70 'Hungry' Crocodiles on the Loose in South China

By Billy Jiang, September 13, 2023

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Just a couple of days ago, we highlighted how typhoons can create an opportunity for some animals to make daring escapes.

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But what if we told you that not one, but over 70 hungry crocodiles were lurking in your neighborhood, looking for their chance to snap?

See you later, alligator!

According to reports from China National Radio, the city of Maoming in Guangdong has experienced multiple rounds of heavy rainfall caused by Super Typhoon Haikui, resulting in urban flooding in several areas, and has led to an unexpected escape act at a local crocodile farm.

More than 70 crocodiles managed to break free from the farm due to the flooding. 

Video interview with the local crocodile hunting team. Video via 新京报/WeVideo

While most of the crocodiles have been recaptured, local authorities are diligently working to track down the remaining escapees.

In a rather tongue-in-cheek suggestion, the government also advised local residents to stay indoors for the time being to avoid any unexpected encounters with the wandering reptiles.

According to an interview with one of the crocodile hunters by The Beijing News, the escaped crocs aren't your average run-of-the-mill reptiles, either... 

"They weigh in at a minimum of 100 kilograms, with the largest ones tipping the scales at a whopping 150 kilograms. 

"The market value of a fully grown crocodile? A cool RMB20,000 per reptile.

"The crocodiles were not fed for two days before they made their escape. They should be very hungry now, and very dangerous."

Reassuring words, these are not.

In an amusing twist, part of the impromptu crocodile-hunting team includes local chefs who have extensive experience in slaughtering and preparing crocodile meat. Talk about using your culinary skills in unexpected ways!

For those who may not know, crocodile meat is considered a delicacy in Maoming, and the region even boasts a crocodile-themed park. 


Grilled crocodile meat. Image by Billy Jiang/That's

Maoming is also known as the largest crocodile farming base in China, with crocodile meat production concentrated in Guangdong and other areas.

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Have you ever tried crocodile meat in Guangdong? How would you describe the taste? And what would you do if you came face to face with a crocodile? Feel free to share your experiences with us. For more quirky and fascinating stories from the Greater Bay Area, follow our WeChat official account, ThatsGBA.

[Cover image via 搜狐新闻/Sina Weibo]

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