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By That's Shanghai, August 6, 2019

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The typical medical examination involves multiple steps – internal medicine, ECG, color ultrasound and so much more – before handing over an examination form, with completed signatures, to a nurse. The process can be both time consuming and complicated for patients. 

Lia is a Chinese-American who has had medical examinations at several different institutions. “The whole process is very efficient but it seems as if you are on an assembly line. I hope to have more opportunities to communicate with doctors during this process. I believe good doctors can help me better understand my health condition,” said Lia.

Regular medical examinations aim to help people evaluate their health condition and make necessary adjustments to their lifestyle. Many diseases can be detected during an examination and treated at an early stage.

In order to provide patients with optimal care, SinoUnited Health is launching a medical examination service that directly involves its senior doctors.

As a high-quality medical institution based in Shanghai, SinoUnited Health’s core team is comprised of both domestic and international doctors, who form the foundation of its GP+Specialist model. According to Dr. Kathy Shi, SinoUnited Health’s CEO and cardiologist, medical examinations are a critical part of the medical system and health management. Therefore, the in-depth participation and holistic direction of senior doctors are of vital importance.

Comprehensive Participation of Doctor Evaluations Before Examination

Doctors will make enquiries before the actual medical examination begins, even as part of SinoUnited Health’s basic examination package. This allows the doctor to learn about a patient’s background information, including disease history and family history. Based on each patient’s unique information, SinoUnited Health’s international GP team will discuss and recommend personalized examination items for the patient. 

For example, many medical examination packages for women include a mammography. But does every woman need one on an annual basis? In fact, for women under 40, a yearly mammography is not necessary except for those who have potential high risks for or a family history of breast cancer. It is more is necessary for women over 40 to get screened. However, because patients are usually unable to judge what examinations they need, doctors can step in with recommendations.

Lia is a beneficiary of SinoUnited Health’s individualized medical examinations. She used to receive TCT exams every year as part of the medical packages she purchased. Although TCT exams are uncomfortable, Lia felt that she had no other choice. 

However, when she came to SinoUnited Health to get her medical examination done, the doctor asked about her family disease history. Along with her previous test results, they determined that Lia actually belongs to a low-risk population for this type of disease, making it necessary to only do TCT screenings every three to five years. Lia was very relieved. 

As Dr. Shi affirms, SinoUnited Health is a professional institution whose doctors are at the frontier of clinical work. This is why SinoUnited Health’s medical examination services are characterized by the in-depth participation of doctors and individualized care given to each patient. 

Full Coverage Post-Examination Integrating Diagnosis and Treatment

Many patients often come to consult with SinoUnited Health doctors about medical examination reports from other healthcare providers in hopes of understanding their results. They realize that a simple report is not enough. 

“Some patients may have seven or eight abnormal indexes in their report, which would require visiting several specialists to finish all of the tests,” Dr. Shi said. “In addition, if medical examiners and the doctors involved in treatment have no interaction, patients may have to undergo repeated tests after they go to the hospital. The separation between the examination and medical treatment requires patients to spend more time and energy understanding the results, which not only complicates medical situations for patients but also wastes precious resources.”

Dr. Shi has always held the belief that advice given to patients about their health conditions should be evaluated based on their overall conditions. The various tests or indexes just serve as references for a doctor’s diagnoses. Clinical diagnoses must be a comprehensive judgment based on disease history and the combination of physical, lab and image examination results. 

“For instance, if a client has a family history of SVD and several CHD risks, we will try to control his cholesterol through lifestyle improvements or medication. Even if his LDL is on the high side, but within the normal range, addressing it in this way will prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events, such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction,” she explains. 

In fact, according to professional doctors, many cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are preventable – the key lies in the accuracy of evaluation and intervention capacity. Hence, medical examinations can profoundly facilitate the prevention of various diseases.

SinoUnited Health is committed to integrating diagnosis and treatment, an innovative model used around the world. The doctor participating in the early stages of the medical examination also provides further direction throughout the patient’s health journey. They hope that their clients receive the type of medical care that weaves together examinations, feedback and treatment.

A Professional Team for Specialty Examination Items

Founded on a ‘GP+Specialist’ system, SinoUnited Health’s renowned medical team draws on both local and global expertise to provide patients with high quality, international-standard services. 

Dr. Frank Morris-Davies leads SinoUnited Health’s GP team. With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Frank was awarded the Magnolia Silver Award in 2018 by the Shanghai Municipal Government. It is a rare award for medical practitioners and commends Dr. Frank for his outstanding contribution to the field of medicine in Shanghai.

Besides Dr. Frank, the GP team is comprised of first-class doctors from the US, the UK, the Netherlands and China. Thier diverse and skilled GP team works to create individualized examination items for each patient undergoing a medical examination at SinoUnited Health clinics.

Apart from regular medical examinations, SinoUnited Health has also set up several special examination items that meet more specific health demands.

Female Health Screening

Taking the suggestion of an expert at the Mayo Clinic Female Health Center – one of the world’s top medical institutions – SinoUnited Health set up the first exclusively female health center in China to provide screening and consultation services for women. Different from a traditional gynecology department, the Female Health Center addresses various health problems faced by women in a comprehensive manner. SinoUnited Health currently provides screening and consultation for breast health, cervical health and climacteric and sexual health. 

Gastrointestinal Examinations 

Dr. Justin Zhu, SinoUnited Health partner and Chief Physician of the Digestion and Endoscopy Department, has been engaged in clinical gastroenterology, teaching and basic research for over 30 years. Having received various accolades for his work, he is recognized by peers both at home and abroad. SinoUnited Health is equipped with the most advanced equipment from the US, Germany and Japan, making it possible to carry out minimally invasive surgeries, as well as multiple gastroscopic and endoscopic examinations.

Child Health Screening

SinoUnited Health’s pediatric department is led by Dr. Carenia Kuan, one of the top doctors in Manhattan, and Dr. Haijuan Huang from the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University. Dr. Kuan has been a pediatrician for almost 40 years, working as a senior pediatric physician at Mount Sinai Bassett Medical Center of Columbia University in New York. She not only conducted research and gave lectures at New York University’s medical center, but also received tenure at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. Currently, the Child Health Screening services provided by SinoUnited Health include annual physical examinations for children, visual development examinations for children, allergy tests, respiratory examinations and more.  

High-Quality Medical Services Aimed at Long-term Health Management 

Established in 2016, SinoUnited Health has set up four clinics: the Shanghai Center Clinic, Gefei Center Clinic, New Bund Medical and Surgical Center and Zhangjiang Clinic. It is also managing several enterprise clinics of international institutions. Their in-depth medical examination service is now available in the Gefei Center Clinic and New Bund Clinic. 

SinoUnited Health strives to uphold the concept of ‘patient first’ – providing treatment to patients when they are ill, but also helping patients develop health management strategies before diseases occur. Throughout her cardiology practice, Dr. Shi has met dozens of patients in need of coronary bypass operation. However, she believes that if these patients had taken the necessary precautions for health management, it is very likely that the operation may not have been required.

The ‘patient-first’ philosophy lies at the core of SinoUnited Health’s launching of medical examination services emphasizing the comprehensive participation of doctors, as well as its brand-new private doctor services. The private doctor team is comprised of senior GP team members and aims to provide clients with one-on-one health management services. Through online communication and interactions, patients can easily and quickly consult with the doctor who is most familiar with his or her health condition.

“Medical care should always be a holistic process that begins with a medical examination. Our thorough and comprehensive medical examination service fits perfectly into this framework,” said Dr. Shi, “We aim to break down barriers in the whole system of medical services in order to pay greater attention to patients’ long-term health needs and management.”

[Images via SinoUnited Health]

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