Christofle and Zheng Lu's "Xingyun: The Endless Dance of the Silver Dragon"

By That's Shanghai, December 12, 2023

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In a captivating fusion of tradition, innovation, and cross-cultural dialogue, Christofle, the esteemed Parisian silversmith, and Zheng Lu, a celebrated Chinese sculptor, unveiled their collaborative masterpiece, "Xingyun," at the release event held on November 10 at the Consulate General of France in Shanghai.


A Symbolic Fusion: The Flowing Dragon

"Xingyun" is an extraordinary embodiment of the shared values between Christofle and Zheng Lu—a harmonious marriage of reverence for tradition and visionary innovation. At the heart of this collaboration lies a unique interpretation of the dragon, a symbol deeply rooted in Eastern culture, signifying devotion, nobility, and power. Zheng Lu's masterful infusion of flowing water energy into the dragon, created in silver, elevates this ancient symbol to new heights.


The Möbius strip, a geometric marvel, symbolizes infinite unity, connecting two surfaces into an elegant whole. As Zheng Lu notes, Christofle's unique understanding of silver played a crucial role, turning the Möbius strip into a continuous loop that breathes life into the silver dragon—a channel for cultural and aesthetic dialogue.

The Artistic Journey: Tradition, Technology, and Precision

From Zheng Lu's initial calligraphic sketch to the final sublime silver sculpture crafted in Christofle's Haute Orfèvrerie workshop in Yainville, France, each step of the artistic venture pays tribute to precision and purity of visual expression. The collaboration not only celebrates traditional craftsmanship but also integrates the latest technology, showcasing the intricate dance between tradition and innovation in this splendid piece—a testament to the flow of water that transcends time.


The Flow of Time: Water Benefits All Things

"Xingyun" delves into the profound symbolism of water, transcending the boundaries of time and connecting civilizations. Zheng Lu draws inspiration from water's adaptability, symbolism, and its ability to encapsulate and reflect experiences. Reflecting on Lao-Tzu's wisdom, the artwork explores how water, through the dragon, has shaped the understanding of nature and humanity in Eastern culture, embodying the essence of the two-river civilization.


Xingyun: The Endless Dance of the Silver Dragon

The Möbius strip dragon, rendered in silver, symbolizes the endless dance of energy and movement. The sculpture beautifully captures the essence of water and time in an eternal loop, reflecting the interplay between tangible form and intangible cultural references. This creation showcases an elegant blend of Eastern and Western traditions, bridging the rich history of China with the timeless craftsmanship of the Western silversmith.


As the silver dragon engages in its eternal dance, it invites contemplation on the beauty of each fleeting moment. The polished silver surface mirrors the surroundings, evoking the image of running streams suspended in the air—an eternal flow unaffected by time. "Xingyun" stands as a marvel, encapsulating the never-ending dance of civilizations in its silver reflections, unfolding before our eyes in a breathtaking testament to the enduring power of art.

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