Check Out Some of Beijing's Best Waimai Deals

By That's Beijing, May 12, 2022

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With in-house dining still banned in Beijing due to the latest outbreak of COVID-19, there's perhaps no better time to order some mouthwatering waimai!

Many places are still doing delivery and self-pick-up orders as usual. In the guide below, you'll find everything for those foodie cravings including tacos, Izakaya, steak and much more.

Show your support for your favorite eateries during this tough time. Let's hope it won't be too long before we can all go out to eat and drink again. 



All your favorite dishes delivered to your door including fresh avocado quinoa salad, sumptuous beef burger, succulent roasted Iberico pork ribs. Order via Shansong or Meituan. 

Get any cocktail for just RMB48. 

Scan QR code or call 13021133821, Burge’s Bistro & Bar. 



Satisfy your izakaya craving with sumptuous Japanese food from Daruma. 

Scan QR code to order on Meituan, Daruma. 

EAST Beijing


Order healthy and delicious favorites from Domain, EAST Beijing. 

Indulge in cobb salad; fruit or vegetable smoothies to keep you healthy; pancake or breakfast wrap; Australia wagyu beef burger and more western sandwiches; Cantonese style wonton noodle soup; traditional dan dan noodles; and teriyaki beef poke.

Delivery available via and JSS every day 8am-6pm, call +8610 8414 9830 for inquiries, Domain, EAST Beijing. 

El Barrio


Tacos, nachos, churros and more are all available from El Barrio. And don’t forget to order those cocktails for some extra buzz. 

Scan QR code for Meituan delivery, El Barrio. 

Maison Flo


Get waimai with a touch of class when you order from Maison Flo. 

Indulge in M7 and rump cap steak, seafood spaghetti and more mouthwatering dishes. 

For the first 30 orders over RMB500 each, you can get a bottle of J.P Chenet sparkling wine for free. 

Available every day 11.30am-8pm, place order by calling 01065955135 or scanning the WeChat QR code, free delivery for orders over RMB500 within 5 kilometers, Maison Flo. 

Forno and Bottega



All the classic and authentic Italian favorites from Forno and Bottega (Asia’s top pizzeria) are available for delivery. 

Scan QR codes for Meituan delivery, Forno, Bottega. 

Georgia's Feast


Georgia's Feast has all your favorites ready to be delivered. 

Whether you want chicken shawerma, classic Georgian bread, fresh salads or any of your favorite treats, Georgia's Feast will be delivered to your door. 

Order by scanning QR codes or call 010 84486886, free delivery within fourth ring road for orders over RMB300, Georgia's Feast. 

Great Leap

Get all you favorite Great Leap craft beers and eats delivered to your door. 

Great Leap #45 Lidu branch offers delivery daily 11am-11.30pm. Meanwhile, Great Leap #12 branch offers delivery daily midday-8pm. 

Scan QR code for delivery, Great Leap Brewing. 



The perfect delivery for meat lovers!

From wood-fired smokers straight to your door, get whole briskets, racks of pork ribs and racks of beef Dino ribs for you to enjoy with friends and family. 

Get 10% off on 2 kilograms of pre-pulled smoked pulled pork. 

Get delivery via Shansong or pick-up in store; delivery also available via Meituan, Eleme, Sherpa's and JSS; scan the QR code or call 4000967670, Home Plate. 

Hotel Jen



Get your favorite Beersmith craft beers to your door. 

All day happy hour is perfect for beer lovers with 500ml beers at RMB30 each; buy six and get two more free. 

Wagyu burger, nachos, fries and more are also available. 

For self-pick-up service, bugers are buy-one-get-one-free, and if you buy 12 cans of craft beer, you can get six more cans for free. 

Available via Meituan, Eleme and JSS; call 01086471098 for self-pick-up orders; orders over RMB500 delivered for free within fourth ring road, Beersmith, Hotel Jen. 

San Wu Tang


While you can’t go out to enjoy authentic Beijing street food, you can get it delivered to your door!

San Wu Tang offers classic pancakes, or jianbing, including tuna and shrimp, yak beef and more. Indulge with some luzhu and chaogan. 

With more than 10 options, San Wu Tang also provides breakfast delivery. 

Breakfast delivery 8-10am, other deliveries available thereafter; order via Meituan or Eleme, San Wu Tang, Hotel Jen. 

InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun

Char Bar & Grill


Indulge in a set menu at RMB298 per person including salad, lamb shank, spaghetti in spicy tomato sauce and sweet tiramisu. 

You can also get your hands on other dishes, sweets and wine by the bottle. 

Available for delivery 11.30am-2pm and 5.30-8.30pm, scan WeChat QR code or call 186110296228, CHAR Bar & Grill, InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun. 

Ying Chinese


Choose from two different set menus full of favorite Chinese dishes for RMB298. Indulge in beef brisket, Cantonese barbequed pork, fried rice and more. 

Available 11.30am-2pm and 5.30-8.30pm, scan WeChat QR code or call 18611029628, Ying Chinese, InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun. 

Bee Brunch


Enjoy an elegant 4-course brunch from InterContinental Sanlitun delivered straight to your door. With all your favorite savory and sweet treats, the Bee Brunch is perfect for your waimai needs. 

Scan QR code for delivery or call 18611029268, available 11am-9pm, InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun. 

Boston Lobster To Go


Succulent Boston lobster can is now available for take-out! 

Choose from garlic, black bean sauce, red pepper, crispy chili, garlic chili sautéed or spring onion and ginger.

Scan QR code for delivery or call 18611029268, available 11.30am-2pm and 5.30-8pm, InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun. 




You can’t head out for drink, but you can enjoy all your favorite Jing-A beers in the comfort of your own home!

Get 20% off on bottles and cans, and 30% off on 1-liter growlers. Pick-up or get delivery from any Jing-A branch. 

Available for delivery or pick-up in store; order via Meituan by scanning the code or call the following numbers:

Jing-A Brewpub Xingfucun – 01064165195

Jing-A Taproom CBD – 18515674404

Jing-A Wangjing – 13521634966

Jing-A Tongzhou – 13522516764

Jing-A Taproom Longfusi – 01084001058

Jing-A Taproom Sanyuanqiao – 13810217792

Jing-A Taproom 798 – 13681541908

Just Enjoy


Enjoy exquisite Chinese cuisine and a selection of over 100 bottles of wine. 

When in-house dining returns in Beijing, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to Just Enjoy where the restaurant design as well as the cuisine might just take your breath away. 

Call 010 68107788 to order, Just Enjoy.  

Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center


Pre-order and pick-up or get delivery of all your favorites from Kempinski. 

Get traditional German cuisine from Paulaner; indulge in pastry and deli items from Kempideli; and enjoy all the best pizzas, pastas and more from Via Roma. 

Scan the QR code for the menu; to order (self pick-up), call +861064104212 / 4227 / 4215; note pick-up times below:

Paulaner – midday-9pm (Meituan delivery and self-pick-up) and midday-8.50pm (JSS delivery)

Kempideli – 8am-8pm (self-pick-up) and 10am-6pm (JSS delivery)

Via Roma – midday-2pm and 6-9.30pm (self-pick-up); 11.45am-2pm and 5.45-9pm (JSS delivery)

Kerry Hotel, Beijing


A whole host of sumptuous dishes are available for delivery from Kerry Hotel, Beijing. 

Enjoy with friends or family – Jing Ya Yuan Peking duck, classic Cantonese clay pot dishes, western selections of steak and pasta, southeast asian flavors such as Hainan chicken rice, daily freshly baked breads, a variety of salads, as well as light meals and cakes etc.

Scan QR codes or call +86 1085852788, direct delivery for orders within 1 kilometer, Kerry Hotel, Beijing. 

Lu Style Sanyuanqiao


Get sumptuous Yimeng-style jianbingpancakes with six flavors delivered to your door. The classic jianbing is a Beijing specialty!

Scan QR code or call 01021751888, Lu Yu Style Sanyuanqiao. 



Morton’s steakhouse is ready to offer you a choice of mouthwatering set menus featuring crab cake, ribeye steak, New York cheesecake, filet mignon and more. 

RMB688 (set menu A) or RMB428 (set menu B), scan QR codes to order via WeChat mini-program or call 010 65237777, Morton’s. 



Your favorite Sanlitun Parisian-style café is offering deliveries.

Order those signature crèpes, moules frites, salads, pastas and more. 

Scan QR codes to order; get RMB10 discount with orders via Panorama's own delivery platform; orders also available via Meituan, Sherpas and JSS, Panorama. 

Pan Pacific Beijing


Hai Tien Lo offers all your Chinese favorites available for pick-up and delivery. 

Available for in-store pick-up 11am-9pm, Shansong delivery also available, scan QR code or call 010 66239893, Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Beijing. 




Q MEX is offering delivery and takeout discounts on sets including salad, tacos, quesdaillas and more.

That's not all! Take out drink deals including cocktails (margaritas, mojitos, long island iced tea), craft beer, wine and soft drinks are coming soon. 

Get 20% off when you self-pick-up. 

Order via Meituan or Eleme; for self-pick up, call:

Q MEX Bar & Grill (Sanlitun) - 010 65853828

Q MEX Bar & Grill (Shuangjing) - 010 87700668

Q MEX Bar & Grill (CBD) - 010 65008220

Q MEX Bar & Grill (Solana) - 010 87945165

Q MEX Taqueria (Xinyuanli) - 010 84353601

Shaoshi Shan


Get traditional Zhejiang and Jiangsu cuisine delivered straight to your door. 

Scan QR code for Meituan delivery, Shaoshi Shan. 

The Middle-8th Restaurant


Craving some Yunnan cuisine? The Middle-8th Restaurant offers Yunnan classics delivered straight to your door, including authentic Dai-style chicken.

Order via Meituan or Eleme, The Middle-8th Restaurant.

The Opposite House



Your favorite dishes are available for pick-up or delivery. 

Get your hands on super spicy Sichuan food from Superfly, Italian classics from Frasca and healthy options from Union. 

Enjoy every pick-up order from Frasca and Superfly with a 15% discount. 

Order from Superfly on Meituan, pick-up service midday-10pm, call +86 1064105220, Superfly. 

On JSS, search “TOH Pop Up Kitchen” for Frasca, Superfly and Union menus; pick-up service midday-10pm, call +86 1064105210, Frasca.

The Peninsula Beijing


Huang Ting is on hand to deliver exquisite Chinese cuisine with a sumptuous 6-course menu available for delivery. 

RMB688 per set, scan QR code to order via WeChat mini-program or call 01085162888 ext. 6757, Huang Ting, The Peninsula Beijing. 

Rosewood Beijing


Country Kitchen at Rosewood Beijing has tasty Michelin Star food ready to be delivered to your door. 

Scan QR codes to order via WeChat mini-program, Country Kitchen, Rosewood Beijing. 

Tiago and Keaami


With discounts on selected items, Tiago Home Kitchen and Keaami have got your waimai needs covered. 

Tiago Home Kitchen offers exquisite homemade Italian pizza, fresh salad, signature spaghetti and more. Order the EASY TO GO option to have the experience of cooking for yourself at home. 

Meanwhile, for tasty Thai cuisine, Keaami has got you covered with tom yam goong, shrimp cake, classic Thai stir-fried dishes and more. 

Order via Meituan or Eleme, Tiago Home Kitchen and Keaami. 



Sumptuous dishes great for sharing are available from TRIO. 

Indulge in Beijing hummus and vegetable sticks, roasted sausages and potatoes, cold cut platter, cheese platter, spicy noodles, beef tenderloin, salads, tiramisu and more. 

Scan QR code to order via WeChat mini-program, TRIO. 

Turkish Feast


All your Turkish favorites are available for delivery!

Indulge in meaty kebabs, pide, hummus, baklaua and more. 

Scan QR codes for delivery, available on Sherpas, JSS and Meituan; call 15911059050 to order directly with the manager and enjoy free delivery within fourth ring road for orders over RMB300, Turkish Feast.   

Vanda Room


Get exquisite Singaporean cuisine delivered straight to your door from Vanda Room. 

Scan QR code to order via WeChat mini-program, Vanda Room. 

Waldorf Astoria Beijing


Two set menus are available for delivery from Waldorf Astoria Beijing. 

Dishes include smoked salmon, Beijing-style Waldorf salad, fresh thyme-roasted chicken, slow-cooked beef cheek and more. 

RMB228 (3-course set menu) or RMB298 (4-course set menu), available for self-pick-up or Shansong delivery 11am-9pm, call +86 85208989, Waldorf Astoria Beijing. 

[Cover image via The Opposite House]

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