32 Game of Thrones Characters as CNY Travelers are Hilarious

By Matthew Bossons, January 19, 2020

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Chunyun, otherwise known as the world’s largest annual human migration, is now underway and your favorite folks from the mythical land of Westeros are joining the herd – in this hilarious photo series, anyway.

Created back in 2018 by Weibo user 青红造了个白 (the same Photoshop wizard who brought us these 23 Game of Thrones’ characters as Chinese street vendors), the images showcase a wide array of GOT characters caught in the thick of the Chinese New Year travel rush.

The photos included below first came to our attention via WeChat groups. The captions included underneath each image are translated, sometimes with artistic license, from 青红造了个白’s original post.

Enjoy! And from all of us at That’s, safe holiday travels and xinnian kuaile!

file-1-image-1-GOT.jpg“Newspapers. Sunflower seeds. Bottled water.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-3-GOT.jpgSam has managed to score himself a sleeper berth for his ride home – a bottom bunk no less! Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-2-GOT.jpgYou know, when Lady Margaery is on the job in the dining car, even the huiguorou comes out tasting as sweet as roses. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-4-GOT.jpgWhen the noodley flavor is so close, yet so far. “Alas, I’ve forgotten my false teeth.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-5-GOT.jpgBronn never could pass up an opportunity to make some cash. Here he is making his first ‘pot of gold’ of the New Year. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-6-GOT.jpgEveryone needs to make a living. The Night King has turned scalper in front of the train station. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-7-GOT.jpgSince Bran’s not able to walk, the Night King went ahead and found a couple of guys to wheel him into the station. And would you believe it? They wanted RMB25 for the service! Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

Since they work at the same job site, it seems only natural that Mormont and Daario decided to partner up for the long journey home. You wouldn’t know it by looking at them but they’ve fallen for the same woman: the girl who makes lunch for them on the job site. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-9-GOT.jpg“The snows in the North are too strong. I’d better head down South and cozy myself up somewhere snug to ride out the storm.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

file-1-image-10-GOT.jpg“Ain’t no thing if tickets are sold out by the time I get to the front. Don’t care if I have to run home on foot – I got this.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-1-GOT.jpgEven when you gotta squeeze yourself onto a crowded train, you can’t let yourself lose that rock n’ roll spirit. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-2-GOT.jpgAnd where have my little birds flown off to? Left me here alone?” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo  

set-2-image-3-GOT.jpgThe Hound keeps it simple when he hits the road. Who needs luggage? Got an old cement sack? Good to go. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-4-GOT.jpg“No tickets? No worries. Keep it Zen. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-5-GOT.jpg“What do you mean Greyworm can’t be the father?” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-6-GOT.jpg“I wonder if that banana peel I just threw out the window will make the train slip off the tracks….” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-7-GOT.jpg“What is it that makes you toil so, in the bitter cold, long after all others have put their work aside? Is it love? Is it duty?”
– “Dude, I’m broke.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-8-GOT.jpgThere are few who are more familiar with both sides of the Wall. It’s only natural that Meera decided to become a Badaling tour guide during Golden Week. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-9-GOT.jpg“The beautiful people have run off with the wild people. Wait… where does that leave me?” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-10-GOT.jpg“Word is Theon has gone off to become a railroad service attendant. Let’s go have a look.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

set-2-image-11-GOT.jpgThe lovely stewardesses of the high speed rail network. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-1.jpgOld man Tywin and his grandson didn’t snag seat tickets in time this year. But the weariness of the journey can’t seem to stifle the joy of going home. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-2.jpg“Oh, Drogon! Do your best to keep up!” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-3.jpg“Ok wait, sooo where do I line up? Where do I buy tickets? Where’s the ticket check? Where do I go to wait for my train?” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-4.jpg“Yes… I don’t mind standing for 10 hours. When I sit – it will be upon the Iron Throne!” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-5.jpg“Hey, make way up there. This hand of mine can’t hold on forever!” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-6.jpg“Nope this cake’s flavor just won’t do… Nothing like the bean buns I’m used to from back home.” Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-8.jpg“Alright folks come and get it. Boxed lunches for RMB30 a pop. Coming through, get your legs out of the way.”
…one hour later… “Alright folks, RMB20 a pop! Come and get it.”
…two hours later… “10 kuai boxed lunch, get it while it’s hot!” 
Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-7.jpgNot sure if the ticket should be half-priced or free altogether. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-9.jpgOld man Davos is a laosiji. This is the 15th straight chunjie that he’s spent on the rails. Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

got-image-10.jpgWonder where these two are going? Off to see the in-laws? Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

Image via @青红造了个白/Weibo 

For more hilarious Sino-focused Photoshopped images, check out 青红造了个白 on Weibo.

Caption translations by Daniel Plafker.

This article was originally published on February 9, 2018. It has been updated and republished on January 19, 2020.

[Cover image via @青红造了个白/Weibo]

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