Christine Fang on the Pros of bfitBARRE, a Z&B Fitness Program

By Sophie Steiner, August 15, 2023

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Christine Fang is the founder and leader of the bfitBARRE Project and a partner of Z&B Fitness. With over a decade of teaching experience in the fitness industry, she is committed to passing on her active lifestyle and exercise philosophy and principles to her students, encouraging them to exercise consciously, to reach their full potential, and to bring this character to all aspects of their life.


We sat down with Christine to learn more about her background and the bfitBARRE program.

What is bfitBARRE and how is it different from other barre-style workouts available in Shanghai? 
bfitBARRE is not a dance program, but rather a highly intensive training course (burning an average of 250-750 calories per session) developed by Z&B Studio.

The course combines three different elements of exercise: Pilates, fitness, and ballet. Energetic and rhythmic music arrangements are incorporated throughout the process, enhancing both the enjoyment and challenge of the workout for clients.

The entire class is driven by lively and dynamic music, combining rhythmic melodies with a variety of functional training sequences, enabling participants to engage in a joyful workout while also cultivating a sense of musical and rhythmic timing.

Specific auxiliary tools are used during the exercises, such as small dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, Pilates balls, or Pilates rings. These tools assist in targeted strengthening of the intended muscle groups.

Every segment of the class involves full-body engagement, with your own body weight being the most effective exercise tool. The training incorporates a combination of large and small movements, occasional static challenges, and controlled jumping exercises to increase intensity.

This pattern is consistently repeated, challenging participants' muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The numerous sets and the varying lengths of muscle contractions lead to enhanced muscle strength and stability.

By integrating Pilates principles like focus, core control, precision, alignment of skeletal joints, and axial extension, the exercises become more precise and efficient, reducing the risk of injury. This approach also helps improve posture and balance, as well as flexibility and coordination.

While sculpting elongated and toned muscles, it emphasizes the unity of mind and body, requiring heightened concentration and connection with one's own body, promoting self-awareness.


Incorporating the elegance and movement elements of ballet dancers into every detail of the exercises helps shape a slender and graceful posture, fostering confidence and a vibrant spirit that exudes radiance.

Furthermore, the overall pace of the class is brisk, aiding participants in enhancing cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness.

The bfitBARRE program also adheres to the principles of safe and effective teaching as its foundation, combining unique and consistently enjoyable course designs, which is a philosophy we have always followed.


What is your background in physical fitness, and why did you decide to create bfitBARRE?
I am the founder and leader of the bfitBARRE program, as well as a partner at Z&B Fitness.

With over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I have consistently pursued a positive and uplifting lifestyle. I have combined this approach with the exercise philosophy and principles that I advocate, encapsulated in the motto "Be Strong, Elegant & Balanced."

Through my classes, I aim to convey these principles to my students, helping them engage in mindful exercise, overcome challenges, and unlock their maximum potential.

I approach difficulties with a positive and optimistic attitude, facing each challenge with grace and unwavering belief; I am unafraid, undeterred, and composed, continuously practicing and integrating these qualities into various aspects of life.

I began playing basketball at the age of 11 and continued until I graduated from university. Following my graduation, I maintained a consistent fitness routine and delved into various fitness disciplines, ultimately becoming a professional fitness coach.

In addition to being a personal trainer, I teach various programs including Zumba, TRX, yoga, Pilates, and Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Several years ago, due to an unexpected accident resulting in a herniated lumbar disc, I shifted my focus toward Pilates for my fitness regimen.

When developing the bfitBARRE program and its exercises, I adhered to the principles of safe and effective healing. I also drew from my own physical issues and needs, aiming to alleviate the mental stress and physical tension caused by the fast-paced modern lifestyle. 

My goal was to create movements that enhance elegance, grace, and physical abilities. The entire course is grounded in Pilates principles, emphasizing safety, effectiveness, and focus in every movement.

 Combined with rhythmic music-based exercises, the program helps participants boost cardiovascular fitness, attain a satisfying sweat all while releasing negative emotions.


What does a bfitBARRE class look like? 
The bfitBARRE course lasts for a total of one hour and is composed of five sections: Warm-up, Upper Body (with light weights), Barre Work (Lower Body), Core on the Mat, and Stretching.

The entire class is energized by lively and dynamic music beats, and exercises are led by the instructor's rhythmic cues.

The instructor combines verbal cues with the music to provide instructions for movements, repetitions, key points, and corrections. Students engage in continuous practice driven by the music and the instructor's cues. 

Each sequence of movements transitions from slow to fast, progressing from simple to challenging, with varying rhythms, ranges of motion, and levels of intensity. This progressive approach culminates in a final intense challenge.


Do attendees need to have Pilates or dance experience to attend bfitBARRE? 
Not necessary. Each movement sequence in bfitBARRE is a progressively advanced exercise. Therefore, students can selectively engage in exercises based on their individual physical abilities or their current condition on any given day.

Typically, for each set of exercises, the instructor provides one to three options of varying difficulty and intensity. Additionally, suitable modifications are offered for students with injuries or limitations in specific body functions.

Hence, bfitBARRE is suitable for students of different ages, varying levels of fitness, and even expectant mothers.


What physical changes/improvements can attendees anticipate? 
Consistently maintaining a regular practice of bfitBARRE can enhance muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. It helps sculpt elongated, toned muscles and improves muscle elasticity and joint flexibility.

By establishing a robust and stable core strength, it elevates the sense of balance, flexibility, and coordination in practitioners.

This exercise regimen also increases self-awareness and allows students to master self-control, along with improved focus on the present moment, while also aiding in relieving stress and promoting relaxation. 

It forges a slender and graceful posture, cultivating confidence and a vibrant spirit, radiating a self-assured presence.

With an overall fast-paced rhythm in the class, it not only provides a satisfying sweat but also assists in releasing negative emotions, fostering a positive and sunny mindset, and leading to feelings of contentment, joy, and happiness.

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