Lay's Coffee Jelly Oolong Milk Tea Potato Chips Should Not Exist

By That's Guangzhou, January 25, 2021

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‘We Try It’ is a regular series where we try the latest off-beat food and beverage offerings.

Lay’s has come up with some pretty wacky flavors over the years and some have been good, some less than good. We weren’t even sure this was actually a Lay’s creation seeing as the bag was lacking their signature bright colors, but we looked them up on the ol’ interweb and apparently there’s a whole milk tea series that includes a brulee milk tea flavor.

These flavors come about as a cooperation with the Taiwanese milk tea brand Machi Machi, according to Goldthread food blog. The netizens of Weibo even had some good things to say like “Such a strange flavor leaves people captivated,” and “The Coffee Jelly Oolong Milk Tea flavored Lay’s are fragrant and so tasty.” 

Of course, the majority of netizens were vehemently against these chips with comments like “They’re so disgusting!” and “I don’t dare to ever try anything new [from Lay’s] again.” So in our uncertainty of opinion, we thought we’d give them a try.

At first glance, they looked like any other Lay’s potato chip, lightly seasoned and greasy – and then we got a whiff and knew we were in trouble. 

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The bag packs the most sweetened and milky instant coffee aroma imaginable. The smell of instant coffee usually isn’t gag inducing, and yet, upon inhaling the dry heaving commenced. 

The chip’s texture and crunch were actually as expected for a Lay’s chip but the flavor was consistent with pouring an entire bag of instant milk tea (the cheap kind that you get at convenience stores in small towns) on top of the potato chips.

Deceptively normal. Image via That’s

If you enjoy sweets and powdered instant milk tea, you might find these chips vaguely nostalgic just before the metallic aftertaste hits your tongue. 

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A few daring souls around the office gave their impressions of the chips along with a basic rating:

Peggy Ngai, Marketing 1/5

“No. Thank you.”

Ryan Gandolfo, Editor 1.3/5

“That’s probably the sweetest chip I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely disgusting. I’ll give it an extra 0.3 because it’s edible.”

Rakini Bergundy, Intern 1/5

“It feels like I licked the wall inside the seventh-best milk tea shop in Guangzhou.” 

Wyle Yuan, Interpretive Dancer 2/5

“Umm, that’s weird. It’s like a biscuit. I would not buy this kind of Lay’s.” 

Joshua Cawthorpe, Former Senior Lagos Correspondent 2/5 

“The milkiness of whatever chemical compound is dusted on these thin potato discs is not unpleasant at first, however, the herbal undertones of the oolong coffee jelly flavor fall somewhere between rot and utter tastelessness. If you left a bag of Lay’s original on the patio overnight in a humid climate and then tossed some movie popcorn white cheddar seasoning into the bag the next morning it would probably amount to the same thing.”

These chips are not worth your money unless you intend on pranking an unsuspecting friend.

Price: RMB12

Who’s eating them: KOLs with too much time on their hands, Asian-themed food junkies

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[Cover Image Via 白菜哈皮酱/Weibo]

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