COMMUNE RESERVE Launches New Spring Menu

To awaken your taste buds and offer a taste of "freshness"!

By That's Beijing, March 25, 2024

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As spring blossoms stronger and stronger, the fragrances of forests, meadows, mountains, rivers, and seas, dormant throughout the winter, seem to harbor a wild energy, steadily growing upward.

Spring's gifts begin at the tip of the tongue. In this arriving spring, COMMUNE RESERVE has intentionally updated its menu, hoping to awaken your taste buds and offer a taste of "freshness."

"Sweet and Juicy" Collection Updates

Isn't it amazing how every season has its unique version of "sweet and juicy?" While we often associate this phrase with the fall harvest, it's important to remember that each region has its own set of seasonal ingredients that make for delightful treats. Spring may seem unassuming, but it offers an array of tasty options. It's genuinely fascinating to see how nature provides us with such abundance throughout the year.

Citrus Cheese Salad


As we embrace the arrival of spring, we yearn for vibrant and colorful dishes to brighten our days. Imagine a plate adorned with a burst of colors, where the juicy and refreshing flavors of salted grapefruit and fragrant oranges are perfectly complemented by the indulgent and aromatic red wine-poached pears infused with a medley of spices and wine aromas. The sweet and tangy citrus notes seamlessly blend with the subtle fragrance of herbs, the tender texture of the pears, and the rich, creamy white cheese, creating an exquisite and harmonious balance of flavors and textures. The flavors intermingle and unfold with every bite, leaving a refreshing and delightful aftertaste that will tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

Our Wagyu Cheeseburger


Indulge in the succulent taste of perfection with every bite of our impeccably grilled, 170g fresh Wagyu beef patty. As you savor the meat's richness, let the creamy yellow cheddar cheese soften the sharp aroma of the red wine onions. And with each bite, the secret sauce will coat your taste buds, making its way to the warm, fluffy French butter bun that holds it all together. This delectable combination of flavors and textures will stand the test of time, earning its place as a culinary masterpiece among the vast delights the world has to offer.

Bresaola Salad

Air-dried beef, thinly sliced and slightly chewy, bursts with savory flavors and a hint of fat aroma. Accompanied by mini pumpkins, Mexican black beans, red sweet peppers, and almond flakes, this dish offers a delightful mix of textures and a subtle sweetness, unfolding a tapestry of Italian tastes.

Basil Sausage Pizza

"Rejecting the mundane, this pizza blends inspiration from nature's bounty, baked to perfection. It's crowned with a secret basil sauce, basil-infused sausage, creamy mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves for freshness in every bite.”

Neapolitan-style Pepperoni Pizza

San Marzano tomatoes, pepperoni, mozzarella, garlic, and oregano blend in a timeless, mouthwatering symphony. Simple, yet eternally stylish.

Seafood Pasta

"Savor the essence of the ocean with each bite of our simple yet flavorful dish. Seasonal seafood, gently simmered in a rich homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, perfectly complements the pasta that eagerly soaks up every drop. This dish celebrates the sea's wonders, delivered directly to your palate.”

Classic Fish and Chips

Experience the essence of tradition with large, succulent pieces of fish dipped in a light and crispy batter made from craft beer and soda water. Each bite, enhanced with tangy lemon aioli and classic ketchup, invites you into the unique flavors of a timeless empire.

Beverages & Desserts


Spring's ephemeral charm is best savored with friends on an outdoor terrace, where the air whispers of freedom and teems with the fresh scent of grass and mist. Indulging in an afternoon tea amidst this serene backdrop offers a quintessential celebration of spring's arrival.

Stout Coffee Martini

A delightful blend of refreshing and robust flavors. The rich aroma of Italian espresso coffee softens the intensity of vodka. Unlike traditional coffee liqueur versions, this martini features stout beer with caramelized malt notes, offering a moderate caramel sweetness that complements the layers of richness and aftertaste. The bitter yet full-bodied aroma enhances its irresistible appeal.


A classic margarita infused with delightful fruitiness and the unique aroma of tequila. The combination of lemon, orange juice, and lime wedge brings a refreshing citrus fragrance that lingers from start to finish, awakening the taste buds with its delicious blend of sweet and sour.

Lychee Iced Tea (Alcohol-Free)

"Three hundred lychees a day, not tired of being a Lingnanese." The sweet aroma of lychee always leaves a lasting impression. As spring approaches, awaken your taste buds with a lychee-infused concoction. Lychee pulp mixed with clear tea, infused with mint leaves, fresh orange juice, and sparkling water, creates a refreshing and crisp taste, perfect for solo enjoyment or pairing with meals.

Long Island Iced Lemon Tea (Alcohol-Free)

High-quality black tea naturally exudes a mild and rich tea aroma, intermingled with the fragrant citrus scent of lemon. Mint leaves and cranberry juice add a tangy sweetness, resulting in a delightful and refreshing blend of flavors that announces the arrival of spring with its crisp and refreshing taste.

Classic Lemon Iced Tea

When lemon meets black tea, it creates an everlasting classic combination. The subtle lemon fragrance blends into the black tea, creating a harmonious mix of tea and fruit aromas, perfect for any season.

Red Velvet Cake

Different from regular cake bases, the soft and dense red velvet cake promises an enticing experience from the moment it catches your eye. Its tempting wine-red color and delicate moist texture, akin to velvet, coupled with cream, offer a delightful blend of milky and creamy sensations that gently caress the palate.

Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake covered with ganache, boasting a slightly moist texture that complements the soft cake base, creating an elegant and charming flavor profile. Before serving, sprinkle with rich dark chocolate chunks to unleash a rich and intense chocolate flavor, with a hint of sweetness balancing the overall taste.

Osmanthus Black Tea & Pericarpium Citri Reticulate White Tea

Black tea and osmanthus are a match made in heaven. The glossy black dry tea leaves, dotted with golden hues, perfectly blend the floral fragrance with the tea aroma, allowing you to taste the osmanthus aroma while immersing yourself in the misty tea fragrance.

Meanwhile, the white tea from Fujian Fuding, infused with the fragrance of Xinhui mandarin peel, unveils a gift from the ancient oriental mountains and rivers. With three parts mandarin peel fragrance and seven parts white tea sweetness, it feels like an angel's touch, leaving you intoxicated and mesmerized by its aroma.

All-day Brunch


Today, for the modern diner, brunch has evolved beyond a simple meal—it's become a lifestyle, a delightful escape from the daily grind. In our latest seasonal update, we've refreshed our all-day brunch menu, elevating it with scrumptious main dishes and exquisite afternoon tea selections. We invite you to take a pause from the hustle and bustle, immerse yourself in the leisurely essence of the holidays, and rediscover your unique rhythm amidst the flavors of our carefully curated offerings.

Avocado Taco

Refreshing tomato salsa complements the richness of avocado sauce, while small onions, Mexican black beans, and grilled corn kernels offer diverse textures without adding too much heat. Enjoy without guilt, even after indulging.

Smoked Salmon Egg Taco

A protein-packed breakfast for fitness enthusiasts, with smoked salmon wrapped in pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs and garnished with sautéed mushrooms. The combination of protein and dietary fiber is both delightful and healing.

Coconut Oat Porridge

People can always find fresh flavors in familiar grains. Rich assorted fruits are mixed into oatmeal, and the aroma of coconut awakens the senses. Gradually stir, and you'll experience another delightful texture that's sure to please.

Spring Seasonal Menu Now Available Nationwide!

We invite you to come and enjoy the flavors of spring with us. Let the delicacies serve as a fleeting extension of the spring days, and even more delicious dishes are waiting for you to savor!

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