37 Awesome Things To Do During National Holiday

By That's Shenzhen, September 28, 2022

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Sep 4-Nov 6: Painted Stillness: Robert Bosisio Solo Exhibition

The first solo exhibition of Robert Bosisio in China. This exhibition will display his most representative series of Portraits and Interiors.

See a listing for Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Sep 6-Oct 6: Leaping Refrain of La Vie

The 1st Nebula Project in LaVie Mateia Lite Art Center

See a listing for La Vie

Sep 7-Nov 9: The New Sculpture 2022

"New Sculpture" is actually a reminder of the "young generation of sculptors", positioned in the scope of creators after the 1970s. And the search scope of the list is not limited to pure sculpture level, but a wider range of media, works can be partial installation, can also be a comprehensive material of new media; What matters is not the boundary between the new and the old, but how "sculpture" is "demanded" in the present.

See a listing for Sea World Culture and Arts Center

Sep 8-Nov 20: O-Cat space: Field Nenuon

The project revolves around the theme of "field neuron", presenting the individual expression and self-understanding of artists in the urban space of Shenzhen in a contemporary context. The exhibition will exhibit 6 new works created by artists. Through digital interactive media, the audience can experience the creative ideas of artists in a participatory and interactive way, and feel the close relationship between the development of The Times and the application of technology.

See a listing for O-Cat Space

Sep 10-Nov 10: Planetary Escape

This exhibition brings together some of the recent works of four young artists, which are arranged into an image narrative by leaps and turns of different perspectives, from close view to distant view, from horizontal extension to rising and looking down, until entering the fantasy alien land of seeming acquaintance, leading the audience to experience a fictional journey of continuous withdrawal from the daily life of the planet. 

See a listing for Hexagon Gallery

Sep 10-Oct 20: May Love: First Sexuality Education Fair in China

The exhibition area is divided into different age groups. Through a variety of interactive installations and artworks, presenting different confusing growth processes. Through different stories, the audience will feel the interaction between the changes of the times and the growth of individuals.

 Monday Close; Weekday: 10am-7pm; Weekend: 10am-10pm

See a listing for Block Sixteen

Sep 17-Oct 30: The Blue Heart

As an in-depth scholarly comb of Wan Jinyu's artworks, the exhibition "The Blue Heart" will showcase several new works specially created by Wan Jinyu for this time, combined with a series of themed works of her unique language style in the past.

See a listing for Baaijing Art Space

Sep 17-Nov 27: Moonlight Brunch

Curated in collaboration with UBIES, a leading creative agency from Asia, the exhibition features Kuji Koseto's Delicious Planet series, which offers an "edible" view of distant cosmic planets.

A group of 35 mm film works in the exhibition hall, you need a magnifying glass to see the details. Another group of works hanging outside the building requires observation and observation with the help of telescopes.

See a listing for Between [Fac] Tory

Sep 19-Nov 19: Solidified Dimension: Works by CaoYuXi

This exhibition covers the important works created by new media artist Cao Yuxi in recent years, leading the audience into a new media art space that transcends media and forms in a way that transcends sensory cognition.

See a listing for Guangming Culture and Art Center 

Sep 22-Oct 12: Tang Haiguo Art Exhibition

Through Tang Haiguo's series of creations, witness how the artist disintegrates the inherent schema and order in Eastern and Western art and establishes his own visual language system.

See a listing for Jupiter Museum of Art

Sep 23-Nov 27: Where Future Mix

Mixture Is A Fashion & Culture Label Of MixC World Shenzhen. In 2022, MixC World Shenzhen Welcomes Its 5th Anniversary. As A Trend-Setter Shopping Mall, It Has Grown A Strong Sense Of Fashion Aesthetic That Can Be Recognized Worldwide.

See a listing for Mix C World

Sep 24-Nov 13: The Stage With Light:Liu Weijian's Solo Exhibition

The exhibition will invite the audience to immerse themselves in the huge pictures he has constructed, and experience the re-creation and recreation of different memory segments and encounter moments of this post-80s artist who grew up with the urban transformation.

See a listing for Guangming Culture and Art Center 

Sep 25-Nov 4: Kairos of Inertia

Departing somewhat from the visual assault that was his dense and assertive Gravity of Eyes series, Guan Yinfu has taken a different path in this exhibition, albeit through similar terrain. The paint on the canvas has loosened its grip, acquired a certain nonchalance; what was once charged with a vigorous intensity is now slow, its persistent transformative flow now held in check by a leisurely inertia, which nonetheless languidly impels the colours and shapes on the canvas to connect, converse and jostle for space. An ancient oriental aesthetic infuses the way these elements play off one another, though here it is the material itself that spontaneously emanates this peculiar quality by way of its unrestrained and natural presence. The inertia in these works by Guan Yinfu, as well as embodying languor as a form of artistic practice, is also a response to the fast-paced and confoundingly capricious predicament in which we find ourselves – an attempt from the depths of the soul to interrogate and change it.

See a listing for Enclave Contemporary

Sep 25-Nov 7: Smoke Of Gunpowder

See a listing for Awake Art Space

Sep 25- Dec 4: Painting: Feel The Pulse of The Time

This exhibition showcases 25 sets of works by 25 AAC ART China AWARD-WINNING and NOMINATED artists.

See a listing for Artron Art Center

Sep 26-Dec 31: Future Return: The Masters From Magritte, Dali To Contemporary Art

The exhibition profiles art since the beginning of the 20th century in five sections: Surrealism, abstract Expressionism, Popular Art, conceptual art, new paintings and art after 1988.

See a listing for Artechall

Sep 28-Oct 2: Chuanmen @Xin Market


If you want to spend your holiday in Shenzhen, you can gather with your friends in the market. In this block in Front Sea, you can enjoy coffee with music, original and food brands, a frisbee club and unique sports experience.

See a listing for INLI

Sep 29: Xin Mian Kong Vol.21

Rock, pop. electro.

See a listing for Oil

Sep 30: Give Me Five

Give me five!

See a listing for Hou Live

Sep 30: Waking Up English Playback Theater

Playback theatre is an original, interactive form of improvisational theatre. In response to stories and experiences from the audience, our performers and the musician make on-the-spot theatre. Every experience is 'played back' to the teller and the audience in an intuitive, artistic way. We do this empathically, respectfully, and without judgment.

See a listing for Nan Tou City

Sep 30-Oct 4: Sea World International Beer Festival 2022

Sea World International Beer Festival 2022

See a listing for Sea World

Sep 30-Oct 7: Marketing Festival

Marketing Festival

See a listing for One Avenue

Oct 1: Karting & Vibe

To the Drivers and Riders out there "GETONBOARD" brings to you A show well put together by "3M" to give you a FUN

See a listing for YST Kart Club

Oct 1: The Wizard of Oz Musical

The fantasy parent-child musical "The Wizard of Oz" is adapted from the classic children's book "The Wizard of Oz" by Lyman Frank Baum, the American "father of fairy tales". Let's follow the kind and brave Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion to travel through the magical "Dwarf Country of Oz" to find a magician who can fulfill his wish, and start a thrilling and fantasy journey.

See a listing Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater

Oct 1-Nov 28: Tadao Ando: Ando Box

In addition to the precious architectural manuscripts, ANDO BOX photography and models, the exhibition will also exhibit the large green apple sculpture "Forever Young", which debuted in the Greater Bay Area, and the installation "Resurrection."

See a listing for the Mix C World

Oct 1-Jan 31: OP.VR/HEM

The first solo exhibition of British artist Julian Opie in South China and his latest virtual reality works are premiered around the world.
See a listing for Mix C World

Oct 2: Sunday Screening: Manhattan

A tribute to Woody Allen’s favourite city, the film was delicately shot in black and white, depicting the city’s story against the backdrop of the beloved New York City landscape.

The heart of the movie lies in the depiction of the fragmentation, isolation and emptiness that come with the city life. As Allen’s Isaac continues to criticize the superficiality and selfishness the city life embodies, the movie’s essence is still in the pursuit of the ideal.
See a listing for Roots House

Oct 3: 4201 Electric music festival: Shenzhen Station of National Tour

With cool music and powerful guest lineup, bring you the most shocking and passionate music.


See a listing for MPK Livehouse

Oct 4: Accent Symphony Orchestra: "Broadway“ Classic Musical & World Classic

Accent Symphony Orchestra: "Broadway“ Classic Musical & World Classic

See a listing for Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center Theater

Oct 4: Gone with the flow Vol.1

See the documentary "Wild Ball."

See a listing for Oil

Oct 5-6: Vintage Surfing Party

Kayaking, water gun battle and frisbee golf.

See a listing for Xichong beach

Oct 5-6: 2 Days Afro Fever

When walking up in Shenzhen City day party every day, the music greets you before you can even reach the door. Depending on the day, you might be welcomed with a remix of Afrobeats. The Afro Community in Shenzhen has been expecting this moment for so long.

7:30pm till 5:30 am

See a listing for Brass House

See a listing for Drip Lab

See a listing for Favela

Oct 6: Moroccan Laila

Enjoy Famous Moroccan hospitality:

Moroccan Cuisine (Tajine & Harira)

Traditional mindblowing wardrobe  

Free videos and photoshooting  

Derbouka and Chaabi shows 

Traditional Fashion shows  

Henna tattoos 

Free drinks 

Many surprise and freebies

Get your EARLY BIRD ticket now! and get your individual PASS CODE for an exclusive VIP access and treatment

See a listing for Gulf Stream Park

Oct 6:Afro Night Beats

Parlor presents an immersion of culture, hosting Afro Nights on the 6th of October. Join us as we enjoy the sounds of drumming by Drummer Magic Palms and as we dance and get entertained by the best beats brought to by DJ GetOnBoard. 

Free Entrance 

11PM until late 

Food, drinks and shisha specials: 20% off shisha, 12% off all beer, 100RMB for six shots, 788RMB for two selected bottles 

See a listing for Parlor

Every Tue: Tuesday Special @Vicha

Tuesday special at Vicha bar! 

RMB110 for 6 bottles of Corona

RMB150 for Goose Island 3L

RMB228 for Tequila 1 bottle

See a listing for Vicha Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Every Thurs: Stand-up Comedy Open Mic @MAMBO

Stand-up Comedy Open Mic @MAMBO

Every Thursday 9pm
See a listing for Mambo

Every Sun: Stand Up Open Mic

Its time to close out the weekend with some good laughs!
See a listing for Salt and Talk

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