The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts Art Exhibition Opens

By That's Shanghai, November 21, 2016

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“The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition with the topic of “millennium philosophical reflection and oriental aesthetics" grandly opened at the Shanghai Hub Center on November 11th.



“The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition will run for 66 days using multimedia holographic projection in order to create a time-space sense of the unity of heaven and man with a theatrical feeling. Traditional Chinese painting and craftsman skills as well as Chinese philosophy of art are presented in contemporary perspective, which aims to grow Shanghai’s enthusiasm for Chinese art. 


Up until now, the form of traditional Chinese art has been transformed, but traditional Chinese philosophy and the spiritual core of creation has remained unchanged. Approaching the era, excellent Chinese artists and craftsmen have kept a high sense of contemporary and thoughtful character when acknowledging traditions. They express thinking on contemporary transformation of oriental arts with their own unique perspectives, including the choice of transformation of art and mode of transmission. 



“The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition is a 'millennium history' working with an active state. Aiming to inject traditional Chinese arts and philosophy to today’s culture, the Exhibition puts soul and vitality to current economics, culture and life. Surrounding traditional Chinese philosophy and unity of heaven and man and the creation spirit at the core, the Exhibition has two topics to show unique aesthetic ideal and the superb creation ability of the Chinese nation.



Centering on the unique enjoyable spirit of Chinese paintings, the converging of poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal cutting, the structure of drawing and line tension and other characters, the Art Exhibition adopts multimedia technology methods to show the paintings and calligraphy art works of top artists of contemporary China and interprets cultural philosophy, creation spirit and article life of famous calligraphers and painters to carry forward thousands of years’ of China's aesthetic value. In doing so, it lets the word appreciate the charming essence of Chinese culture in a more profound way.




“The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition invites Pan Gongkai, Zhang Lichen, Jiang Baolin, He Jiaying, Liuhan and Wang Dongling to participate in the exhibition. They are artists who hold a great reputation in the Contemporary Chinese painting industry. They are the inheritors of traditional culture and art and also the creators of Chinese art. They touch tradition and see the era, inherit previous Chinese philosophical wisdom and give charm to oriental aesthetics. The exhibition is to show their works and thoughts, to present the clash of oriental philosophy and contemporary era through contemporary multimedia.



“The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” adheres to the concept “to communicate moral ethics with materials” by advocating the essence of intangible cultural heritage, inherit livable spirit (that is the wish and pursuit conveyed by technique), embody inner wisdom, character and virtue of a nation by showing traditional creation technique in a comprehensive way. The works exhibited are closely related to the “basic necessities of life, entertainment, festivals and protocols” of China, and thus with strong national traits and handicraft arts. Carefully selecting China's top-class handicraft arts among national arts and craft masters and national crafts-heritage people. The exhibition is to show six major categories of works such as ceramics represented by Shiwan ceramics, royal technology represented by silk flower mosaic and cloisonné, carved process represented by wood carving and jade carving.



Return with honors from Milan Expo 

As an important component of Chinese culture, “The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition participated in the Milan Expo in 2015 and created a world-wide “China-craze”.



Italian media spoke highly of “The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition: “This pattern of manifestation has great impingement force, close to theater effect, tells the story of harmony of heaven and earth, people and nature. This is the root of Chinese aesthetics and the thought of Chinese people.” During the two-month exhibition period, the exhibition has received about tens of thousands of international visitors who come from each corner of the world and with different cultural backgrounds. The delicate production capacity and excellent audio visual experience won praise from professionals in cultural and artistic fields and common visitors. 


At present, “The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition comes back to displays with Milan Expo-size scale in China. In addition, a giant device named “He” has been added to let domestic visitors appreciate the full exhibition. 

Multi-sensory experience brought by science and technology


In the days of new concepts, new things have emerged endlessly. In order to let traditional art and thoughts fully be expressed and broadcasted in a new era and recognized and inherited by the people, “The Spirit of Chinese Brushwork & Crafts” Art Exhibition breaks through the convention, applies to modern media technology, combines multi-media sensory effect with light, shadow and sound and adopts a documentary narrative method to vividly interpret Chinese nation’s aesthetic ideal and superb creation ability. 

The exhibition is with an artistic, knowledgeable, decorated and interactive feature. Adopting a multi-sensory experience brought by science and technology to stimulate visitors’ impressions from a visual, acoustic and tactual aspect, the exhibition shows the elegant demeanor, thoughts and works of several major artists of painting and calligraphy fields and national handicraft masters in a comprehensive way.  

Visual sense: A ring-screen with a length of 30m, width of 2m and height of 3m, LED backdrop and floor screen to from an open image space, creating a time-space sense of “unity of heaven and people” with theatrical feeling.


Auditory sense: With the beautiful classical oriental piano music, visitors can concentrate on appreciating films and fully put themselves into the aesthetic world. 

Sense of touch: The art device “He” created on the basis of Wang Dongling’s calligraphic works will be displayed outside the main exhibition hall. This design attempts to detach from traditional perspective of Chinese ink and wash calligraphy, to extract the walking curves of brush points in writing. By geometrically analyzing and drawing curvature changing graphics, the abstract math information is represented with a spatial 3D device by writing program. In doing so, the 3D format with dynamic state and visual shock is shown and thus the beauty of ink painting is explored and highlighted. The design concept enables the visitors to walk into the device and feel the beauty of ink painting in person.

Venue: The Hub, 33 Shaohong Lu, Minhang District, Shanghai
Time: Nov 12, 2016- Jan 15, 2017

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