Murdered Didi Driver's Body Found in Guizhou River

By Ryan Gandolfo, December 8, 2018

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A Didi driver was robbed and murdered by a passenger in Guizhou province last week. Guiyang Evening News originally reported on the story on Wednesday, only after the victim’s body had been discovered in a nearby river.

On November 26, a passenger, surnamed Sun, entered the driver’s car with a knife, and demanded cash during a trip in Guiyang City. Zhou, the driver, called several family members asking for financial help but, unaware that he was being robbed, they refused to loan him money.

Zhou, the Didi driver who was killed. Image via @芒视频/Weibo

According to a report by Beijing News, Zhou had regularly asked his family members for money in the past, and so his pleas didn’t go over well this time. One family member told Beijing News, “I answered the phone around 8.11pm and he asked me for money so I told him I’m sorry but I can’t help you. Then he said this will be the last time I call you for help. I told him that he always would say that it was the last time, and I had helped him [with money] so many times in the past.” After Zhou’s family member refused again, he called his parents who also refused to give him any money. Eventually, Zhou called his cousin who sent him RMB800 around midnight.

Zhou ended up handing over RMB1,000 in cash and RMB1,100 via phone payments, and was then choked to death by the passenger using a cord, according to Zhou’s family member. The Didi trip lasted one hour and 32 minutes, spanning over 78 kilometers.

The family received news of Zhou’s death on November 30, after investigating the case for the previous three days. After the passenger murdered Zhou, reports show Sun kept the body in the trunk of the car, before pushing the corpse into a nearby river on November 28. The suspect’s sister turned him into authorities after he told her what he had done.

Didi paid the family RMB30,000 for funeral expenses and have been assisting the police in conducting their investigation.

Didi has been heavily scrutinized in recent months, in particular after a female passenger was raped and murdered in Zhejiang province.

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