Culture City: 21 Awesome Exhibitions in the GBA

By That's, February 16, 2023

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Florentijn Hofman: Celebrate More!

In collaboration with Shenzhen MixC, this exhibition will be a crossover art exhibition that combines music, fashion and other fields. The exclusive cooperation of the artists of the Emperor brings the immersive interaction between music and exhibition space. Moreover, the audio tour of the exhibits is recorded in Cantonese, which deeply fits in with Shenzhen culture.

Celebrate! More! is Hofman's first large-scale solo exhibition in Shenzhen, with more than 25 new works representing the iconic features of his 20-year career.

See a listing for MixC Art Exhibition Center

Urban Cosmologies

With architecture and urban planning scholar Lu Andong, young architect Wang Zigeng and design curator Aric Chen as the chief curators, Shensu will continue the principle of "City is exhibition, exhibition is practice." 

There are five main sections: "How to Live Together," "Journey of Nature and Spirit," "Global Dialogue," "Future Community" and "Common action." There are six special sections: "The Trail of All Things," "Book Curation," "Global Uniform," "Co-creation of circulation," "Home for Stray Animals" and "Art Museum Linkage Plan." 

There are three special pavilions: "UABB Brand Pavilion," "Hong Kong Pavilion" and "Lo Wu Pavilion." And the permanent exhibition "Manufacturing on the Ground" focuses on the green and sustainable development of contemporary cities from three dimensions of cognition, methods and actions, focuses on urban response strategies under the background of global climate change, and explores the way of harmonious coexistence between human and nature.

Tues-Thur: 10-6pm, Fri-Sun: 10am-9pm

See a listing for Golden Beer Shop

Say No To Lightweight: The 8th Hou Deng Docummentary Photography Award Exhibition

Breaking the traditional award-level presentation methods and looking at all the winning, nominated and shortlisted projects at the same time. Starting from the works themselves, the project works are divided into six units: country, rural scene, urban progress, personal perspective/personal memory, they X them, story of small town, homesickness and new landscape. On the one hand, it presents the theme and direction of current documentary photography; on the other hand, it tries to discuss the diversity of shooting techniques.

See a listing for Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images

Temple of Light

Temple of Light brings world-class light and shadow art works from Paris to Shenzhen Joy Coast Chuangzhan Square. This immersive art exhibition consists of two themes: classic ukiyo-e art and contemporary AI digital art. Use digital projection technology, combined with space and music to create a second creation of classic paintings, or AI artists to create an unprecedented immersive art experience for the audience by exploring the boundaries of art in different fields such as technology and artificial intelligence.

See a listing for OTC Bay Exhibition Center


Created by hundreds of cross-boundary professional artists.

The exhibition has toured many places around the world, and the cumulative number of visitors has exceeded 10 million.

If you have missed that winter, Let's not regret again, come and meet us at TeamLab Future Park Shenzhen.

See a listing for Teamlab Future Park Shenzhen

Without Money: Landing Meta

In this digitally generated exhibition, technology emerges from the scientist's laboratory and the artist's studio, leading the audience to experience the art form from the future.

There are eight forms including installation art, interactive art, new media art, conceptual art, ecological art, biological art, data art and encryption art. Any one of them can open the door of the new world.

"Without Money: Landing Meta" is the first large-scale science and technology art exhibition in China to systematically analyze the application of blockchain technology in artistic creativity. It is not only systematic and rigorous in academic study, but also interesting in punching a clock and game interaction.

See a listing for Sea World Culture and Arts Center

The Grand Expedition

The Grand Expedition is an immersive dining experience around the world, taking place at a hidden location in Tottenham Hale, which was designed for adventurous people who want an unconventional, unforgettable dining adventure.

Inspired by children's story books, diners are treated to a fusion of live animation, dance display, flavoursome delights and exquisite set design. Although you don’t believe it, this experience all happens in one room, with the performances, interactions and animations all happening around you.

Weekdays: 7-8.30pm; Weekend: 11am-12.20pm, 1-2.30pm, 6-7.30pm

See a listing for MixC World (Shenzhen Bay)

Values Of Design: China In The Making

This exhibition focuses on six major sections: design segmentation, coping with problems, material formation, identity and consumption, conveying feelings and bargaining, showing the changes in Chinese design, manufacturing, and social culture in the past 100 years. An exploration of the history of Chinese modern and contemporary design, and the responsibility and value of design in the contemporary era.

Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm; Sat-Sun: 10am-9pm.

See a listing for Sea World Culture and Arts Center

ECCE HOMO @Zhi Art Museum

See a listing for Zhi Art Museum

Giorgio Morandi at Dafen Art Museum

Tuesday to Sunday 9am-5.30pm.

From February 15 to March 28, 2023, the Great Exhibition of World Artist George Morandi will be presented in Dafen Art Museum. 

This exhibition is supported by the National Museum of Modern Art in Rome, Bologna Morandi Museum, Giovanadi Collection and other institutions. It will display 46 authentic paintings of Morandi, including 34 oil paintings, five original prints, four watercolor works and three sketch works, spanning Morandi's nearly 50 years of creative career. Through the three units of shape, image and touch, the axis of the artist's life creation is connected in chronological order and in the poetic artistic expression, the artist enters the inner universe created by the artist.

Tuesday to Sunday 9am-5.30pm

See a listing for Dafen Art Museum


Fri: Ruff&Tuff at Club Between

The FAR EAST LION is back again in Guangzhou in February 2023! Together with Club Between's time machine, it will take reggae music lovers from Jamaica in the 60s to worldwide modern music scenes. 

The fascinating party will be presented by Jado (Shanghai), Maffi (Guangzhou) as well as Kelle (Serbia).

Put on your dancing shoes and meet your lover at the party!

See a listing for Club Between

Cologne Carnival

Have you heard of Cologne Karneval? Millions of Carnival revellers dressed in fancy dress conquer the city for a week-long celebration. 

Come and celebrate the Cologne Karneval here in Guangzhou. Delicious drinks, music, dancing and fun! Please note: We have a no refund policy

Tickets: RMB288 

One ticket includes three hours of free-flow on selected drinks from 7-10pm and two hours of finger food served in a simple buffet.

A lighthearted "best dressed" competition.

Scan the QR code to purchase


Sat: Mardi Gras at The Goat

Beads, beats, bites & booze!

Mardi Gras is a big Christian holiday that celebrated in New Orleans. It’s all about music, parades, picnics, floats and excitement. On this day, people wear costumes in purple, green and gold, and adorn themselves with long beads.

For those of you that aren’t able to travel to New Orleans, The Goat is bringing the carnival to you! Food & drinks specials, beads, masks and most importantly, The Big Band Theory, a 10-piece brass band, all ready to party your night away!

See a listing for The GOAT

Sat Feb 25: InterNations Guangzhou Masquerade 2023

Come to feel the Venetian Carnival vibe in the most chic Woo Bar in the W Hotel! You can enjoy a great intercultural night while networking with expats from all over the world!

Tickets include three hours of free flow drinks (Wine/Beer/Whisky/Rum/Gin/Soft Drinks) and three types of complementary snacks, Icebreaker, 20% off coupon for each guest from Pizza Marzano Guangzhou Baiyun Time Ville Branch!

Dress code: cocktail event attire, be fancy, be glamorous. Masks provided at the door or you can bring your own .

Not a member? Missed the signed up deadline? Just come to join the event directly. Feel free to bring your friends to come along! Everyone is welcome! Walk-in guests are accepted!

Entrance fee: pay at door RMB270.

See a listing for Woo bar W Hotel

Amber Art A Moment Buried En Resin

This exhibition is the innovation and exploration of the exhibition planning and integration of nature, humanity and art of our museum. 

It integrates the multidisciplinary knowledge of geology, paleontology, botany, zoology, gemology and so on. 

The exhibition shows the design of the ancient forest amber formation process, as well as the magnificent and shocking amber palace and other scenes. The types of exhibits cover strata specimens, fossils, animal and plant specimens, traditional Chinese medicine specimens, amber artworks, amber related cultural relics, etc. Interactive and educational programs include digital treasure hunting, amber sand painting, artificial amber and amber jigsaw puzzles to deepen the audience's understanding and interest in amber knowledge. The exhibition brings the audience a visual feast of ancient relics, natural science and modern art.

See a listing for Guangdong Museum

The Window Music & Arts Festival

Organized by THE WINDOW, the first large-scale outdoor event in Guangzhou in 2023 - "THE WINDOW Music & Arts Festival" will be held on February 25-26 in Another Art Museum in Guangzhou, which has lead a trend.

"THE WINDOW Art and Music Festival" will have as many as 20+ artists present diversified music content for four indoor and outdoor stage spaces during the two-day event. The NO LIMI convenience store youth group market matrix will also participate in it, and cooperate with more than 50+ fashion units, art groups, and catering brands to jointly create this music event that integrates art, food, and parties; The pressure of the city, feel the utopia of reality.

February 25-26

February 25: 3pm-late, February 26: 3-9pm

See a listing for Another Art Museum

Portrait Of Light Exhibition

In 2023, there will be six exhibitions of artists' works of the "Art Future Plan" to be presented in Future Society.  The artists participating in the exhibition are all outstanding young artists from the Greater Bay Area District.  Their works are very contemporary, and they are also exploring and thinking about the contemporary and future.


See a listing for Uhub

Valentine's Day Staycation

Enjoy a romantic staycation in a tranquil oasis at the heart of the city, while overlooking the city skyline or the view of China's fourth longest river, the Pearl River. For relaxation, take a walk with your beloved one on the manicured path in our 5,800-square-metre lush garden. Be one with nature and indulge in the amazing time listening to birds twitter and breathe in the intoxicating fragrance of flowers around you.

See a listing for Shangri-La Hotel

Modigliani - The Common Soul

"Modigliani -- A Common Soulm" jointly organized by MOVI COSMOS® Art Center in the Final Universe, Modigliani Foundation, European Art Alliance, Thousand Core Culture, Guangzhou Art Expo, Guangzhou Sculpture Society and other institutions, will open on May 20, 2022 and run for over a year in Sihai City, Guangzhou.

As part of the annual Master Art Exhibition program of the MOVI COSMOS® Center for the Arts of the Final Universe, the exhibition will bring 100 classic Modigliani limited edition lithograms and crossover works to South China for the first time. 


See a listing for Movi Cosmos 

Puer Aeternus

In Jung's collective unconscious theory, human beings have the inborrcollective common memory. As one of the archetypes of collective personality, 'Puer Aeternus' represents a group of adults who have always beenchildren in their hearts with strong curiosity, longing for freedom and adventure, opposing boundary bondages. However, it would be also bound to experience trauma and growing up in reality. This exhibition takes 'searchand cure' as a clue, displays series of sculptures, prints and video installation of "Inner Children" theme from Xiaogi Xu, The audience could find theirinner Puer Aeternus' at the scene and experience the spiritual processfrom watching art to discovering and accepting themselves.

See a listing for 04:59 Art Space

China in New Year Pictures

Chinese New Year pictures inherit the cultural tradition of the Chinese nation and depict the happy life of the people. By the end of 2022, more than 300 collections of characteristic New Year pictures from Wuqiang in Hebei, Yangliuqing in Tianjin, Yangjiabu in Weifang, Zhuxian Town in Henan, Taohuawu in Suzhou, Mianzhu in Sichuan, Foshan in Guangdong and other places will go out to local museums and art galleries and gather in the exhibition of "China in New Year pictures" to bring good wishes for the audience.

See a listing for Guangdong Art Museum

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