Breakfast Champion: Making All Your Meat Feast Dreams Come True

By Sophie Steiner, October 28, 2021

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Breakfast Champion is an online store touting imported meats, with everything from the obvious – like sausages to bacon – to the convenient – like deli meats and pre-cooked butchery goods – to the expansive – like entire prepared holiday dinners.

We started adding items to our cart to check it out, and before hitting even half the categories, our small “test” order became a week’s worth of meats. Want to get your own table-full of meat too? Read on for more details on how you can share this article for a chance to win a Full English Breakfast Pack.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Who is Breakfast Champion?

Back in 2016 Andrew Brown was a Northern Irish chef living in China and craving his homeland’s bacon, sausages and steak n’ potatoes. And so Breakfast Champion was born.

The brainchild of Brown, Breakfast Champion has today become a key source of high-quality meat that is safe, affordable and conveniently delivered across the country.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Starting out as a one-man bacon business, Breakfast Champion has quickly grown into a team of four fry-up-lovers, offering over 70 high-quality, sustainable meat products sourced from the UK, Australia, Canada, Argentina and other reliable meat-producing regions around the world, and delivered to 40 plus cities across China.

Breakfast Champion Products 

Breakfast Champion’s bread and butter is, as the name suggests, breakfast. At the company’s heart, they make and sell cooked breakfast products and provide access to some of the best bacon in China (100% British, of course) plus sausages, pork pies and the like. 

They have also expanded further out into deli meats, steaks, burgers, poultry, cheese, crackers and even chocolate, with loads of new products coming in throughout the rest of the year. Think Cadbury chocolate bars, crumpets, sausage rolls, Fox's biscuits and tons more. 


Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Starting out with the Lincolnshire Sausages (360 grams per pack, 6 sausages), as the smell of the caramelizing meat – balanced with herbal and earthy sage – filled our kitchen, our tummies knew this was no everyday sausage. The browned outer casing has that necessary snap, giving way to perfectly tender ground pork. 

We cooked ours on the stovetop and enjoyed them hot with fried eggs, but we can imagine that grilling them and eating them for lunch on a sausage sandwich would be just as rewarding. A set of three packs (1,080 grams) goes for RMB138 – that’s 18 sizzlers.

WechatIMG884.jpegImage by Sophie Steiner/That's

Just like the sausages, the British Pork Smoked Back Bacon (RMB148/ 5 x 200 grams) ain’t no flimsy Chinese bacon. Thick cut, yet shatteringly crisp, we first ate these with brunch and used the leftovers to satisfy a BLT craving we haven’t been able to fully satiate for years. These rashers of back bacon are one of Breakfast Champion's top sellers as it's considerably tastier than your average belly bacon you can find elsewhere. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Pro tip: We fried our eggs in the leftover bacon grease for some of the best brunch eggs around, leaving us to wonder why we’ve been dropping maos at barely passable brunch spots around town when we could have just been lounging in sweatpants while enjoying a way better banger for our buck at home.

A set of five packs (1,000 grams) will set you back just RMB148. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Other breakfast must-eats include plush, toasted Crumpets (RMB45/300 grams) slathered in butter (and jam, if you so choose), paired with uber-savory Black Pudding (RMB138/ 2 x 500 grams) and runny eggs for the ultimate sweet and savory fry-up combo. 

While our British editor chose to eat his crumpet in the style of the Queen – toasted whole – our American counterpart did hers up in the way of the Land of the Free, sliced like a holy McDonalds McMuffin, just like Ronald McDonald intended. Guess whose photo won out. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, there's no wrong way to eat a handcrafted, 100% British Pork Pie (RMB168/4 x 250 grams). Well, actually there is, according to die-hard pork pie eaters: COLD, they cry, pork pies must be eaten COLD!

This traditional English meat pie, made from roughly chopped pork and pork fat surrounded by a layer of jellied pork stock is encased in a hot water crust pastry, and commonly eaten with pickles and mustard as a snack.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

WARNING: Controversial Behavior / Opinion Alert

For those non-Brits out there who don't have hundreds of years worth of tradition drilled into them on the specifics of cold vs. hot pork pies, we decided to heat one up and here's what happened (aside from igniting fires of rage that will burn for days on end in the Brits Abroad groups).

Like a distorted version of a xiaolongbao (you've got your carb exterior enveloping a dense ball of pork and jelly, so yes we are drawing that comparison), the hot version (we oven-baked ours) reveals a more flavorful center.

The fatty pork jelly melts into the rest of the meat, making it even more tender, with a taste similar to breakfast sausage. The warm, buttery crust is an added bonus, flakier than its room temperature denser alternative.

However, we aren't here to start a turf war, so we'll leave the decision up to you. Hot or cold pork pie, order one and you be the judge. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Or, just spring for a Sausage Roll (RMB88-98/4) – available in Aussie Beef & English Mustard, British Pork Cumberland, British Pork, Sage & Apple or British Pork with Smoked Paprika & Jalapeño flavor – and avoid the pork pie controversy altogether.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Bring on the meat sweats with the Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs, which come pre-cooked, sauced, and with a side packet of some more super tangy BBQ sauce; excellent for drizzling, dipping or eating straight with a spoon. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

We reheated them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, added on that extra BBQ sauce and broiled them until the outside began to char. Crispy on the outside, yet shirking off the bone with minimal effort; the meat quality is top notch. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

If it's a summer-style BBQ you're craving as the weather continues to betray us – inching away from those sunny Saturdays and closer towards winter – then order up a stack of Large Burgers (RMB128/5 x 200 gram patties), Jumbo Beef or Pork Hotdogs (RMB138/1KG), conveniently packed in sets of two, making it easier to prep for different portion sizes, and Buns (RMB39/6 buns). And then soup that lot up with Applewood Smoked Cheddar Slices (RMB58), Branston Pickles and Tiptree Ketchup and Mustard. 

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

Great news: after seeing us cook up our own mighty fine meat-lovers breakfast, Breakfast Champion was so excited that they now want to share the love with That's Shanghai readers, and are offering you guys a chance to win a Full English Breakfast Pack. To find out more, keep on reading.

Image by Sophie Steiner/That's

How To Order 

An exclusive offer for all That's Shanghai readers, Breakfast Champion is offering a 10% discount off your first order by using the code thats10 at checkout on their WeChat Store. The single use code is valid for two weeks from the date of publication. 

Constantly expanding their product line based on comments and requests from customers, Breakfast Champion has got you covered, from breakfast classics to butchery goods, seafood to dairy items, deli meats to full meal kits.

Their online store also features easy to follow recipes, monthly deals and holiday specials (think a full Christmas meal for up to 18 people dropped off right at your door).


We scoped their online store here, dropped a few products in our cart, checked out their new, streamlined ordering process and received a box full of delicious meats right to our door two days later – those primal meat cravings have never been easier to satisfy. 


The online store is directly linked to the Breakfast Champion Official WeChat account. Follow their account by scanning the QR code at the end of the article, and enter the store by clicking the Order button.

Once everything is in your cart, it’s pretty plug and play. Just drop in your address and select a date for delivery – you can pay directly through WeChat.

Do note that order minimum is RMB300 and that the soonest delivery is 48 hours later. 


When your order is placed, the frozen meats and other groceries are packaged in an insulated box and shipped to you via SF Express. You can track the shipment directly from their online store Track Your Order section.

When the delivery is on the way, you will receive a text message with a code that you show to the delivery man when he arrives with the goods. 

Simple as that.

To order up your own meat-filled feast (just in time for the holiday season) follow Breakfast Champion’s Official WeChat by scanning the QR code. 



For your chance to win a Full English Breakfast, all we ask is that you follow Breakfast Champion, and spread the good deals word by sharing this article on your Moments with the caption ‘That’s what I want!,' take a screenshot and send it to our WeChat account (ID: Shanghai_Plus) along with your email address, delivery address and phone number.

Not already a follower of the official That’s Shanghai WeChat account? Scan the QR code below:


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