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By Sponsored, November 6, 2023

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“We’ve all got an inner beast, a messy, loud part of ourselves hidden away.”


So says Meilin (known as MeiMei, and voiced by Rosalie Chiang) in Turning Red. MeiMei is 13 years old, and her statement aptly sums up the emotional turbulence of early adolescence. But MeiMei’s inner beast is scarier than most – when she feels intense emotion, the young girl transforms into a giant red panda.

Community Center Shanghai will be hosting a family movie screening on the afternoon of November 12

"Join us for an upcoming CCS Community Screening and in-depth discussion of Turning Red, a heartwarming Disney movie that delves into the life of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl facing the delicate balance between adhering to her mother's expectations and the transformative challenges of adolescence.

"To make matters even more interesting, whenever Mei becomes overly excited, she magically transforms into a giant red panda.

"After we've experienced the film together, we'll embark on an engaging panel discussion. This crucial segment of our community gathering is designed to foster connections, stimulate meaningful conversations, and collectively reflect on the experiences of our children, peers, and families.

"We look forward to sharing this enriching event with you."


About the Movie

MeiMei is the stereotypically perfect Asian student, achieving high grades and twisting herself into a pretzel to please her supercharged helicopter mother. The cracks are starting to show.

MeiMei still wants to make her mother happy, but she also wants to have fun with her friends. And now that she’s aware of boys – and obsessed with a boy band – the seeds of rebellion are sprouting.

Having a giant red panda in the mix isn’t going to make this adolescent upheaval any easier…

A Family Movie Day that Welcomes All!

If you experienced adolescent conflict with your parents – or are on the other side of the coin – you know what it’s like to both love and hate the same person with guilty intensity. The messy relationship between MeiMei and Ming is the movie’s great strength, bringing it bone-deep authenticity.

Turning Red can serve as a useful catalyst for discussions with tweens about the challenges they face with puberty, friendships, setting goals, and managing volatile emotions.

Best of all, Turning Red is a reassuring story for young viewers who feel like they don’t fit in. MeiMei’s struggle to accept herself and to claim her place in her family and peer group will resonate with viewers of any age.

That these valuable messages are delivered with such warmth, empathy, and humor, is a bonus for family audiences.

Media Says About the Movie...

“This is a coming-of-age sensation where the supernatural and the mundane happily walk hand in hand, with each eye-popping surprise grounded in lifelike normality.”

The Times

Turning Red is a fizzing, squealing adolescent explosion of a movie that nails a fundamental truth about growing up”

Observer UK

“It is funnier, cleverer and more honest than you might expect.”


Turning Red is much like its pint-sized protagonist and goes proudly, loudly smaller, while still having the confidence and the smarts to poof at will into a bright red metaphor for the elation and confusion of coming-of-age.”

Rolling Stone

“A charming film that will win friends and trigger worthwhile conversations. The right sort of feel-good."

Irish Times

“[A] gently upbeat tale of self-acceptance..."

Financial Times

“Overlook Turning Red at your peril. It’s the best thing Pixar’s produced in recent memory and perhaps the studio’s most emotionally nuanced and thematically clever film since Inside Out.”

The Atlantic

We invite you to join us for a meaningful community film screening, where you'll connect with fellow parents, educators, and engage in a panel discussion about the various themes of the movie.

The panel discussion is a vital part of our commitment to the community, aiming to shed light on and improve young people's and their parents' mental health.

This interactive event will also provide valuable resources for families and strategies to enhance youth mental health within schools and households.

We are thrilled to offer a social and meaningful event, and we can't wait to see you there! 

Meet the Panelist!

We have a great group of panelists bring a diverse range of expertise, personal experiences, and professional insights to your event, making them ideal candidates to facilitate a comprehensive and meaningful discussion on the themes presented in Turning Red.

Dr. Sylvia Dai - Gynecologist & Mother


Dr. Sylvia Dai is more than just a highly respected gynecologist &women’s health consultant in the Shanghai community. With a career dedicated to serving girls and women of all ages, she possesses a deep understanding of the physical and emotional aspects of puberty. As a mother herself, Dr. Sylvia not only provides medical expertise but also personal experience, making her the ideal panelist to help families navigate the challenges of puberty and adolescent health. Her insights will resonate with the themes of transformation and self-discovery portrayed in Turning Red.

Mr. Jordi Blanco - High School Counselor


Mr. Jordi Blanco, high school counselor of Dulwich Pudong, brings over 18 years of counseling and education experience. Having lived in 10 countries and speaking three languages, he understands the unique challenges children face with transitions and adapting to new environments. Much like the characters in Turning Red who grapple with cultural change, Jordi's expertise in educational psychology allows him to connect with students empathetically and build trust. His insights into academic and emotional needs resonate with the film's themes of self-identity and peer relationships. 

Ms. Jovana Babic - Child Psychologist


Meet Jovana, a psychologist at ELG, who focuses on improving the lives of children, adolescents, and adults. Jovana's work as a school psychologist has given her a unique perspective on the challenges faced by children from diverse backgrounds, mirroring the cultural diversity showcased in Turning Red. She understands the complexities of navigating new cultures, languages, and school systems, providing a relevant backdrop for our discussion. Jovana's clinical training and experiences add depth to the conversation about adolescent development and cultural adaptation.

Mr. Scott Shen - Social Worker & Father


Scott Shen is not just a Licensed Social Worker but a bridge between two worlds, having grown up in Shanghai and spent several years in Ohio. His cross-cultural experiences and expertise in individual and family therapy align with the theme of cultural adaptation seen in the movie. Much like the characters in Turning Red who cope with change, Scott's use of mindfulness techniques and client-centered psychotherapy models provides practical insights for families dealing with the stress of adolescence and cultural transitions.

Amy Valerio - Upper School Principal & Mother


Amy Valerio, Ed.D. is the Principal of the Upper School (Grades 6 - 12) at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS).  She started her career as a teacher of humanities in grades 7 and 8 and has served in various roles in public, private, and international schools in the USA, Korea, and China.  Amy knows the value of relationships in schools and has a strong interest in building meaningful pastoral programs with robust advisory programs. This is her 7th year in China where she resides with her husband, 17-year old child, and dog.  Her son is in his second year in university in the USA after graduating from SCIS.

 Panel Moderator, Mr. Lee Mack


Mr. Lee Mack, our panel moderator, is a seasoned communicator with a background in Modern Chinese Literature. His experience from Harvard University and extensive time in China since 1998 allows him to connect with both the movie's themes of cultural transitions and the diverse perspectives of our panelists. Lee's ability to speak and read Chinese adds an extra layer of cultural understanding to the discussion.

What will be discussed among the panel?

During our community family movie and panel discussion, we'll explore a wide range of themes and discussion points inspired by Turning Red, a poignant coming-of-age animated film.

These themes are designed to ignite meaningful conversations and reflections within our community:

  • Puberty & Body Changes

  • Parent-Teen Communication

  • Connecting with Growing Children & Family Bonds

  • Growing with Your Children

  • Cultural Identity and Celebrating Diversity

  • Friendship & Peer Relationships

  • Acceptance & Inclusivity

  • Effective Communication Strategies & Coping Mechanism:

  • Resilience & Growth

  • Accepting Change & Transition

  • Online & Social Media Influence

  • Mental Health Awareness

Community Film Screening

Date: Sunday, November 12

Time: 2-5pm


  • Registration & Networking

  • Movie

  • Panel


Dulwich Pudong Campus Auditorium Room

Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

266 Lan An Rd, Jinqiao, Pudong


Tickets: This is a free community event but RSVP is required to reserve your seat. All ages are welcomed!


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