Explainer: Everything You Need to Know About the Year of the Dragon

By That's, February 5, 2024

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The Explainer is where we unravel the mysteries surrounding Chinese zodiac signs. So, let's delve into the captivating world of the Year of the Dragon.

As with all great stories about the Chinese zodiac, the origin of the twelve animals involves an assembly summoned by the ancient Jade Emperor. 

According to legend, the Emperor devised a race, and the order of the zodiac was determined by the animals' arrival.


Jade Emperor via Wikimedia

In this mythic race, some creatures relied on their inherent strengths, such as the ox and tiger swimming across and the rabbit gracefully hopping from stone to stone. 

However, the majestic dragon took to the skies, soaring effortlessly above the others.

Unlike the industrious ox or the swift rabbit, the dragon's flight symbolized power, wisdom, and mystical prowess. 

Dragon's arrival secured its place as the fifth creature in the Chinese zodiac, leaving an indelible mark on those born under its influence.

Birth Years

1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024

Dragons Traits


Dragons are often associated with strength, energy, and intelligence. 

Those born under this sign are believed to be confident, ambitious, and charismatic. 

They possess a magnetic personality that draws others to them and are known for their ability to make sound decisions.

Dragons Make Excellent...

People born in the Year of the Dragon are often destined for leadership roles. 

Their strategic thinking, assertiveness, and visionary outlook make them natural leaders. 

Whether in business, politics, or creative endeavors, dragons have the capacity to leave a lasting impact.

Their resilience in the face of challenges is often likened to the mythical dragon's ability to weather storms. 

This tenacity, coupled with an innovative spirit, makes them adept problem-solvers and strategic thinkers.

Dragon Compatibility & Clashes


In the intricate tapestry of Chinese zodiac compatibility, dragons find harmony with monkeys and roosters. 

These signs align with the dragon's energy, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

However, clashes may arise with dogs, rabbits, and other dragons due to differing temperaments and outlooks.

Dragon Idioms


龙飞凤舞 | Lóng Fēi Fèng Wǔ | Dragons Flying & Phoenixes Dancing

This idiom symbolizes an atmosphere of joy, festivity, and auspiciousness.

龙潭虎穴 | Lóng Tán Hǔ Xué | A Dragon's Pool & a Tiger's Den

This phrase describes a dangerous place, emphasizing the challenges dragons fearlessly confront.

龙生龙死 | Lóng Shēng Lóng Sǐ | Where There are Dragons, There are Dragon eaths

This saying highlights the inevitability of competition, even among the most formidable beings.

龙争虎斗 | Lóng Zhēng Hǔ Dòu | Dragons Fighting & Tigers Wrestling

An idiom portraying intense competition between powerful entities.

Famous Dragons


Joining the illustrious ranks of dragon-born individuals are remarkable figures like Bruce Lee, Rihanna, Salvador Dali and Keanu Reeves.

These luminaries exemplify the dragon's dynamic and impactful presence.

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