JIL SANDER 2023 Spring Collection Pop Up Store in Suzhou

By That's Shanghai, March 2, 2023

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On February 19, luxury fashion house JIL SANDER 苏园·桑生 2023 spring and summer series limited-time experience store kicked off in the former residence garden of Yanlord Cangjie in Suzhou.

The opening combines Suzhou's garden aesthetics with modern deconstruction design, presenting a brand-new image of harmonious blending of Eastern and Western cultures through ready-to-wear.

JIL SANDER Limited-Time Experience Store Lands in Former Residence Garden

Yanlord Cangjie is located in central Suzhou, adjacent to the World Cultural Heritage Garden of Couple's Retreat, the thousand-year-old Xiangmen City Wall, and the historical and cultural district of Pingjiang Road.

The unique geographical location integrates with Suzhou culture, providing excellent inspiration and creating conditions for the concentrated display of commercial characteristics under the Chinese cultural system.

Among them, the former residence garden of Yanlord Cangjie, which dates back a century, has now become a new world, linking Suzhou culture and modern fashion, providing sufficient imagination and creative space for the landing of international brands in the future.

In 2023, Yanlord Cangjie will continue to promote cooperation with international fashion brands, and reproduce Suzhou's fashion-leading trend in Jiangnan culture.

Stepping into the limited-time experience store of JIL SANDER's 2023 spring/summer series, guests can enjoy the beautifully restored space, outfitted with decorative flowers that complement the white walls and black tiles.

Entering the space on the first floor, smooth lines and mild materials form a delicate balance, intertwining the modern with the classical charm of Suzhou gardens. Guests can continuously sense the leisure and elegance of the changing scenery indoor.





Passing by staircases, branches and leaves are layered in a natural and vibrant way with colorful tones.

Slowly walking up the stairs, white and beige textures are used as a whole on the second floor with wooden furniture, the room transformed into warm and elegant space.

Many JIL SANDER 2023 women's early spring series items are carefully displayed. The design inspiration comes from California in the 1960s, Hollywood-style splendor, romanticism and realism.


JIL SANDER creative directors, Lucie and Luke Meier, bring together women's and men's wear in a new suit concept. Femininity and masculinity intertwine here to create a new image through subtle tailoring, patterning and use.

At the same time, some of the 2023 spring/summer mixed men's and women's show items are also displayed, extending the aesthetics and expressing modern and refined styles.


Discover the dedicated and exquisite space, located in the corner of the first floor for bespoke flower arrangement, where the variety of blooms deliver an absolute visual feast.

At the same time, it is filled with plant art works specially created for the brand and handmade clay and glass vases, highlighting the beauty of the space and the spirit of ingenuity.

In the ancient city of Suzhou, meet international fashion, and experience a different type of weekend getaway

Suzhou, a city with a history stretching back 2,500 years, is one of the cities with the most unique charm of Chinese culture. The famous Pingjiang Road, the world cultural heritage Suzhou Gardens, and the ancient city gates of the Spring and Autumn Period all illustrate the legendary color of Suzhou.

Suzhou is also one of the most economically developed cities in China, ranking sixth in total GDP in 2022.

In Suzhou, you can not only experience the unchanged appearance of the ancient city for thousands of years, and visit the historical and cultural relics, but also experience the surprise collision of international fashion and Suzhou culture, all while experiencing the international high-end service.

Suzhou Garden

Holding a JIL SANDER FLORA bouquet

Strolling from Yanlord Cangjie to Pingjiang Road

In October 2022, WallpaperSTORE*003, a limited-time pop-up store jointly built by Yanlord Cangjie and Wallpaper*, a bible of the design industry, landed in the former residence garden.

The ancient architecture and pioneer installation are mutually mapped, and the historical texture and sci-fi landscape are intertwined, fitting within the openness and inclusiveness of Suzhou.

In December 2022, Maison Margiela, a French haute couture fashion brand of OTB Group, opened up a “white world” with hidden scenery in Suzhou that collided with a blend of avant-garde and Suzhou's aesthetic.

Next, with the debut of JIL SANDER's 苏园·桑生 2023 spring and summer series limited-time experience store, Suzhou's aesthetic form has been further updated.

Neo ∞ Fusion: A Place of Inspiration is Coming Soon

Yanlord Cangjie is located at No. 1 Cangjie, Pingjiang Historical and Cultural District in Suzhou City. It belongs to the core of the ancient city and is an important commercial landmark and cultural development platform in the Yangtze River Delta.

The surrounding cultural and historical resources are rich and surrounded by World Cultural Heritage, such as the Pingjiang Road Historical and Cultural Reserve, Xiangmen, one of the eight gates of the Spring and Autumn Period, classic Chinese private gardens, the world cultural heritage Garden of Couple's Retreat, Suzhou University, a century-old institution.

These gardens, museums and former homes of celebrated citizens constitute an extremely rare "historical and cultural business district that brings together the essence of Jiangnan culture."

Yanlord Cangjie Construction Project Site

Yanlord Cangjie Construction Project Site

Yanlord Cangjie Construction Project Site

In the process of construction, Yanlord Cangjie was based on the principle of protecting the historical culture, continuing the texture of ancient Suzhou, all architecture perfectly embedding in the ancient city. 

Looking at the whole picture, the project consists of a low-density "modern garden" street mall on the ground and a three-story underground shopping mall, with a total construction area of 140,000 square meters.

Rendering of Yanlord Cangjie

Yanlord Cangjie will open in the third quarter of this year; a new landmark of Suzhou is coming soon.

JIL SANDER 苏园·桑生 2023 spring and summer series limited-time experience store ends this weekend, at 8pm on Sunday, March 5. Check it out before it's too late!

Yanlord Cangjie Former Residence Garden, No 1, Cangjie, Gusu District, Suzhou (Metro Line 1, Exit 3)


[All images provided by Yanlord Cangjie]

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