:30

Member price: RMB218net/set, for two persons

Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe

CIS International Day


CIS invites YOU to International Day 2023, the most diverse, exciting and fun summer event of the year! After three long years, the CIS international community is thrilled to be able to open our doors to the wider Guangzhou community for a celebration of diversity, multiculturalism and international-mindedness. There's so much to expect from our talented performers, concerts, delicious food and drinks, a grand raffle draw, horseback riding, a shopping bazaar, an art sale, games and plenty of entertaining child-friendly activities!

May 27, 10:00-15:30

Canadian International School of Guangzhou, 122 Dongyi Lu, Panyu

Overdrive On the GZ Highway


On May 27, OVERDRIVE will start from a bustling city with diverse cultures and arrive in Guangzhou, which has been immersed in THE music of 4/4 for a long time, to launch a new music collision and exchange. THE WINDOW will join hands with this electronic activity label from Shanghai to offer a surprise to friends in Guangzhou, hoping to see the response of the dance floor!

May 27, 22:30-late

Fei (W Guangzhou), 2/F, W Guangzhou, 26 Xiancun Lu, Tianhe

Marselan Festival


May 27, this Saturday, is Marselan day! Marselan quickly became China's flagship grape. Join us at Azul for a buffet and tasting of 36 different wines while enjoying the river view. RMB198 early bird for the first 30 tickets! 

May 27, 2023

AZUL by FUEL, Party Pier B Area 4th - 5th Floor, No 118 Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu

A Century of Changes


This exhibition uses historical images collected by the Hong Kong Museum of History in the "Humanities Bay Area" to guide us through a century of time, witnessing the earth-shattering changes that Hong Kong has experienced, and understanding how Hong Kong has transformed from a sparsely populated small fishing village to a port with diverse Chinese and foreign cultures and thriving commerce.

April 20 - June 20, 2023

Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe

Guangzhou in International Trade


Guangdong Folk Arts Museum has a collection of high-quality Guangzhou handicrafts (referred to as "Guangzuo") represented by various categories such as Guangzhou ivory carving, Guangzhou embroidery, and Guangzhou color.  Guangzuo has a long history and a profound maritime trade tradition, and once sailed from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to the world. Since the 18th to 19th centuries, Guangzhou has become one of the central cities of the world trade system. "Guangzuo" carries the oriental aesthetic that the world yearns for, and is sold globally along trade routes. Its production, operation, and exports have driven the development of port cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao region.

May 18 - June 25, 2023

Guangdong Folk Arts Museum, 34 Enlong Lane, Liwan District

West of Yangguan Pass


"West of Yangguan Pass - Xinjiang Cultural Relics Exhibition" was officially opened on April 29. The exhibition was jointly held by the Maritime Museum of Guangzhou and the Museum of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It gathers 136 exquisite cultural relics from various regions of Xinjiang from the pre Qin to the Song and Yuan dynasties, presenting us with the prosperity and grandeur of the integration of Western Region culture and Central Plains civilization for thousands of years.

April 29 - October 29, 2023

Guangzhou Maritime Museum, 22 Xuri Street, Miaotou, Huangpu District

City Urban Art Exhibition


"Reality" and "ideal" are just like "form" and "color". They are constantly swinging and fighting against each other, but in the process of continuous growth, they are constantly merging and influencing each other, gradually evolving into a symbiotic relationship beyond the conflict, which makes our life more lifelike. Graffiti art is a kind of expressive and unique art. It breaks through the shackles of traditional art and is extremely active. It represents the artistic concept and diversified aesthetic trend of the young generation. Admittedly, life is not perfect, but we can still use color to doodle, to fill the gap between the pursuit of ideal and the acceptance of reality. This is also the message that this art exhibition wants to convey to the audience - all "shapes" and "colors" are our pursuit, reality and ideal are not contradictory. It is hoped that the audience can feel unique emotions through the "form" and "color" of the live works, and move towards the reconciliation between self and reality.

April 29 - May 28, 2023

04:59 ART SPACE, 4 Shamian South, Liwan

Music Market


Slow wave you, interesting you, music loving you! Check in, take photos, play games, listening to music comfortably on the lawn, enjoy the beauty of the sunset, experience the atmosphere of romantic literature and art! You can always find your own fun here. Make new friends because of music, because music makes you know! In the name of music, have a date where you can leave as soon as you say so. Multiple bands performing in the LIVE stage area. Gathering distinctive brands from different fields, like-minded friends, initiate a cross-border creative market. Encounter the "Sound of Flowers Blooming" weekend waiting for you in Chuangmeng Garden!

Every Sunday, Friday, Saturday, from May 19, 2023 until December 31, 2023, 15:00-24:00

Parc Pearl River Piano Cultural Park, No.8 Yuwei Xi Road, South Huadi Avenue, Liwan District

Saturday Brunch @Ganèa


Attention brunch lovers! It’s time to elevate your weekend game with the launch of our brand-new brunch menu at Ganèa. Indulge in a decadent spread of mouth-watering dishes curated specially for your weekend pleasure. And as if that wasn’t enough, we also offer free-flow drinks to accompany your meal. So sip on your favorite bubbly as you bask in the relaxing ambiance of our restaurant. So why settle for a mediocre brunch when you can experience the best? Make your weekend memorable with your brunch squad, and join us for a sumptuous weekend feast. Book your table now before it’s too late! 

Every Saturday, from May 20 until June 10, 2023

Ganèa Kitchen Fairy Tales, Unit C, 1/F, Baoli Weizuo South Tower, 11 Xiancun Lu, Tianhe District

Salvador Dalí. Magia Y Realidad


Using the year of creation as a clue, the exhibition carefully recreates the "Triángulo Dalidiano" collection, and Dalí works collected by other institutions. These paintings are rich and varied in style, almost throughout Dalí's entire career, and fully reflect the legendary Spanish artist's exploration and major innovation in painting techniques and artistic concepts.

May 11 - June 19, 2023

Guangzhou Library, 4 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe District

GAFA Degree Show 2023


The works of this graduation exhibition cover painting, sculpture, cross-media art, design, architecture, art history, art theory and other professional fields. It shows the knowledge and skills accumulated by Guangbeauty graduates in various disciplines, their keen insight and innovative response to contemporary art and social issues, and their exploration and pursuit of art itself. And focus on the present and hope for the future.



Phase 1: May 24 - June 7

Phase 2: June 14 - 28


Phase 1: May 18 - 28

Phase 2: June 1 - 11

Phase 3: June 15 - 25

University City Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 168 Waihuan Xi Lu, University City (Metro line No.4)

Changgang Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 257 Changgang Dong Lu, Haizhu

InterNations Guangzhou Kizomba Social Night


Let’s dance! Welcome to join InterNations Guangzhou first ever Kizomba Social Night on Saturday, May 27 at 19:00 in Coco’s! Kizomba is a social dance originally from Angola in the 90s. This time we team up with Dance studio Passada Center to bring you Kizomba and Afro dance classes, entrance ticket includes also two welcome drinks, lucky draw, gifts to each guest, live band and dance floor! Dance classes are optional to attend, you can just come to mingle.

Entrance fee: pay at door RMB100/person

May 27, 19:00-22:00

Coco’s Party Bar, Zhujiang Party Pier B08, Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizhu District



Enjoy the personalized treatment that targets facial contours with proprictary lifting massage techniques and the rencwing power of Miracle Broth to reveal a more youthful appearance.

La Mer The Lifting Facial RMB2,680/60 minutes

Hua Spa, 69/F, Four Seasons Guangzhou, Tianhe District

All Things Created by Fade


The eastern world has been sensitive to the concept of dan 淡 (the lightness of a painting’s color. The name, “fade”, is inspired from fadeur in French art) and gone so far as to bestow it with an abstract structure. Though devoid of direct echoes and attention from viewers, the art concept is concrete: relative with the denseness of colors, it is characterized by clarity and originality in a non-solemn way. It exchanges the guiding and arousing effects for viewers’ focus on the natural presentation of the objects in paintings. Comprised of the dialectical relationship between “tough” and “gentle”, the concept serves as a link between the finite and the infinite and eventually merges into the tangible material and intangible ideology of paintings. Therefore, dan, the eastern fade, is not only a visual expression but also a symbol of ideal and wisdom of the literati in Chinese landscape paintings. 

This exhibition is honored to invite eight artists, including Chen Shuxia, Wang Shaoqiang, Zeng Jianyong, Peng Wei, Wang Muyuu, Hang Chunhui, Kang Haitao, and Huang Yishan, all of whom will interpret the eastern fade via the application of different media and materials as well as their unique way of expression. Their interpretations range from highlighting the subtle elegance of colors as well as utilizing transparent and flowing colors, to turning the common forms and narrative delicate and novel, and to constructing unadorned but intriguing imagery through abstract forms by minimizing the focus on connotations. As the concept is both the origin and the destination of all, it makes the balance shown in paintings possible and facilitates the normal functioning of their internal logics. Instead of implying deficiency, it tells the truth about naturality: all things are created by fade.

March 7 - June 3, 2023

After Hill Art Center, No. 28, Gaoke Road, Wisdom City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Amber Art A Moment Buried En Resin


Guangdong Provincial Museum and Shenzhen Century Amber Museum, Foshan Knowledge Hidden Museum, Shanghai entropy cognitive Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and other units to prepare for the "one hundred million years - the World Amber Art Exhibition", a total of amber ore, insect, plant, amber carvings, ornaments and amber related cultural relics, artworks and more than 700 pieces, with my museum collection of animal and plant specimens, It tells about the formation, distribution, classification, culture, art and other scientific and humanistic knowledge of amber. Through the tiny amber world, it leads the audience to appreciate the mystery of tens of millions of years ago and the wonderful modern art.

This exhibition is the innovation and exploration of the exhibition planning and integration of nature, humanity and art of our museum. It integrates the multidisciplinary knowledge of geology, paleontology, botany, zoology, gemology and so on. The exhibition shows the design of the ancient forest amber formation process, as well as the magnificent and shocking amber palace and other scenes. The types of exhibits cover strata specimens, fossils, animal and plant specimens, traditional Chinese medicine specimens, amber artworks, amber related cultural relics, etc. Interactive and educational programs include digital treasure hunting, amber sand painting, artificial amber and amber jigsaw puzzles to deepen the audience's understanding and interest in amber knowledge. The exhibition brings the audience a visual feast of ancient relics, natural science and modern art.

January 15 - June 18, 2023

Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Art In The Age Of Victoria


The Victorian Era (1837-1901) was a prosperous time for British culture and art. In this period, the pre-Raphaelite, social realism, aestheticism and classical painting schools, a number of famous artists; Dreamlike landscape paintings and reality works depicting the two sides of The Times; Elegant clothes and jewelry embody deep beauty and friendship; The history and evolution of the confluence of China and the West are narrated by the rich imports from the East. Its diverse and profound artistic achievements are an important cultural property of Britain and a treasure of civilization shared by all mankind.

April 28 - July 30, 2023

Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Bronze Mirror in the Collection


In ancient times, bronze mirrors had a close relationship with People's Daily life and were indispensable utensils. At the same time, the bronze mirror is an exquisite artifact. It is a gem of our ancient cultural heritage because it is well made, beautiful in form, gorgeous in pattern and rich in inscriptions.

Qingming treasure mirror and light, alchemy on Shi Hua Hui and Huang. Bronze mirror, also known as "mirror" or "mirror", is one of the earliest bronze products in China and has been in use for the longest time. This exhibition is based on the collection of 200 bronze mirrors and related physical materials, so that the audience can appreciate the strange peak of the Han mirror, the magnificent scene of the Tang mirror, the commercial flavor of the Song mirror, the return to the original nature of the mirror, to show the important position of the mirror in the traditional Chinese culture, it is not only People's Daily life tools, but also people's spiritual carrier, formed a unique mirror culture in the long history.

April 20 - August 20, 2023

Guangdong Museum, 2 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

The Image Of China Spreads To The West


In these printmaking works about China before the First Opium War, Chinese scenery was deeply processed by a subjective way, which is a European imagination of the mysterious East -- a country that can produce such exquisite silk, porcelain, lacquerware, tea, is an idyllic paradise: the people there live and work in peace and contentment The emperor led his officials to manage the country according to the strict Confucian moral life.  People of any class can become officials through the fair imperial examination system and participate in the management of public affairs.  Voltaire, a famous French thinker in the so-called "Enlightenment", is the promoter of this statement.  However, after the publication of the real news of the Magarney Mission in China from 1792 to 1794 in Europe, people were surprised to realize the various ills of the arrogant and narrow Qing Empire.  When Hegel read the "Record of the British Envoy Visiting Qianlong" by Stendon in the Magarney Mission, he commented that the autocratic dictatorship of the emperor of the Chinese Empire had deprived everyone in the empire of free will, and the whole Chinese civilization was in a state of stagnation and sleep.  However, the weakness of the Qing Empire and the big powers in the military conflict seems to confirm Hegel's statement of this ancient oriental civilization.  After the Opium War, the Qing government had to open its doors and gradually open more trading ports to western countries.  It also made more real images of China spread through various weekly magazines and pictorial newspapers in European countries.

March 7 - November 12, 2023

In Arcade, Floor 1, No. 73, Shamian North Street, Liwan District



This exhibition presents lacquerware artworks from the Kangxi era of China and the Louis XIV period of France, initiating an artistic dialogue between two great cultural figures and their countries. Alongside the exhibition, there will be a digital art experience on the same theme, which allows for interactive participation by the audience.

March 30 - June 25, 2023

chi K11 Art Space, 4/F, K11, 6 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe District

National Geographic


Starting brand new in 2023.

Gathering over 130 years of global classics.

Over a hundred classic moments exploring the past, present, and future.

Add multiple new works.

New exhibition area specially planned, majestic Huaxia China exhibition area!

Since its inception in 1888, National Geographic magazine has been dedicated to exploring our planet and everything within it.

It not only explores and records the panorama of physical geography, but also frames the precious and moving classic moments of wildlife, humanity, history and society. These stunning photos and stories reflect a broad perspective of the world we live in, with a highly aesthetic and poetic perspective guiding us to re understand the world.

April 21 - October 8, 2023

Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00 (closed at 21:30)

K11 Art Mall, 6 Zhujiang Dong Lu, Tianhe District

GOAT Daily Happy Hour


Daily happy hour from Goat.

January 1 - December 31, 4pm - 8pm

The Goat, Four Seas Walk, LG2, Unit 9

Hooley Happy Hour


Hooley's presents happy hour evenyday. From 4pm to 8pm.

January 1 - December 31, 4pm - 8pm

Hooley's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Shop 101, 8 Xingsheng Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Morgan's Happy Hour


7 days a week.

All beers, wines, cocktails and spirits.

January 1 - December 31, 4pm - 7.30pm

Morgan's Public House, Shop 108, 6 Huajiu Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Happy Hour @LE HACHOIR


30% off all drinks by the glass and bottle.

Not available in conjunction with any other Le Hachoir promotion.

January 1 - December 31, 14:00 - 17:30

LE HACHOIR, Shop 60, 62, Canton Place, Haifeng Lu

Happy Hour at 13 Factories


Happy Hour Everyday: 3pm - 7pm

Buy One Get One Free: Craft on Draft, Cocktails and Wines by the glass

Till December 31, 2023

13 Factories, 121 Huasui Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Saturday & Sunday Special @Armada Turkish Restaurant


Special menus at RMB88

A: Kabsa Chicken

B: Burgers Kebab

+ Mushroom Soup 

+ Chocolate Cake

+ Turkish Tea

Every Sunday, Saturday, from March 1 till June 30, 11:30 - 18:30

Armada Turkish Restaurant, 2A/F, Easun Guotai Hotel. No.376, Huanshidong Road.

Daily Special Deals @Bravo


Happy Hours

Craft Beer Buy One Get One Free Refill

Monday - Saturday, 17:00-19:00

Sunday Mug Member Gathering

Double Up Hoppiness! / Double Points / Enjoy One Time Free Upgrade / Gathering Event Open To Mug Society / Mug Club Members

Sunday, All Day

January 1 - December 31, 2023

Bravo, Shop 114-115, 6 Huajiu Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District

Happy Hour @Mellow Pub


Beer Wine. Cocktails, Mixed Drinks, Buy one get one free!

January 1 - December 31, 12:00 - 20:00

Mellow Pub, Shop No. 9-11, Bihua Shangye Er Jie, South China Country Garden, Panyu Dadao Bei, Panyu District

REVIBE Rooftop Party @Azul


Juliano and his fans from all over the world bring the beautiful music experience to Azul every Saturday.

Every Saturday, from January 1 to December 31, 22:00 - 02:00

AZUL by FUEL, Party Pier B Area 4th - 5th Floor, No 118 Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu District

TR3 Sunday Chill


Every Sunday different opportunity for DJ's to show their skills. Disco, Funk, HipHop, Reggae, Dub or Techno.

We had it all. We have it all.

Your hangover will vanish with our Bloody Mary deal.

A refreshing Hugo Spritz. Or just that sweet orangy regular Spritz!

Try a big breakfast for all day brunch or Share some of our platters with your friends.

Chill in the green front yard, outdoor patio or in our lounge... There is a place for everybody in TR!

Every Sunday. Always Chill!

Every Sunday, till June 18, 2023

Triple Rooster, 18 Xuguyuan Lu, Dongshankou

Dinner Deals @Ginstar


1 Food & Free Flow

3 Hours Free Flow

Every Sunday - Thursday, till December 31, 6pm - 9pm

Ginstar (Zhujiang New Town), Shop 103, 1/F, Mingyue Building, 2 Huacheng Lu, Tianhe District


Pickleball & Pints


Call your friends for a 2V2 pickleball match this Friday night! Special prize for winners and definitely a big prize for the Dinking King (Best Player) & Drinking King of the night! Pickleball players can enjoy 12% off all Jing-A purchases at G&G Taproom (same day) & participate in the lucky draw. What else to enjoy? Beers & delicious dinner, of course!

May 19, Friday, 19:30-21:30

Jing-A Taproom G&G, No.9 Liyuan Road, Nanshan

Saturday Sunset DJ Session


We can think of a few things more enjoyable than having drinks on a patio with friends and enjoying a warm breeze while the DJ sets a vibe. With that in mind, starting May 13, Jing-A hosts "Sunset Sessions" every Saturday at Sungang Taproom in Shenzhen. From 8PM onward, DJ will be live on the patio, helping us start the summer off right. From 10PM to half an hour before closing, the kitchen will also serve a special street-food-inspired late-night menu designed to pair perfectly with your beer and energise you all evening.

Every Saturday, 20:00-23:00

Jing-A Taproom Sungang MixC, 71 Meiyuan Road, Luohu

5/27 Guest Shift Bartender @SanYou


Guest Shift Bartender this upcoming Saturday, Gagan Gurung, Co-founder of Tell Camellia Hong Kong, Barcode Hong Kong, and Time Out "Bartender Of The Year 2022."

May 27, 2023

SanYou, No. 110, 1st Floor, Times Financial Center, Futian

Sea Urchin Electronic Music Weekend


On the weekend of May 26-27, THE HOURS will be at the beautiful beach in Shenzhen, the Mooon Beach Club on Beach 4# Xichong. Coincidentally, this time is also the famous specialty of this seaside town: the harvest season of sea urchins; So we called this event: Seau Urchin Electronic Music Weekend. Ten DJs from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, we will have the beach and swimming pool two stages, from Friday evening, Saturday afternoon to midnight, presenting an imaginative weekend full of fantasy seaside electronic music with House, Techno, Disco, Funk, Electro and UK Bass.

May 26 - 27, 2023

Mooon Beach Club, Xichong Beach #4, Dapeng

Nanshan Pop Festival


The 2023 Nanshan Pop Music Festival is hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, and the Nanshan District People's Government. It is organized by the Nanshan District Party Committee Propaganda Department and Nanshan District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, with the theme of "Guangle Fashion Music, Classic Music, Pop". It explores the innovative, dynamic, and youthful Nanshan pop culture, and integrates the music enthusiasm of new popular forces into citizens' lives.

May 26 - 28, 2023

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, 3001 Binhai Dadao, Nansha

Dive Music Fest2


The Sea is Calling! Boat Party + Beach + Campsite + Hottest DJs + Live Music! Only thing missing is YOU! Let's have fun, DIVE into The Festival!

May 27, 1pm-12am

Pennisula Campsite, 278 Pengfei Road, Longgang

Shuiwei Playboy Bar Crawl


A lot of people or friends told us that they feel boring on the weekend. Also there are so many "Freshers" just arrived Shenzhen and still exploring what's fun to do in Shenzhen City. So let me tell you a good news that the SHUIWEI PLAYBOY BAR CRAWL is COMING!!!!!


- FREE bunny ears and tail

- FREE bow tie

- 1 free beer at each stop

- Special Promo on drinks

Have great fun with four hot spots bar in shuiwei village!

May 27, 19:00-late

Brass House, Bldg 150, Shuiwei Xincun, Yi Jie, Huanggang Park, Futian

Craft Head Longhua Free Flow Deals


Free flow deals at Craft Head Longhua! Every night, come and pay once, drink as much as you like on package deals for our premium craft beer taps. No definite end date as of this posting, so take advantage while it lasts!

May 26 - June 6, 18:00-02:00

Craft Head Brewing Co., Shanghefang Shopping Center, Longhua

Craft Head Open Mic


Every Saturday at Craft Head Futian, we've got a special open mic, where you can let your flag fly and come as you are! Usually the event is hosted by talented musicians that are well-known around the city, and frequently features some of the best up-and-coming (and sometimes established) acts from the music community. But that's just music! Are you a writer or a poet?  Share your stuff! Are you and up and coming comedian?  Make us laugh! Are you working on your DJ chops or your interpretive dance skills?  DO IT. If you do anything that takes a bit of effort, we'll reward you with one of our fine beverages and an appreciative pat on the back!

Every Saturday, from May 23, 2023 until December 31, 2023, 20:30-22:30

Craft Head Brewing Co., 2/F, Xinzhou 2nd road and Xinzhou 7th road, Futian

Adventures in Funland


The book exhibition is titled "Adventures in Funland" and collaborates with dozens of domestic and international publishers and artists, including Penguin Landon, DK Children, Scholastic, Wave Blossom, Reading Small Library, Magic Elephant, Fantasy Country, Qianxun, Love Tree, Pupoland, Dolphin Children's Book, Relay, China Peace Publishing House, and Tiantian Publishing House, to bring over 1,500 high-quality children's books with the most international perspective to visitors.

May 22 - September 30, 2023

Qianhai MixC, No.169 Guiwan Fourth Road, Nanshan

Topologies of The Real Techne Shenzhen 2023


The exhibition aims to envision Shenzhen as a cutting-edge base for advancing the exploration of global art, technology and ecological issues. As China's scientific innovation highland and the innovation leader of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen gathers the headquarters of the largest number of high-tech enterprises in China. It continues to accelerate on the road of the data era and continuously expands in the field of scientific and technological innovation. Its achievements and development prospects attract the world's attention. This exhibition presented in Shenzhen is a new review of the social change and the trend of The Times brought about by the integration of art and technology in Shenzhen, and also a forward-looking discussion of the impact of rapid social development on culture and art.

May 1 - July 23, 2023

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, No. 184 Fuzhong Road, Futian

Six Hundred Years' History of the Jin State

Shanxi's Alluring Artefacts Exhibition


Shanxi, abbreviated as "Jin" or "San Jin", originated from the second generation monarch of Jin, Xie Fu, who changed "Tang" to "Jin". Shanxi is a major province in cultural relics, with abundant aboveground and underground cultural relics. It holds an important position in the history of Chinese archaeology, and the Jin culture centered around southern Shanxi is on par with the Yan culture in the north and the Chu culture in the south. The "Six Hundred Years of the State of Jin - essence Exhibition of Shanxi Cultural Relics" was jointly held by Nanshan Museum and Shanxi Museum. It is one of the "Two Week Series of Marquis States Exhibition" of Nanshan Museum. The exhibits come from two collections of Shanxi Museum and Shanxi Provincial Archaeological Research Institute. It is a very representative bronze ritual musical instruments, chariot and horse implements, weapons and an important archaeological discovery in the 20th century - Houma Alliance Book, Tell the story of the magnificent Jin state, where Tong Ye was appointed as his younger brother in the early Western Zhou Dynasty, he became the hegemon during the Spring and Autumn period, and flourished and declined in the late Spring and Autumn period until the three kingdoms of Han, Zhao, and Wei divided Jin for over 600 years.

April 21 - July 23, 2023

Nanshan Museum, 2093 Nanshan Da Dao, Nanshan Distric

VinylTimes @Roots House


The 'Tree House' in May

5/13 & 5/20 & 5/27

During the 'Tree House' period, Roots House will share and play the black glue in the store in the form of DJs.

Saturday afternoon, 15:00-18:00

Roots House, 101C, E3 Building, Overseas Chinese Town, Qiaoxiang Lu, Nanshan

B.V. Music Festival


Qianhai MixC presents a special B.V. Music Festival featuring young musicians from Shenzhen. Daydream Secrets lineup will for sure blow up your mind away!

April 15 - June 4, 19:00-21:00

Wing Square, B1/F, Qianhai MixC

Italia Geniale Design Emables


ITALIA GENIALE is a touring exhibition promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy in cooperation with ADI (Association for Industrial Design), Unioncamere and the Italian Trade Agency. This exhibition intends to turn the spotlight on the invention, creativity, and design behind Made in Italy. In its role of scientific curator, ADI (the Association of Industrial Design) was closely involved in the design of the exhibition, selecting both historical and contemporary patents and products, a number of which have been awarded with the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award.  In actual fact, the overall interpretive framework was “driven” by design, since this is a discipline that constantly aims to achieve innovation, linking function and beauty while always considering the user as the central focus of every creative activity. In the exhibition, the concept of enabling is expressed in the following five different categories: “move-able”, “live-able”, “imagine-able”, “relation-able”, “work-able.  Over 70 selected design items on display showcase the ingenuity and creativity that has made Italy a global leader in design.

May 18 - June 28, 2023

Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District

Works Exhibition Of Xu Bing Tun and Zeng Zi Mo


More than 30 works by young artist Zi Mo and mentor Xu Bingtun will be showcased, highlighting intergenerational inheritance and harmony but difference. The young artist's works are influenced by their mentor, and the painting has a decisive and timeless brushstroke that transcends age. The brushstrokes are vigorous and childlike, revealing the calm yet clear and beautiful world that the young artist sees through the eyes of children.

May 20 - 29, 2023

Cham Poo Art Gallery, Qingpu Shang Art Museum, Floor 101, Building F1, OCT Creative Cultural Park, Nanshan

OCT Phoenix Carnival


We're going to hear a nature reading about nature. We're going to be participating in a nature fair for creative people. We're going to have an immersive nature class. We'll capture it on camera. One after another, about the flame tree flowers. We will incarnate (natural carbon cable.) Get involved in Green Living. We will witness the debut of OCT Property (low-carbon brand.) We sincerely hope that you can join us. Let's have a fiery meeting. Take part in the Phoenix Carnival!

May 20 - 28, 2023

OCT Ecological Plaza, OCT West, Nanshan



Human communication goes far beyond language, and movies are one of them. We search for people with the same breath under the same roof through public screening.

"With New York in the 1960s and 1970s as the background, men and women follow Madison Avenue advertisements to the peak," Director Andrei Tarkovsky may not be a filmmaker, but a wizard.

NOSTALGHIA (Soviet Union/Italy, 1983)

May 28, 15:00

Roots House, 101C, E3 Building, Overseas Chinese Town, Qiaoxiang Lu, Nanshan District

"80x80" Carpet Design Exhibition


The <"80x80" carpet="" design="" exhibition=""> is a highly anticipated event at the Sea World Cultural and Art Center, showcasing the works of numerous top architects, designers, and artists. Curated by the internationally renowned Japanese designer and calligrapher Katsuki Asaba and the well-known designer Jianping He, the exhibition invites nearly 80 outstanding creators from around the world to collaborate and express their artistic viewpoints and respond to current issues through the unique medium of handmade carpet.

April 22 - July 5, 2023

Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District

Liminal Odysseys


A homecoming of resistance beyond binaries,

A voyage of fluid creaturely hybridization,

Surfing through the increasingly nebulous categories of identity and language.

April 30 - June 30, 2023

Jupiter Museum of Art, 6 Lanhua Dao, Futian Free Trade Zone, Futian District

Bubble Summer Afternoon Tea


It is featuring seasonal fresh fruits such as Lime, Raspberry, Coconut etc.. In addition, the afternoon tea set is served with 2 drinks, you may choose from tea, coffee, prosecco rosé, virgin mojito, lemon tea and orange juice. Low sugar ingredients and free refill of coffee and tea bring you cooling and burden free summer.

The price is at RMB 258 per set for two persons.

April 24 - June 30, 2023

Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen, Hai De 3rd Dao, Hou Hai Bin Road, Yue Hai Street, Nanshan District

Beer Happy Hour


Special offers:

Carlsberg 3LT, RMB200 before 10pm and RMB248 after 10pm.

10 Corona Or Hoegaarden, RMB348 before 10pm and RMB450 after 10pm.

Till December 31, 2023

Revolucion Cocktail, 1011-1012 G/F, Yijing Central Walk Shopping Mall, 3 Fuhua Yi Lu, Futian District

Happy Hour @CacTus Smokehouse BBQ


Buy one get one free. Everyday from 2pm to 8pm.

March 15 - December 31, 2023

CacTus Smokehouse BBQ, Xinghua Road Sea World Prow Plaza Seashore Commercial Center 121-6

Cezanne · Four Seasons


Paul Cézanne, a post-impressionist painter, was a true pioneer of abstract and expressive styles in modern art, having a profound impact on the modern art movement in the first half of the 20th century. He is now recognized as the "father of modern art," with his name and legacy forever linked to the art form.

January 1 - August 31, 2023

Pingshan Exhibition Hall, No. 4 Huide Road, Pingshan District

Saturday Special @TXMX


Enjoy a special party offer:

Nachos (Regular) RMB39

Frozen Margarita with a bottle of Corona beer RMB50

Every Saturday, until December 31, 2023

TXMX Mexican Restaurant, No.108, Building B11, Nanshui Community, Nanshan District

Saturday & Sunday Special @Mevlana


Awesome Monday set menu offers:

A: Kabsa Chicken

B: Burgers Kebab

+ Mushroom Soup 

+ Chocolate Cake

+ Turkish Tea

Only at RMB88

Every Saturday & Sunday, until June 30, 11:30 - 18:30

Mevlana Turkish Restaurant, 154 Zhenxing Lu, by Huafu Lu 

Stand Up Open Mic


Its time to close out the weekend with some good laughs!

Every Sunday, 9pm, from August 1, 2022 until December 31, 2023

The Flames, Metro Exit A, Bar Street, Sea World

G&D's famous Sunday Roast


Every Sunday from noon till 10pm!

George & Dragon delicious Sunday Roast with your choice of either beef, pork, or lamb or any combination of the three OR our NEW Vegetarian option! Served with home-made Yorkshire pudding, roast and mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a choice of sauces and gravy! Only 138 RMB!

Every Sunday, 12.01pm

George & Dragon, Shop 20-29, Taizi Lu, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District

Hangover Sundays


Enjoy great promotion for a care-free Sunday at 

Pozole Vegetarian RMB45

Pozole Pork RMB55

Birria RMB59

Draught Beer Buy One Get One Free RMB30 

Every Sunday, until December 31, 2023

TXMX Mexican Restaurant, No.108, Building B11, Nanshui Community, Nanshan District

Art Is Long


The "Art Is Long: A Retrospective Exhibition of Zhou Sicong and Lu Chen" will be on display at the Hexiangning Art Museum starting on April 22. The exhibition will feature over 80 representative works from Zhou Sicong and Lu Chen, from 1963 to 2003, from the collection of the Beijing Academy of Painting. The exhibition is divided into four themes: "Interpreting the Times," "Portraying the Spiritual," "Painting without Falsity," and "Freehand Cloud and Water Village." These themes aim to showcase the "courage to seek truth and promote artistic change" that both artists displayed throughout their lives. Visitors can explore the context of modern ink painting, and experience the artists' humanitarian care and courage for change.

April 22 - June 25, 2023

He Xiangning Art Museum, 9013 Shennan Da Dao

We Are Not Alone


Hurry up, join us, born extraordinary life artists.  Let the AFA Art Festival unleash your "rebellion" and explore those unconstrained propositions together

Imagine how art will be stirred at your fingertips, because art rejects great harmony, we must be different!

March 18 - May 28, 2023

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, No. 184 Fuzhong Road, Futian District

Magnificent and Changeful Prospect


"Magnificent and Changeful Prospect" is the opening exhibition of Sky Museum, featuring more than 60 precious works by 42 world-renowned artists. It showcases select artworks from various cultural movements and trends in modern and contemporary art over the past 150 years since the mid-19th century. For the first time in China, Vincent van Gogh's mature period work, "The Gardener," and Amedeo Modigliani's representative work, "Portrait of Hanka Zborowska," are on display.

At the exhibition, visitors can see original works by artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, De Chirico, Morandi, and Kandinsky. With a total value of over RMB one billion, the exhibited art pieces are true masterpieces that are rich in texture, color, and brushwork, representing the spiritual treasures that artists have left to the world.

March 25 - June 25, 2023

Sky Museum, 48 / F, Radio and Television Financial Center, Fuzhong Third Road

A Long Echo


The theme of the exhibition is "A long echo". It systematically combs the artists' awareness of problems and methods in their creation, as well as the artistic ecology in which the artists live, and carries out an experimental crossing of Southwest contemporary art in the cultural memory and regional experience of different times. The touching works of 48 contemporary artists from Southwest China stretch in different historical contexts, making us stop and feel the reverberations brought by the present moment.

This joint launch with Luohu Art Museum has realized the artistic linkage of southwest contemporary art radiating to Shenzhen and even the whole country from an international perspective. Today, in the face of a new context, Laning Art Center always keeps to the academic debate of locality and globalization, raises periodical questions, and discusses them through innovative curatorial discourse and methodology.

April 15 - June 30, 2023

Luohu Art Museum, Luohu Art Museum, No. 6, Nanji Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen Phone +86 755 82340049

Lansing Art Center, 1004 Bao'an North Road, Luohu District

Say No To Lightweight: 

The 8th Hou Deng Documentary Photography Award Exhibition


We break the traditional award-level presentation method, and look at all the winning, nominated and shortlisted projects at the same time. Starting from the works themselves, the project works are divided into six units: country, rural scene, urban progress, personal perspective/personal memory, they X them, story of small town, homesickness and new landscape. On the one hand, it presents the theme and direction of current documentary photography; on the other hand, it tries to discuss the diversity of shooting techniques.

December 4, 2022 - May 31, 2023

Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images, Tower 4, Yuezhong Industrial Park, No.1106, North Honggang Road, Luohu District

Happy Hours @Taqueria La Lupita


Enjoy drink discount hours at Taqueria La Lupita!

Satuday & Sunday, 11.30am-9.00pm

Taqueria La Lupita, No.1011-1012 L Floor Link Centralwalk No 3 Fuhua Y Road Futian District

Seafood Themed Buffet Dinner


Assorted fresh seafood is selected for you. From April to June 2023, Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen presents a 'Live Seafood Buffet Dinner' at Seasons Restaurant. The most authentic seafood flavor is preserved thanks to our unique culinary expertise. What an impressively fresh and sweet taste! At our seafood dinner buffet, a seafood platter with geoduck, oysters, big-head shrimps, mussels, and crabs… will be offered for free flow.

Every Thursday to Sunday, from April 1 until June 30, 2023

Seasons, 2/F, Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen, Haide San Dao, by Houhaibin Lu

Values Of Design: China In The Making


This exhibition focuses on six major sections: design segmentation, coping with problems, material formation, identity and consumption, conveying feelings, and bargaining, showing the changes in Chinese design, manufacturing, and social culture in the past 100 years. An exploration of the history of Chinese modern and contemporary design, and the responsibility and value of design in the contemporary era.

Mon. to Fri.: 10am - 7pm

Sat. - Sun.: 10am - 9pm

Till December 20, 2023

Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District


Starry Romantic Set Menu @Cielo 51


Fall in love all over again with our Starry Romantic Set Menu for Two at Cielo 51 Italian Restaurant in Foshan. Indulge in a delectable array of dishes crafted with passion, all served under the stars. Book now for an unforgettable evening of romance and fine dining.

Cielo 51, NO.1 Chengmentou West Rd., Chancheng District

Happy Hour @Frida's Tacos & Bar


Buy 1 Get 1 For Free: 

Draft Beer And Margarita

Frozen Margaritas: Lime/Strawberry and Mixed Pride

Until December 31, 2023

Brunch: 11:00 - 13:00 

Dinner: 17:00 - 19:00

Frida's Tacos & Bar (Xin Tian Di), No. 107, Fuxian Road, Chancheng District,

Frida's Tacos & Bar (Da liang), No.108RM,Fu Li Ge, Dongle Road, Shunde

Frida's Tacos & Bar (Creative Park), NO.105RM, Building 12, Creative park, Jihua Road


Made in Dongguan


On May 18 International Museum Day, Dongguan Exhibition Hall officially launched the theme exhibition of "Manufacturing in Dongguan", which consists of three parts: "Dongguan can make", "Dongguan at the end of the hot spot" and "Dongguan has been making". It selects about 250 pieces (sets) of products manufactured by more than 60 representative Dongguan enterprises to take you on a one-stop in-depth tour of "Made in Dongguan" and feel the manufacturing charm of "strength", "tide" and "FUN"! Let's go together.

May 18 - August 18, 2023

Dongguan Exhibition Center, 97 Hongfu Road, Dongguan City Center Plaza

History of "The Yongle Canon"


In order to respond to the "let the culture written in the classics live", better promote the creative transformation of traditional culture, and enhance the good life brought by the confidence of the Chinese nation's culture, the National Library (International Museum of Classical Books) and Dongguan Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park jointly held the exhibition "Pearl Returns to Hepu - The Return and Reconstruction of The Yongle Canon" on May 18 International Museum Day, Let the audience fully appreciate the charm and grandeur of this Chinese classic, allowing the unique concept and wisdom of Chinese culture to bloom sustainably in the museum.

May 17 - August 20, 2023

DongGuan Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park, No. 38 Chonghuan East Road, Shijie Town

Special Academic Seminar On Ceramic Artfresco


During the activity, China Architectural Ceramics Museum will have deep contact and cooperation with China Mural Painting Society, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and other major domestic fine arts colleges and universities, inviting art experts from all walks of life, to carry out academic seminars, to find new breakthroughs in the exploration, explore the infinite possibilities of architectural art ceramics, and create a better life.

May 18 - September 18, 2023

China Architecture Ceramics Museum, Weimei Group, Beiwang Road, Dongguan

Exhibition Of Chinese Ancient Ink-stones


A total of 61 pieces of inkstone ware were selected for this exhibition. The exhibits date from the Han and Tang dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, including stone, pottery, magnetic, clay, bronze, silver and so on. In particular, Yecheng brick, Central Plains mud brick, Guozhou Chengmud, Zezhou Chengmud, Ludizhelgou, Dangyangyu Dangyu and other pottery stones are very distinctive, which has a scientific basis for deep understanding of the dry making of old brick and wet clay model. Stone inkstone, bronze inkstone, Xiantong silver inkstone, kiln inkstone and so on from other areas, together show the development of inkstone in various historical stages, craftsmen's unique artistic aesthetics and superb achievements in the production of inkstone.

May 18 - December 31, 2023

Songshan Lake Wangye Museum, Zone B, Songshan Lake Library, No. 1 Lizhi Road, Songshan Lake, Dongguan

China's 1st Burger Cook Off!


10 teams will be cooking 50g burgers for hundreds of people for the chance to be the burger champion of Dongguan! Tickets will be RMB130 per person to try all 10 teams burgers and if you love any of the teams burgers, you can buy an extra ticket for that team for RMB15.

SEVEN judges (one from each continent) to decide the 1st, 2nd & 3rd best burgers...The people will choose their favourite burger.

May 27, 2023, 15:00-late

One For The Road English Pub, Room 101, Building 2, Xinghe Legend Xintiandi, Dongcheng East Road, Dongguan

The 8th Exhibition of Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting


The "Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting Art Exhibition" is the only academic research exhibition project of oil painting art by the Guangdong Artists Association. Since the successful holding of the first Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting Art Exhibition in 2000, it has been held seven times, spanning over 20 years. The exhibition focuses on reflecting the creative status and trends of oil painting in various periods in Guangdong Province, sorting out the development of contemporary oil painting in Guangdong, promoting the development of contemporary oil painting art, and promoting the development of Guangdong's oil painting industry from the "plateau" to the "peak".

May 16 - July 9, 2023

Lingnan Art Museum, No.1 Keyuan North Road, Guancheng Street, Dongguan

21 Space Art Museum, No.36, Zone H, Huifeng Center, No.1 Huifeng Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan

A Hundred Years of Elegance


Dongguan, a historically and culturally renowned city in Guangdong Province, is a treasure trove of Lingnan ancient culture with a rich heritage and a thriving community of intellectuals. Over the past century, Dongguan has witnessed the emergence of numerous outstanding painters and calligraphers, distinguished by their elegance, integrity, and devoted pursuit of knowledge. Their immortal masterpieces continue to inspire future generations.

May 18 - June 25, 2023

Guan Cheng Art Museum, No.5, Gaodi Street, Guancheng District, Dongguan

Returns of National Treasure


Special Exhibition of Bronze Animal Heads from the Summer Palace and Repatriated Cultural Relics from Overseas.

May 18 - August 27, 2023

Dongguan Museum, 36 Xinfen Road, Guancheng

Wacky Weekend Warriors


Every Friday is the end of another week of work.

To celebrate this every Friday, One for the Road holds it'‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍s Whacky Weekend Warrior promotion of an extra strong cocktail served from 8pm onwards.

We make different cocktails each week, and the night's special is our home made "Wacky Juice", a concoction of 4 spirits topped with sprite.

The Whacky Weekend Cocktail lasts all weekend or until stocks are sold out!

Also, don't miss the "Thank Pete It's Saturday" (TPIS)

From 9pm Pete is going to entertain with some epic tunes for all to enjoy!

Every Friday and Saturday, from January 1 until December 31, 2023

One For The Road English Pub, Room 101, Building 2, Xinghe Legend Xintiandi, Dongcheng East Road

Sunday Roast @One For The Road English Pub


Sunday Roast is Back!

Come & enjoy a delicious Roast beef with veggies, potatoes, yorkshire pudding and gravy!

Available every Sunday from 1pm.

Every Sunday, from January 1 until December 31, 2023

One For The Road English Pub, Room 101, Building 2, Xinghe Legend Xintiandi, Dongcheng East Road

Happy Hour @Liberty Brewing Co.


Enjoy special weekend offers:

Liberty Lite, Tsingtao, House Wine, House Mixed Drinks at only RMB25

Nypd Pilsner, Skinny Bitch Ipa, Elderflower Cider, Kombucha Cocktail at only RMB35

April 1 - December 31, 4pm - 8pm

Liberty Brewing Co., 1/F, Building 31, Xinhe Xintiandi, Dongcheng Dong Lu, Dongcheng District


Rong Chun Yi Yu - Wang Fumin Art Exhibition


In order to promote cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, help Zhongshan City to build a "cultural city" and integrate into the integrated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and strengthen exchanges with national art institutions, the cty launches an art exhibition by Mr. Wang Fumin, honorary director, researcher, and national first-class artist of the figure painting Institute of the National Academy of Arts of China, and exhibit more than 70 masterpieces of its "Shehuo Series", "Shanballa's Land Series", and "Vegetable and Fruit Series", using painting as a medium to promote cultural exchange and development between the north and south, injecting new vitality into the "Cultural Bay Area."

April 25 - May 28, 2023

Zhongshan Museum, 197 Sunwen Middle Road, Shiqi District

Fisherwoman Offering Pearls


The exhibition focuses on showcasing the watercolor paintings donated by Mr. Gu Yuan to the Gu Yuan Art Museum. This is the first time these original watercolor paintings have been exhibited outside of Zhuhai, and it is also a great opportunity for the citizens of Zhongshan to view the works of the masters.

February 22 - May 28, 2023

Zhongshan Museum, 197 Sunwen Middle Road, Shiqi District

Viewing the Sea From the Mountains


The First Guangdong Research Exhibition of Paintings with Comprehensive Materials has come to Zhongshan.

May 13 - 27, 2023

Zhongshan Museum of Art, Qijiang Park in the West District

Stunning Jewelry


This exhibition selects 189 pieces (sets) of Han Dynasty beading cultural relics unearthed in Guangzhou. Through four parts, it shows the beauty of the art of Han Dynasty beading and the historical information it carries, such as production technology, technical communication, cultural exchanges between East and West, and mutual learning of civilizations.

May 18 - July 2, 2023

Zhongshan Museum, 197 Sunwen Middle Road, Shiqi

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Soccer Sevens


The Hong Kong Soccer Sevens is set to make a comeback, featuring the top teams from the United Kingdom, including England’s Premier League, as well as teams from Europe and Asia. The Main Tournament and Masters Tournament will take place over three days, providing fans with plenty of thrilling soccer action. This year, some iconic Premier League and clubs, including Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, Fulham, Leicester City, Newcastle United and Rangers, will be bringing their skills to the test at the Hong Kong Football Club, an exciting weekend awaits!

May 26 - 28, 2023

Hong Kong Football Club

Across Time and Space:

Re-visiting Twentieth-Century Chinese Oil Paintings


The University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, is honoured to present Across Time and Space: Re-visiting Twentieth-Century Chinese Oil Paintings. Highlighting the versatile aspects of Chinese oil paintings across a diverse spectrum of themes, styles, techniques, time periods, and regional and local characteristics, the exhibition presents a remarkable depth and virtuosity. Works range from intimate interior views to panoramic coastal landscapes; from collective and individual memories to urban scenes that activate dialogues of painting practices across cross-cultural and cross-media encounters.

March 15 - June 25, 2023

University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Marc Riboud – From France to China


This May, f22 foto space is delighted to present "Marc Riboud – From France to China" exhibition, an exciting cultural journey of the two countries, featuring works by one of the most celebrated French photographers to celebrate the French May Arts Festival on its 30th anniversary.

May 18 - July 31, 2023, 11am-7pm

f22 foto space, The Peninsula Hong Kong

Anselm Kiefer: Golden Age


Villepin is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of German artist Anselm Kiefer in Hong Kong, Anselm Kiefer: Golden Age, opening on 19th May, 2023. Presenting works which evoke the mythology and nostalgia of the ancient “Golden Age,” the exhibition coincides with a special moment for Hong Kong as the city reopens its borders and looks forward to a new era for the gallery.

May 19 - September 30, 2023


Windows of the Soul


Whitestone Gallery is thrilled to present the group exhibition Windows of the soul, featuring artworks by French artists Marion Flament, Jean Marie Haessle, Béchir Boussandel, and Baptiste Tavernier. Windows of the soul is a group exhibition exploring how artists see their mysterious, dream-like patterns defy the dichotomous cosmology, relaxing its tsemporal and spatial laws. It also gives a glimpse of the landscape of the current or a historical era. As the artists freely express what their hearts desire, dreams and imaginations in interwoven compositions of peculiar figures, bring out narratives of life that transcend time and space. Alongside realistic renditions came a new attempt at spiritual explorations. For the viewers, these creative productions are openings to dreams, to the essence of arts, in which the window becomes an artistic witness to the brutalities or beauties occurring in the world. The possibilities are furthered in current times as we increasingly explore the outlooks of the future through the window (screens).

May 17 - June 24, 2023

Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong

Gao Xingjian: Inner Vision 2023


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the French May Arts Festival, Alisan Fine Arts is honoured to announce its 9th solo exhibition for Gao Xingjian, the first Chinese writer awarded a Nobel Laureate. The French-Chinese author is also a renowned artist and playwright. This is Gao's first solo exhibition after being awarded the Commander of the Legion of Honour in January. Most of the works in this exhibition were created in the last two years and are focused on landscapes. However, Gao's landscape paintings are different from the typical landscape paintings we mostly see. Gao does not portray the reality and perspective of the scene but pursues the changes of light, shadow, and air with various shades of ink on the rice paper. Therefore, whether it is fog, the moonlight, or the wind, the vision appears misty or hazy. The works constitute Gao's inner world, echoing his award-winning novel Soul Mountain.

May 18 - August 31, 2023

Alisan Fine Arts

Fusion 2


‘Fusion 2’ features sculptural works by five Hong Kong artists and five Italian-based artists. Emphasising the concept of ‘fusion’ of materials, the sculptors in Italy worked with marble, while sculptors in Hong Kong worked with wood. Each artist had the option of choosing their preferred collaborative partner, working not only on their own sculptures, but also on their partners’. These sculptural works are the result of an unprecedented collaboration between artists who have accepted to place their own creations in the hands of another artist who they have never met before.

March 15– June 25, 2023

Chantal Miller Gallery, Asia Society Hong Kong Center

Joyful Trees (Arbores Laetae)


Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, this project re-examines the traditional idea of woods by animating seemingly rigid landscape elements. Renowned American architectural group Diller Scofidio + Renfro arranged a number of Chinese Junipers on the lawn, with three of which planted at a 10-degree bias in rotating turntables. Rhythmic patterns of shadow and light are created when the trees rotate. Immerse yourself in this unique experience and enjoy the tranquility in Oi!

May 24, 2022 to February 2025

Oi! Garden, Oi!

No Boundaries:

Reinterpreting Palace Museum Culture


The exhibition invites six Hong Kong-based multimedia and interdisciplinary artists to create new works and interpret the art and culture of the Forbidden City from a fresh perspective, showing the Museum’s efforts to celebrate the dynamism of Chinese culture and connect time-honoured traditions to the vibrant art scene of modern Hong Kong.

July 2, 2022 to July 2, 2023

Hong Kong Palace Museum, West Kowloon Cultural District

Fete des Fleurs


Fete des Fleurs is a special project organised by the Sham Shui Po District Office (SSPDO). Visitors can follow the Fairytale Floral route to enjoy different floral sceneries in the district to celebrate springtime. From now until May, SSPDO will also collaborate with different parties to organise a variety of events to share joyous and positive energy with the community and the whole city.

Until May 31, 2023

Flower displays available at:

Jao Tsung-I Academy

Mei Ho House

Tunnels at Kweilin Street and Pei Ho Street (near Sham Shui Po MTR Station)

Kowloon Technical School and The Society of Boys' Centres Hui Chung Sing Memorial School

Un Chau Estate

Lai Chi Kok Park

Nam Cheong Park

Eternal Enlightenment:

The Virtual World of Jiajing Emperor


In collaboration with the prestigious Hong Kong collector Mr Anthony Cheung, owner of the Huaihaitang collection, Hong Kong Museum of Arts has organised an exhibition that centres around the Jiajing Emperor of Ming dynasty. The exhibition features approximately 240 ceramics, lacquerwares, portrait paintings and cloisonné works that demonstrate the idealised immortal world of the Jiajing Emperor from 500 years ago. The emperor wished he could transcend the temporal realm and achieve the immortality. In respond to the exhibition, Hong Kong artist Angel Hui Hoi-kiu has curated over 500 underglaze blue porcelain items occupying a 14-metre-long dining table. Visitors can take a seat at the table to get a closer look at the treasures from a different time and space.

December 9, 2022 – June 14, 2023

Chinese Antiquities Gallery, 3/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art

Joan Miró — The Poetry of Everyday Life


Joan Miró is one of the most renowned Spanish artists of the 20th century. This exhibition presents 94 of Miró's artworks, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, textiles, lithographs, posters and audio-visual materials in association with the artist. The HKMoA has invited local artists GayBird, Leelee Chan, and illustrator Zoie Lam to bring a Hong Kong perspective to the masterpieces in the exhibition with different creative media.

March 3 – June 28, 2023

The Special Gallery, 2/F, Hong Kong Museum of Art

The Isle


A man and a woman meet on an island. To him, it’s just a transitory place; but to her, it’s home. Through casual dialogues, they search for confluence amidst life’s insignificant matters. This is the story of two strangers becoming friends who, however, are later estranged. Theatre companies have been producing The Isle since the 1990s. The Hong Kong Repertory Theatre produces four different interpretations of the newly appointed Artistic Director Poon Wai Sum’s revised script. The Isle captures wonderful echoes of love on an island as the audience savours the meaning of life.

May 13 - 28, 2023

Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Feel Your Heart Beat – Tai Kwun’s 5th Anniversary


Tai Kwun invites visitors to ‘Feel Your Heart Beat’ in its fifth anniversary celebration with a series of heartwarming programmes, such as outdoor interactive installation Unfurl, music and circus performances Stepping Up and Hidden Spaces Tour, as well as immersive exhibition ‘HOPE—Patricia Piccinini’.

May 23 - 31, 2023

Site-wide, Tai Kwun

Tin Hau Festival Celebration in Sai Kung


The Tin Hau Festival is observed on the 23rd day of the third lunar month annually. However, due to various factors, the Tin Hau Festival celebration in Sai Kung is traditionally postponed until the fourth lunar month. The festival features traditional Cantonese opera performances, as well as a carnival and stalls.

May 25 -29, 2023, 10.00am-11.00pm

Sai Kung Town Tin Hau Temple Complex, Po Tung Road, Sai Kung, New Territories

Cheung Chau Bun Festival


Tonnes of buns, papier-mâché effigies, lion dancers and tall tales of ancient evil spirits all converge on the island of Cheung Chau to create one of the world’s quirkiest local festivals — the Cheung Chau Bun Festival.

May 23 - 27, 2023

Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Virtually Versailles


Relive the magic of Versailles — admired globally for centuries and still one of the most prestigious symbols of France’s grandeur and heritage. Through this interactive exhibition, you can now step foot into the famed Hall of Mirrors, the French gardens and even catch a glimpse of Marie-Antoinette’s bedchamber.  

April 19 - July 9, 2023

Thematic Galleries, 3 – 5, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Au pied de la lettre


Florence Levillain's personal work has always focused on rediscovering the universes that are close to everyone but are unknown or forgotten by many. The French language is one of these universes: every day, French people use lots of vivid metaphors, without thinking about their literal meaning or understanding their origin. Florence revisits these expressions and places them in the spotlight by framing them into pictures "au pied de la lettre" or "literally". The result is an unusual series of photography works which aims to raise awareness of the lyricism and humour of French language metaphors. 

May 4 - June 3, 2023

Alliance Française de Hong Kong (Wan Chai and Jordan Centres), Parenthèses & Boogie Woogie Photography

Out of Thin Air:

Hong Kong Film Arts & Costumes Exhibition


Films are a major part of Hong Kong's popular culture. The Hong Kong films owe their success to the entire cast and crew's contribution in which the art and costume directors play an indispensable role. This exhibition aims to document the development of film arts in Hong Kong and showcase the role and importance of art and costume design in film productions. Through the display of iconic costumes, props, set designs, drawing manuscripts, paraphernalia, videos and reconstructed scenes of workshops, the exhibition will take visitors into the world behind the scenes for delving into the establishment of the Hong Kong film arts profession, and learning about the nature of the Hong Kong film culture, and the highly adaptable professionalism and creative inclusiveness of film industry workers.

May 3 – September 4, 2023

Thematic Galleries 1 & 2, 1/F, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Cartier and Women


"Cartier and Women" is the first major exhibition that foregrounds women's role and presence in the history of Cartier. The exhibition celebrates women's lifestyles, creativity, and influence, featuring about three hundred stunning items of Cartier jewellery, timepieces, precious objects, and archival records from the nineteenth century to the present day. Through these exquisite works and fascinating stories, the exhibition's four thematic sections explore the close relationship between women, jewellery, and fashion. This exhibition also highlights the profound impact of art from China and other parts of the world on Cartier, a testament to the Museum's mission to facilitate dialogue among world civilisations.

April 14 - August 14, 2023

Hong Kong Palace Museum, 8 Museum Road, West Kowloon Cultural District, Yau Tsim Mong District

Ancient Gold 


The special exhibition marks the debut of the Hong Kong Palace Museum's permanent collection at a major special exhibition and is the biggest exhibition on ancient gold artefacts in Hong Kong in recent years. On view from 22 February through 25 September 2023, it showcases more than 200 sets of ancient golds selected from the generous donations by Betty Lo and Kenneth Chu to the HKPM and their world-renowned Mengdiexuan Collection. These precious objects from the Eurasian Steppe, Tubo Kingdom, and Central Plains, with the oldest dating back to the 18th century BCE, highlight gold's artistic and technical achievements in ancient China. The exhibition also explores the role of gold in political activities, life, culture, and the dynamic connections across territories over the past 3,000 years.

February 22 - September 25, 2023

Hong Kong Palace Museum, 8 Museum Road, West Kowloon Cultural District, Yau Tsim Mong District

Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass


The University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong is honoured to collaborate with the French May Arts Festival on Pablo Picasso: Paintings in Glass, an unprecedented display of works by the world-famous twentieth-century painter. In the mid-1950s, the workshops of Roger Malherbe-Navarre expanded on the light boxes of French painter Jean Crotti by layering pieces of glass into pictorial depictions (gemmail, French for 'enamel gem') of several of Picasso's paintings.

Impressed by the gemmistes' masterful assembling and fusing of carefully selected glass, Picasso declared, 'A new art is born!' Made and exhibited to explore and display the medium's artistic possibilities, the results are simply astonishing. The selection of works on loan from a private collection, and on view at UMAG during the French May Arts Festival 2023, shed new light on some of Picasso's most renowned painterly compositions.

May 18 - August 27, 2023

University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong, 90 Bonham Road, Pokfulam, Hong


Macao Treat


Stay 1 night, get 1 free return ride (bus/ferry)

Period: April 10 - June 30, 2023


- Hong Kong residents

- Tourists from Taiwan Region and Overseas bound from Hong Kong

* Please present valid identification documents upon purchasing

* This offer is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant service providers.

Service Providers:


Cotai Water Jet



Eternal East Coach management Limited

Praia do Manduco Carnival


The event features special offers from community shops, guided tours, an exhibition of the fishing harbour, classical Chinese music performances, and screenings of local microfilms. It provides a chance for the public to explore the charming historical sites and delightful shops surrounding Rua da Praia do Manduco, and immerse themselves in the captivating fusion of Chinese and Western cultures in the charming old town’s fishing harbour.

Special Offers from Community Shops

Time: May 1 - 31, 2023

Venue: Praia do Manduco

Praia do Manduco Carnival Guided Tour

Time: May 27, 10.30am to 11.30am

Venue: A-Ma Temple → Marine and Water Bureau → Mandarin’s House → Largo do Lilau → St. Lawrence’s Church

Exhibition of the Fishing Harbour

Time: May 28, 4.00pm (1 hour per session)

Venue: Largo do Pagode da Barra

Screenings of Local Microfilms

Time: May 27, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Venue: Leisure Area in Praça de Ponte e Horta

Interwine Macao


Interwine will organise the wine event of the year at Parisian five star Hotel Macao with three fully b2b days exhibition.

May 28 - 30, 2023

The Parisian Macao, Estrada do Istmo, Macao

Fantasia Garden Crafted From Paper


A colorful wonderland of fantastic creatures awaits the curious! Blending Chinese icons with her unique brand of creativity, renowned Chinese paper sculptor Wen Qiuwen transforms four Galaxy Macau™ attractions into magical gardens where exotic flora and fauna thrive among glowing stars and candy-colored planets.

April 28 to August 31, 2023

Galaxy Macau Integrated Resort, Cotai, Macao

"My Nini" – Huang Benrei Works Private Collection Exhibition


The exhibition showcases a series of 27 paintings and sculptures featuring the rabbit character "Nini" as the main theme, leading the audience into Huang Benrei’s artistic world. All exhibited works are generously presented by collector Mr. Arnaldo Ho Yau Heng, who is deeply fascinated by "Nini", one of his beloved collection themes, due to his affinity with rabbits and admiration for Huang Benrei’s artistic style. "Nini" has a cute and charming character, with a gentle and fragile appearance and very few facial expressions. It is both the protagonist and the supporting role in the picture, with rich emotions and gentleness inside which deeply captivate Mr. Ho and provide him a unique tranquility, echoing the saying from Huang Benrei, "Sometimes the World gets dark and heavy, but we can always brighten it with a lighter heart."

March 31 - June 31, 2023

H853 Art Space, R67, H853 Fun Factory, Lisboeta Macau

Gratitude & Gathering


Organized by Macau Alumni Association of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Wangde Tang District Creative Industry Promotion Association and No. 10 Creative Park of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, "Gratitude · Cohesion - 70th Anniversary Guangdong-Macao Alumni Exhibition" will be opened at 3:30 p.m. on May 7, 2023 at No. 10 Creative Park of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, displaying the masterpieces of 9 alumni from Guangdong and 24 alumni from Macao. The exhibition includes 33 works of watercolor, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, lacquer painting, sculpture, ceramics, design and public art, as well as some pictures of the development of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, from May 7 to May 30.

May 7 - 30, 2023

10 Fantasia - A Creative Industries Incubator, No. 10, Calçada da lgreja de S. Lázaro

Blissful Moment for Two


Indulge in a spa splendour with your loved one at Shine Spa for Sheraton. Luxuriate in a fragrant hot bath followed by a signature massage for two. A bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries complete this romantic rendezvous.

MOP1,988+/two persons

• 30-minute spa bath

• 60-minute signature massage

• Strawberries dipped in chocolate

• 1 bottle of sparkling wine

Shine Spa for Sheraton, Sheraton Grand Macao

Tasting the Stars


In celebration of the 14th French GourMay Food & Wine Festival, sip on a premium selection of Billecart-Salmon Champagne and taste the stars. Let these exquisite French Champagnes' decadent fragrance and aroma captivate you at The St. Regis Bar! 

May 1 – 31, 12.00 noon – 1.00am

From MOP198++ per glass 

From MOP998++ per bottle

Guests who order a bottle of Champagne from the menu are eligible to experience the distinctive St. Regis ritual – Champagne Sabering.

The St. Regis Bar, The St. Regis Macau

33rd Macao Arts Festival


In 2023, the 33rd Macao Arts Festival takes the theme "The Long Artistic Journey" and aims at promoting innovative expressions of our era through a range of selected exceptional art programmes, inviting the public to appreciate the beauty of art and look to the future with both a local focus and a global vision, while also exploring the diverse aspects of human existence reflected in different artistic genres. Inspired by the compass, the event's key visual this year communicates the concept of "guiding the road forward and lighting up the hearts", encouraging the public to take a life journey with art to enjoy brighter landscapes ahead.

April 28 - May 28, 2023

Macao Cultural Centre, Avenida Xian Xing Hai s/n, Nape-Macao

Summer Love


Enjoy art in action with our artists-in-residence at Galaxy Art! The vibrant and exciting cultural event "Artists-in-Residence: Summer Love" showcases the works of talented Macao and Hong Kong artists who will transform Galaxy Art into a live art studio. Watch them as they turn a wall into their canvas, and feel their creative energy as they fill it with colors and images inspired by summer in Macao and Hong Kong.

March 31 - June 30, 2023

Galaxy Art, 1067-1069,1/F, Galaxy Promenade, Galaxy Macao

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