5 Funny Ways to Wish Family and Friends a Happy 'Niu' Year

By That's, February 4, 2021

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Mandarin Mumbles is a monthly column that takes a quick look at different topics of one of the world’s most difficult languages to learn.

We will all be hearing gōngxǐgōngxǐgōngxǐ blasted from stores selling gold over the next couple weeks, so let’s mix it up and learn some funny holiday wishes. Impress your friends, in-laws and delivery drivers with these more personal and modern phrases to wish people all the best in the coming Year of the Ox. 

I wish that your body temperature is forever 36 degrees.
Zhù nǐ tǐwēn yǒngyuǎn sānshíliù dù

May your waist get thinner and your wallet fatter.
Zhù nǐ rén zài shòu diǎn ér, qiánbāo zài pàng diǎn er

I wish that your salary rises and interest rates spike.
Zhù nǐ zhǎng xīn zhǎng xī zhǎng bǎn ting

May you eat plenty and not get fat.
Zhù nǐ duō chī bù pàng yě qīngyíng

I hope that you say bye to your troubles and hi to happiness.
Zhù nǐ gēn suǒyǒu de fánnǎo shuō bàibài, gēn suǒyǒu de kuàilè shuō hāi hāi

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