500 Free Spots at the Water Carnival Event in Wuzhishan

By Marian Rosenberg, September 15, 2021

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Contact Frank Ji (WeChat: velochina-jiyang) to sign up now for the China Sports Lottery Cup 2021: Hainan Red Canyon Water Carnival and be one of the 500 participants that gets to take part in the event for free! In addition to getting to enjoy Wuzhishan City's distinctive canyon rafting facilities, the event also features an outdoor barbecue, electronic music, the opportunity to go camping and a moon watching party.

The sometimes fast, sometimes slow turbulent current of the rafting course has been pacified with underwater bumpers and focused waterfalls that make it safe for even the most inexperienced of boaters. However, this doesn’t—in any way—detract from the fun. Not only is this exciting, it's also stunningly beautiful. As the only rafting spot in China that can be enjoyed year round, it is sometimes called “China’s #1 Rafting Spot". Wuzhishan City has three areas for rafting: the Grand Canyon, the Rainforest Valley and the Red Canyon. The first two, in Shuiman Township, are commonly known as the Big River and the Little River. The third—Red Canyon—is located in Nansheng Town.


Since 2018, this will be the third time that the Rafting Cultural Festival is held. The big difference this year is that the government of Wuzhishan and the three rafting sites have cooperated to put on a series of different thematic events which will take place over the next month.

For the grand opening of the 2021 Rafting Cultural Festival, Wuzhishan's Nansheng Town will have the following fun events on September 19:

WechatIMG166.jpegFree Family Color Run
Groups of approximately 10 people will set off every 30 seconds. Each group will be given umbrellas, face masks and transparent face shields (both to protect their eyes and for epidemic prevention work). As they run along the 4km river boardwalk, they will be randomly ambushed by event staff throwing colored cornstarch at them. Umbrellas are used to protect oneself and one’s teammates. At the end of the race, any group of five or more people who have managed to keep their clothing free from the colored corn starch will be entered into a lucky draw.

WechatIMG182.jpegFree River Rafting
After reaching the end of the Family Color Run, teams will split up into groups of two to go rafting down the river. When they have finished rafting, they can look for their favorite photos of themselves on the live event platform and vote. A champion and two runner-ups will be selected on the basis of who got the most votes and will be rewarded with a travel package.Li & Miao Long Table Feast and Electronic Music Party
Get the opportunity to taste the delicious food of the Li and Miao ethnic groups of central Hainan while watching performances of the Li and Miao songs and dances which have been recognized as part of their intangible cultural heritage.

Afterwards, international DJs will bring on the beat. After a day of activity, nothing is better than filling yourself to bursting with delicious food and alcohol accompanied by some rocking music! WechatIMG180.jpegWechatIMG179.jpegMooncake Tasting, Campground Party
Shuiyunju Resort is built around the theme of tea gardens. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Shuiyunju integrates leisure, entertainment and sightseeing in a venue far away from urban light pollution. Few places in China will give you a clearer view of the pure night sky. If you have camping experience and equipment, the venue will also provide a place to pitch your tent. Nothing could be more beautiful than the moonlight of Mid-Autumn Festival in the dark of the Wuzhishan night unless it were that beauty accompanied by mooncakes!

Wuzhishan Recommendations After the Event

WechatIMG171.jpegRed Canyon Brave Heroes Stream Trail Challenge
The morning after this event is over, get yourself to Red Canyon to try out rock climbing and orienteering. For more details please contact the Red Canyon Scenic Area ticket office.

WechatIMG172.jpegTropical Rainforest Trekking
Enjoy a trek at the Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Forest Park Shuiman Township

WechatIMG175.jpegWuzhishan Grand Canyon Rafting
Located in Wuzhishan's Shuiman Township, the Grand Canyon covers a little more than 3 hectares of land. Thousands of years of tectonic movements and the erosion caused by wind and water have created a thousand meter deep ‘grand’ canyon. The rafting area is 6km long with an 80m drop. The largest single waterfall has an 8m drop. From start to finish, this complicated river rafting route usually takes most people 90 minutes to 2 hours. Although the Grand Canyon is a safe river, people who take this trip often feel not only the thrill of the rapids but pride in overcoming obstacles.

WechatIMG176.jpegHainan Provincial Ethnicities Museum

WechatIMG177.jpegWuzhishan Li Brocade Experience Center
Located on the third floor of the Central Post Office in downtown Wuzhishan.

WechatIMG183.jpegWuzhishan Greenway Cycling Experience
A’tuo Ridge is generally Hainan's most difficult climb for cyclists. Challenge yourself. You can do it.

WechatIMG178.jpegGreat Hall of the Li People

WechatIMG184.jpegThe Beautiful Villages of Wuzhishan Maona Village, Maodao Village, Fanxiang Village, Zahui Village, and Fansai Village

Activity Roster
Sunday, September 19

  • Noon-2pm: Sign in and Lunch

  • 2-3pm: Runner check

  • 3-3.30pm: Family-friendly Color Run

  • 3.30-5.30pm: Rafting

  • 5.30-6pm: Drive to Banquet Location and Warm-up Performances

  • 6-7.30pm: Opening Ceremony followed by Li & Miao Feast and Performances

  • 7.30-7.45pm: Moon Cake Tasting and Poetry

  • 7.45-9pm: Pool Party and Electronic DJ Festival

  • 9pm: Retire to hotel rooms or campground

Monday, September 20

  • 7am: Breakfast

The above roster is for reference only. Attendees are welcome to arrange the additional activities on their own, though some activities will have tickets given away during the live performance.

Registration Requirements
Internationals must contact Frank Ji directly at WeChat: velochina-jiyang. Children under 16 may participate in the Color Run, Banquet and camping, but they may not join rafting.

Standard disclaimers apply regarding epidemic prevention and control measures such as requiring a valid green code and having a normal body temperature.

Participants need to provide their real name, ID number, phone number, an emergency contact number, and must show their arrow code (past 14 days travel history). If they do not, the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse to allow them to participate.

If it is found that the participant's registration information was falsified, the Organizing Committee has the right to cancel their qualifications to participate and may choose to pursue legal action.

Rafting is limited to 2 people per boat.  Teams or family groups may register as between 2 and 6 people. No individual registrations accepted. From the pool of registrations, 500 people will be selected by the organizers on a first come first serve basis to participate in this event for free.

The Color Run, Rafting, and Electronic Music Festival are free of charge. The Li & Miao banquet is RMB 198 per person. The event isn’t limited to the first 500 people, but if you are too late in signing up, there will be additional charges.

If you are camping, you need to bring your own tent and toiletries. The Organizing Committee only provides a venue, showers, and security services. The site is limited to 100 two person tents on a first come first serve basis.  Breakfast on the 20th will be charged at the preferential price of RMB30 per person.

Those without camping experience or equipment can choose to stay at the official event hotel-Shuiyunju Bed and Breakfast Resort. When making a reservation, make sure to tell the hotel that you are with the event (89838626688 or 89832208777).

Important Notes

  1. Participants should bring their own running shoes, 1-2 sets of clothing, toiletries, waterproof phone container and other related equipment. If you go rafting, you will get wet. Lockers may be rented at the rafting site for RMB23. Free showers are provided at the finish.

  2. The organizing committee will provide drinking water and snacks during the event.

  3. The organizing committee guarantees first aid and medical transfer in case of emergency.

  4. If camping, bring your own camping equipment and only camp in the designated area. The organizing committee only provides clean-up, showers, and toilets for the campground. Power points for phones are not provided so bring a spare power bank. Lockers and breakfast are self-pay items. Lights out at 11pm.

  5. Please take care of your valuables and either store them in a locker or your own vehicle. Do not leave them on desks or in tents. The organizing committee will have anti-theft patrol of the parking lot but the campground and party area have a large number of people and it will not be possible to ensure against theft. The organizing committee only provides third-party insurance relief for event venue liability and personal accidental injury and shall not be held jointly and severally liable for personal safety or property losses.

2021 Hainan Water Sports Season-Hainan Red Canyon Water Carnival
Sunday & Monday September 19-20, Noon-9pm on Sunday, 7am on Monday. Nansheng Town, Wuzhishan. Contact WeChat: velochina-jiyang to sign up. Hotel reservation must be arranged on your own. Prices vary between RMB350-700 but discounts will be offered. (898-38626688 or 898-32208777)

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A translator living in Hainan for 17 of her 19 years in China, Marian Rosenberg is best known for her annual cycling trips through rural China. These trips not only have her blogging on Cycleblaze (username: brucianna) and helping people out on the Travel in China During Covid groups (Cyclist Translator), they've also landed her in the Washington Post's travel section and are the reason she has more than 40,000 followers on Douyin (我是凡一).

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[Images via Red Canyon Water Carnival]

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