5 Essential Items for Budweiser Storm Festival

By Matthew Bossons, November 19, 2015

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It’s finally here: Budweiser Storm Festival is rumbling into Shenzhen this weekend to launch a full-on assault on your eardrums. 

The event is likely the largest of its kind to ever come to the city and features an all-star lineup of world-class DJs and performers. 

From our experience at this year’s Shanghai event, Storm is a lot of fun, but your experience will be immensely better if you do a little pre-party prep.

To help you get ready, we have compiled a list of our top five essential music festival items. We have chosen to disregard the obvious ones, like a cellphone – because who doesn’t already have a phone on them all the time?

Dispensable Shoes

Music festivals, by their very nature, can get messy. If it’s sunny and dry the hoards of festivalgoers will kick up a sequel to the dust bowl, and if it rains expect ankle-deep mud (as happened in Shanghai last month).


Your shoes are on the front lines of this battle against the elements – so bringing your favorite pair is not particularly smart.

Life hack: Throw a couple of plastic bags in your pockets to wrap around your shoes in the case of wet weather. You’ll thank us when your feet are dry.

Plastic Garbage Bag

As we mentioned above, weather can be a major issue at music festivals. Getting wet isn’t particularly disastrous when you’re expecting it, but getting soaking wet, in a crowded area, with expensive electronics in your pocket (like that new iPhone 6S you just bought) is far from ideal. 


This is where a plastic garbage bag comes in handy; it’s easy to convert into a makeshift raincoat and easier to carry around than a jacket (crunch it up and throw it in your back pocket).


While some festivalgoers steadfastly swear against using earplugs, others embrace it as a method to protect your hearing from the deafening bass and heart-pounding tremolo you will undoubtedly experience at Storm. 


If you’re on the fence, toss a pair in your pocket anyways; they're easy to carry around and you may be grateful you brought them.

Hand Sanitizer 

If you have ever seen a music festival washroom, you will understand why this is a good item to have on you. Some festivals don’t even have sinks to wash your hands – let alone soap to help disinfect them from all the disgusting stuff you likely touched in the porta-potty. 


Hand sanitizer comes in convenient pocket sizes and will prove useful after you accidently touch a urine-covered washroom door latch.


Okay, okay, so you don’t smoke – this one doesn’t apply to you. For those of you who do enjoy a relaxing tobacco stick, this is very important advice: bring lots with you. Remember the festival runs all day and you will likely be consuming alcohol (possibly lots of alcohol), which means your cigarettes will go quicker than your average Saturday or Sunday afternoon. 


Based on our experience in Shanghai last month, the chances of cigarettes being sold inside the festival grounds is about 0.1 percent. Bring extra, just do it – no one wants to be the wandering smokeless guy forever in search of a spare cigarette.

> To purchase your Budweiser Storm Festival tickets, click here to visit a2storm.cn


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