Good Fruits, Blended Together: innocent Smoothies Hit China

By Sponsored, June 19, 2020

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innocent, the world's favorite little healthy drinks brand, has arrived in China with a brand spanking new Chinese name: Tian Zhen (天真). Since we’ve managed to become so popular in Europe, we’ve decided it’s time to see what we can do for the people of China. To kick things off, we’d like we to invite you for a spot of fruit picking at our "open green" (打开天真), where you can make new friends and enjoy the sunny taste of three new innocent® smoothies™ made from 100% pure fruit.


what are innocent smoothies?

These aren't your run-of-the-mill fruit juices. Our smoothies are a brand new way of drinking, blending the best bits of at least five different types of fruit. We use our "blending" method to make sure we keep the pulp, fiber and vitamins from all our fruits. The taste of our smoothies is 100% natural and original. We don't add water, sugar, or any chemicals, because only good fruit will be ready after a quick “blend”. Each bottle contains at least five different types of fruit, helping you meet your daily nutritional needs, making each gulp a perfectly tuned fruity quintet.

We've called our three smoothies "Seriously Strawberry", "Magnificent Mango" and "Kiwi Wonder". They're made with strawberries from sustainable orchards in Europe, Alfonso mangoes (sometimes known as the King of Mangos) and the strongest kiwis grown in New Zealand. All of our ingredients have been carefully chosen by a team of fruit boffins to help meet your daily nutritional needs. Whatever tickles your taste buds, it's all 100% original.

From June 2020, innocent smoothies will be available in Shanghai and across eastern China from shops including Freshippo, G-Super, Super Species, Olé, blt, Lawson, etc.


Be a fruit picker for a day at our “open green”

We know it's important to make a good first impression, so to properly introduce innocent we’ve invited some old and new friends to join us for a spot of fruit picking for the day at our "open green" (打开天真). innocent comes from nature, so we thought it would be nice to get together with some nature lovers, quaff a few innocent smoothies, and enjoy the innocent way of life.


Under sunny skies, innocent and our new friends were surrounded by the tastiest fruits the world has to offer, picking together, blending together, discovering the fresh and original taste of fruits plucked the natural way.


Our friends also discovered the unique ways we blend our smoothies. During our innocent blending class, they learned how we blend a variety of fruits together with no water, no sugar, and not a trace of additives. Stuffed full of pulp and fiber, every gulp makes your lips and teeth dance, making drinking fruit even more fun than eating it.

The Big Knit makes great stuff happen

The innocent Big Knit hats that have already warmed tens of thousands of vulnerable people will also be there. When innocent smoothies and the Big Knit combine forces, amazing stuff can happen. For every bottle of smoothie sold during the Big Knit, innocent will be making a donation to a foundation helping vulnerable elderly people stay warm during the winter.


Great stuff happens every day with innocent. Our hope is that our drinkers get to live well and die old. We spend every day making healthy and tasty smoothies for everyone. We care about the earth and do our best to protect fruit growers and the environment. We know we're a little fruit brand with a lot of responsibility, which is why we've committed to giving 10% of our global profits to charities every year. Being innocent is something we take seriously.


innocent is about tasting good and doing good. We hope you'll like it.

about innocent

innocent was born in the UK in 1999 and we don’t like to brag, but now we're arguably the best-known smoothie brand in Europe. We started as a company of three people, and now there's more than 400 of us, selling delicious and healthy drinks in over 23 countries and regions. As well as smoothies, our range of healthy drinks includes fruit juice, vegetable milk and coconut water. Now we're really excited to be bringing our smoothies to China. We hope that the Chinese people will give us a warm welcome, and we're looking forward to bringing them more of our recipes soon.

Whilst creating tasty beverages, we also think it's important to do our best when it comes to sustainable development. As a result, we donate 10% of our global profits each year to help people in need. Now in its 17th year, our Big Knit campaign has helped thousands of elderly and vulnerable people stay warm during the winter. As one of the few certified B Corps in the world, we're committed to being kind to the earth, society, our partners and our people.

have fun with us 

Hotline: 400 158 2525



Weibo:   innocent 天真不懂事会

WeChat:   innocent 天真不懂事会


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