Pilates ProWorks: Beats, Burn and Badass Vibes

By Sponsored, July 22, 2021

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Originating from California, USA, Pilates ProWorks (PPW) offers a highly effective workout on its signature FitFormer machine. The first PPW location in Asia opened its doors in Shanghai, China in March 2018.

It is a pioneer in the region as a fitness studio that specializes in group classes themed around Pilates. In addition to its signature Pilates Pro & Pilates 40-Works classes, PPW also offer Mat Pilates, Barre, Ballet Bootcamp, Yogalates, Energy Kickboxing, GYROKINESIS® and matBox etc., with 8-10 classes available throughout the morning, lunch and evening sessions every day.

Studio A

The Uniqueness on the Pilates Machine

The FitFormer was manufactured in and imported from the United States. It is a highly sophisticated and durable piece of equipment that was specially designed to provide a high-intensity, whole-body workout, different from other traditional Pilates reformers. In merely 40 or 50 minutes, you work your entire body safely and effectively.


The FitFormer workout combines strength building, flexibility training and muscle toning. Besides improving your posture, it elongates your muscles and betters your agility and balance. Though often compared with Yoga, Pilates focuses more on building your core and overall muscles, particularly around your spine and joints. It heightens awareness of your own body and prevents injuries in other sports and everyday activities.

Every Day is a Good Day to Do Pilates!

Classes are more of a power workout type of Pilates, and designed for all different levels to work on proper technique and alignment, while delivering a fun and challenging total body workout. Trainers correct the client's posture during the workouts, focusing on their alignments.



PPW has a team of trainers with experiences from a diverse range of sports and fitness. In addition to being certified by PPW, Polestar Pilates and related certifications, they also come from backgrounds such as Ballet & Barre, CrossFit, Yoga, Professional Sports, Marathon Running and Personal Training. Their experience in the field ensures the classes are conducted professionally, yet the diversity adds a different flavor for each class, keeping classes unique and fun.


The FitFormer is Your Stage: Shine On It!

Trainers explain each movement in detail, emphasizing the train of thought before each move and control of the body, guiding the clients to be focused and mindful in the class. Listening to the cues is more important than copying an exercise. Whether it is tactical, verbal or through demonstration, trainers try to check everyone in class and warn of common mistakes to watch out for, so the clients can self-analyze as well.


“The way I structure my class is to group muscles together, to ensure that each muscle gets their maximum workout and still continues to burn the fat throughout the day,” explains a PPW trainer. “It’s about creating new and different ways to utilize our FitFormer and small props, keeping the classes interesting and variable.”


About the Classes

Pilates Pro Beginner Class

Beginner Pilates Class is primarily designed for clients who have never tried Pilates, and want to learn the fundamentals on which to build their practice. Most of the exercises are taught at a slower pace, so clients will become familiar with the FitFormer machine and focus on the correct form and alignment of each movement. 

Moving correctly is extremely important to ensure your safety and to help to prevent injuries. You will learn the essential movements and how to engage the right muscle groups. Modifications will be given for those with physical limitations, or for clients that are simply not familiar with the FitFormer.

This class is a great way to get started and 'Beginner' does not mean it is easy – you will for sure break a sweat! Even for someone who trains regularly, there are benefits to the Beginner Class and learning the fundamentals.


Pilates Pro Class

This class pace is faster than the Beginner Class and includes more challenging and complex movements that require more muscle strength and body coordination. To obtain and enjoy the most out of this Pro Class, it is important to have a basic understanding of Pilates Fundamentals. This class is not suitable for first-timers.

Pilates 40-Works 

Want to make the most of your morning or lunch break? Join 40 Works! Faster transitions between movements and more intense movements help to create higher efficiency. This is a full body workout that gives you the maximum results in a short time frame.

Other small group training classes include Ballet Bootcamp, BarrePro, Energy Kickboxing, GYROKINESIS®, matBox, Mat Pilates, Yogalates and Tabata.

Studio B

Most of people are familiar with PPW Studio A – Pilates FitFormer classes. However, Studio B always provides a variety of small group classes to enrich your fitness life!

PPW also offers one-on-one or one-on-two classes on either the FitFromer or Mat Pilates, and they provide personalized service if you have previous injuries or other special needs.

For women who are pre- or post-natal, they also have trainers who specialize in this area. The classes are offered in either English or Chinese.


PPW Community

PPW Community is committed to helping people be fit and healthy. PPW welcomes friends from different backgrounds to join in daily workouts or host training, workshops and all kinds of community events in the studio.

They believe Pilates is not just a fitness trend, it is a habit that fuels your everyday activity. They provide access to fitness and health by collaborating with other brands to promote well-being.  PPW aims to bring people together, connect communities and create an environment where positive changes are celebrated.


Meanwhile, to keep the community dynamic, positive and connected, PPW community has organized plenty of challenges and gathering events, including a 21-day health challenge, members’ days, anniversary celebrations and other types of workout sessions. 

“I feel so grateful to join the 21-day challenge together with other people, especially the trainers and staff from PPW,” says Su, a PPW member. “Without the challenge, we can’t change.”

Put everything out of sight and out of mind for a PPW workout, and tune into the booty bumping beats and the feeling of your slow-twitch muscle fibers!  BEATS, BURN and BADASS VIBES! Set your intention and sweat with a smile.


Feel free to book your first trial via the PPW WeChat account – they have a first timer special at RMB109, including a free pair of sticky socks for the class.


Pilates ProWorks (PPW)1003 Wuding Lu. Jing’an District, Shanghai
Tel: 021/ 6225 3966; 18217302303
Email: shanghai@pilatesproworks.com
Wechat Official Account: PilatesProWorks  
WeChat Service: ppwcommunity

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