25 Amazing Art Shows This April in Beijing

By That's Beijing, April 2, 2024

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Nothing Gold Can Stay


HdM Gallery presents Marcella Barceló's solo exhibition, showcasing her recent works inspired by her childhood in Majorca, Spain, and the ever-changing natural landscape. Drawing from Robert Frost's poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay," Marcella explores the fleeting nature of youth and beauty, contemplating humanity's relationship with nature and emphasizing the symbiotic bond between humans and the environment.

Until April 6, 2024

HdM Gallery, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

What Happened After Nora Left?


"What Happened After Nora Left?" is Lu Xun's (1923) critical essay on the character Nora's experiences in the play "A Doll's House." Initially, Nora on stage feels she has found her place in the turbulent social currents. However, through dialogues and self-reflection, Nora becomes increasingly aware of her status as a puppet in society. She realizes that not only she but also the children playing with dolls are manipulated by others. In the end, Nora decides to leave, symbolized by the sound of a closing door, followed by the curtains falling.

Until April 7, 2024

United Art Centre, South side of the west gate of Tuanjiehu Park, No.16A Tuanjiehu Nanli, Chaoyang

From Paper to Paper


The exhibition will showcase nearly 600 selected A4 paper manuscript artworks created by Wu and Inga over the past 30 years. 

Until April 7, 2024

Long March Space, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road

Plato's ladder


This is an art exhibition celebrating the Art of Love by fifteen outstanding young female artists. As spring arrives and Women's Day approaches in March, it's a season to honor and celebrate women. 

Until April 8, 2024

Soul Art Center, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Historic Encounters - Interaction Between China and West Asia in History


Embark on a captivating journey through history as we bring together representative artifacts and images from 10 prominent archaeological and cultural institutions worldwide, showcasing a total of 266 exhibits. "Historic Encounters" delves into the intricate interactions and mutual influences between ancient Chinese and West Asian civilizations in technology, art, culture, and philosophy. 

Until April 11, 2024

Palace Museum, No.4 Jingshanqian Street, Dongcheng

The Glory of the Ancient Persia


In Western Asia, Iran is a venerable cradle of ancient civilization. In Chinese historical records, it was referred to as "Anxi" during the Western Han period and later as "Bosi" during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. This exhibition invites you to explore Iran's enduring legacy, uncovering the richness of its history and cultural heritage.

Until April 11, 2024

Palace Museum, No.4 Jingshanqian Street, Dongcheng

One and All


The post-70s generation has inherited the modern art movement of the 1980s, breaking free from blind obedience and passivity, and integrating new artistic languages with the realities of China. This has led to the initial realization of a modern Chinese expression. Since the 2000s, globalisation's profound influence has deeply impacted contemporary art's landscape. The interchange between inbound and outbound influences and the convergence of international languages and local symbols have cultivated an image of Chinese contemporary art engaging in dialogue with the world.

April 6 - 16, 2024

National Art Museum of China, No.1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng

A World Task Questioning on Painting


This exhibition invites five artists: Chen Lei, Chen Xi, Dai Zengjun, Wu Xiaohai, and Wang Qianyao, covering three generations born in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s, forming a timeline of contemporary Chinese painting. Each artist's work carries distinct characteristics and discusses various painting qualities and related topics, all contributing to the study of contemporary Chinese painting.

Until April 20, 2024

CAFA Art Museum, No.8 Huajiadi Nan Road, Chaoyang

The Meeting of Chinese and Western Art


The exhibition primarily features Western-style paintings from the collection of the Yinchuan Contemporary Art Museum, alongside maps of Macau and Guangdong from the library of the Macau University of Science and Technology. Using panoramic and immersive techniques, the exhibition showcases the urban landscapes and historical transformations of Macau, Guangzhou, and the commercial ports, highlighting their significance as vital nodes along the Maritime Silk Road in the 19th century.

Until April 20, 2024

CAFA Art Museum, No.8 Huajiadi Nan Road, Chaoyang

The Sources of Contemporary Design in China


The exhibition will delve into the transformative period of Chinese society, focusing on the relationship between Chinese design and the modern civilization and historical culture of China from 1945 to 1959.

Until April 21, 2024

CAFA Art Museum, No.8 Huajiadi Nan Road, Chaoyang

Dancing in the Museum


In the 1960s, the Judson Dance Theater, along with visual and avant-garde artists, began to liberate dance from its secondary role of reproducing life and interpreting texts. They placed the body at the core of performance, taking dance out of the theater and breaking down the invisible walls between performers and audiences. Subsequently, art galleries began inviting choreographers to create performances. In recent years, art galleries worldwide have forged closer ties with dance, with choreographers continuously pushing boundaries and collaborating across disciplines such as art and even science. This has enriched the forms of dance exhibitions in art galleries, challenging audiences while expanding the concepts and boundaries of dance within these spaces.

Until April 21, 2024

CAFA Art Museum, No.8 Huajiadi Nan Road, Chaoyang

Dream Time


In this group exhibition, 15 artists explore the rich meanings of dreams as both dreamscapes and anticipations through diverse mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, and performance, collectively engaging in an exploration of subjectivity and empowerment.

Until April 28, 2024

UCCA Center of Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

You're Always On My Mind


Discover the latest works of contemporary artist Zhang Zhanzhan! With over 30 captivating pieces spanning 1,500 square meters, this exhibition is a heartfelt gift for you. From "I Miss You So Much" to "You're Always On My Mind," immerse yourself in artful expressions of longing. Early bird tickets available for RMB39.

Until May 5, 2024

798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Costumes in Clay Sculpture Throughout Dynasties


The traditional attire of China, influenced by agrarian civilization and Confucian culture, showcases remarkable inclusivity by assimilating diverse clothing traditions. This exhibition, spanning history, unfolds the evolution of Chinese attire through around 160 pieces of "Mudman Zhang" style clay sculptures. 

Until May 12, 2024

China Arts and Crafts Museum, No.16 Hujing East Road, Chaoyang

Inside Out


A groundbreaking exhibition featuring their monumental works alongside China's first-ever display of a mini-golf interactive installation. Dive into the immersive experience as you explore the fusion of specially crafted artworks integrating elements of Chinese culture for the first time in China.

Until May 26, 2024

Times Art Museum, No.69 Fuxing Road, Haidian

Come For The Kiss


Presented by the Austrian Embassy's Cultural Section and Spazio Design, the exhibition features prints authorized by the Gustav Klimt Foundation, accompanied by a series of events during the exhibition period. It offers art and culture enthusiasts a feast for the senses, showcasing Klimt's profound and penetrating influence on contemporary art, as well as his interdisciplinary approach to integrating traditional culture, architecture, psychology, science, and aesthetics into his creations.

Until May 27, 2024

BITDB, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Xing Wanli: There Are More Things


The exhibition borrows its title from The Book of Sand by Argentinian writer Jorge Louis Borges, whose mysterious styles of narrating and abrupt ending provide an open space for interpretation. The term 'There Are More Things' also suggests multiple possibilities may exist even in a linear event, contributing to the exhibition's complexity.

Until May 30, 2024

X Museum, No. 53 Banjianta Road, Chaoyang, Langyuan Station Exit E1

Ink Splendor and Cultural Context


Delve into the rich heritage of the Xin'an School with over 100 masterpieces on display. Immerse yourself in the beauty and tradition of ink painting, showcasing the talents of renowned artists. Experience the profound cultural significance of these artworks, a testament to China's artistic legacy.

Until June 10, 2024

National Art Museum of China, No.1 Wusi Street, Dongcheng

Tiziano Renaissance


Gathered in Beijing are the brightest names in art history: Titian, Raphael, Botticelli, Van Dyck, Rubens, and more! This exhibition features 59 authentic works by 47 European painting masters, spanning a period of 500 years. It presents a feast of the Renaissance and its influence on European painting in the 17th and 18th centuries. 

Until June 16, 2024

798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Meet Napoleon: The Disappeared Palaces


Embark on a journey of cultural discovery with our exclusive exhibition, a highlight of the 2024 celebrations commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations and the Year of Sino-French Cultural Tourism. President Macron personally mentioned This Exhibition during his visit to China, and it is a testament to the strong cultural ties between the two nations.

Until June 20, 2024

Meet Art Gallery, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Hiroshi Sugimoto Time Machine


Experience a monumental retrospective of China's largest-scale to date by the world-renowned conceptual photographer, artist, and aesthetic master Hiroshi Sugimoto. This exhibition delves into over 50 years of Sugimoto's illustrious career, featuring more than 120 pieces across 13 series, and promises a comprehensive presentation of his creative journey.

Until June 23, 2024

UCCA Center of Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Northern Shaanxi Folk Song Exhibition


Shaanbei folk songs originated and thrived on the loess plateau of Northern Shaanxi for centuries. The vast loess landscape shaped the distinctive cultural personality of the loess plateau, providing abundant conditions for creating and inheriting Shaanbei folk songs. Its roots are deeply embedded in the region, and these folk songs resonate with diverse emotions expressed through labor, festive events, hardships, love, and marriage.

Until June 27, 2024

China Arts and Crafts Museum, No.16 Hujing East Road, Chaoyang

A Question is Also A Form of Sculpture


Spring 2024 kicks off with "Green Curtain Game," marking the debut mid-career research exhibition of Chinese artist Nabuqi. Explore over 40 pivotal pieces spanning her artistic journey from 2013 to 2024. Don't miss this comprehensive showcase of creativity and evolution!

Until June 28, 2024

M Woods, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

Birdhead: Yun Yun


"Yun Yun" is a continuous project initiated by Birdhead in 2021, inviting active participants from the online community to explore the relationship between the virtual world and real-life identities. 

Until June 30, 2024

UCCA Center of Contemporary Art, 798 Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

The Year of the Dragon Postal Stamps Exhibition


Embark on a global journey through the mesmerizing world of postal stamps depicting the Year of the Dragon. This exhibition brings together a captivating collection of 62 sets and 76 varieties of Dragon-themed postage stamps issued by China Post, Hong Kong Post, Macao Post and Telecommunications, the United Nations Postal Administration, and 24 other countries. 

Until December 2024

China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum, No.6 Gongyuan West Street, Jianguomennei

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