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By Sponsored, October 26, 2023

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We are a French school, but we are much more than that. Our students dive into an international and trilingual environment, where English is spoken and taught from an early age.

How is this immersion made possible? How do our teachers inspire our students to master English?


English is an integral part of our identity, our values, and how we want to support our students.

We ensure the language is taught in many forms and is adapted to each student’s personality. Through school life, games, drama, literature, sports and more, our students evolve in English.

This explains why 40% of our students either choose our International American or European English (SIA and SEA) streams!

Want to discover more about our school? Please participate in our open houses on the Qingpu and Yangpu campuses in October, November, and December.


Let's discover this unique French-style school in Shanghai together!

>> Welcome to Shanghai French School 

Shanghai French School (known in French as Lycée Français de Shanghai, or LFS) belongs to the AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) network.

It is an international nonprofit school that welcomes students of multiple nationalities, from Pre-kindergarten to the French Baccalaureate (from 2 to 18 years old) on its Qingpu and Yangpu campuses.

Shanghai French School welcomes over 1,360 students of more than 40 nationalities, from Pre-kindergarten to Grade 12, on its two campuses.

>> Is it true that the Shanghai French School only accepts French citizens?

Just like some international schools have restrictions on enrolling Chinese students, there are limitations on admissions at the French School too. However, the notion that only children of French citizens can attend the French School is far from accurate.

The school's admission guidelines are clear: all foreign students, except Chinese citizens, can enroll at the French School. And, even if your child is a Chinese citizen, as long as they were born abroad or if one of the parents holds foreign citizenship, they are eligible to attend the French School.

Each year, a lot of the students at the French School come from countries other than France, including the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, South Korea, Japan, and more. Students at the French School come from over 40 different countries, making it a genuinely international school.

So, thinking that the French School is exclusively for French citizens or French speakers is simply not the case.


>> Our teachers

Shanghai French School brings together 163 teachers from all around the world, representing 14 different countries.

These teachers come with a rich teaching experience and a global perspective. On average, they have 12 years of teaching under their belts.

They are not only esteemed representatives of the French Ministry of Education, handpicked by the Ministry, but also top-notch professionals in international education.

Their presence at Shanghai French School helps build a powerful teaching force and offers our children an even more enriching learning environment.


>> Our Curriculum

From Pre-K to Grade 12, Shanghai French School offers the curriculum of the French Ministry of National Education, enriched with unique linguistic streams.

Accreditation by AEFE (Agency for French Teaching Abroad) guarantees the quality of our teaching and its conformity to the French education curriculum. 

LFS offers the French National program with unique streams (General Stream, European Stream, International American Stream and International Chinese Stream), as well as a program dedicated to non-French speaking students.

General Stream

  • Welcomes children, beginners in French, English or Chinese, or with less than two years of learning in one of these three languages.

  • Once enrolled in this stream, children develop their oral and written abilities in the three languages and build strong grammatical foundations. They can then transfer to our European English, International American or International Chinese Streams.

  • Chinese and English classes take place in language ability groups according to each child's proficiency, and with the flexibility to move between groups over the course of the academic year.

  • For children joining us with limited or no French, specific support is provided as part of our French as the Language of Instruction Program.

European Stream

  • Accommodates children with a good knowledge of the English language.

  • Within this stream, students strengthen their knowledge and acquire an excellent proficiency in English, as well as the deep understanding of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

  • This stream opens onto our International American Stream.

  • An English test is required for admission in this stream.


International American Stream (IAS)

  • Welcomes students with a high level of English (understanding, speaking and writing).

  • Within this stream, students develop their bilingualism and biculturalism thanks to a challenging teaching of the English language and literature, as well as acquisition of the Anglo-Saxon culture.

  • lt is a highly demanding stream requiring dedication, motivation, and ability to adapt to a heavy workload.

  • Courses are taught by native-English teachers.

  • An English test is required for admission in this stream.

International Chinese Stream (ICS)

  • Welcomes students who are already proficient in Chinese.

  • ln this stream, students develop a comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese language, literature, and culture, allowing them to think, communicate and act in a Chinese environment.

  • This very demanding stream requires a strong capacity of self-study, high motivation, and the desire to acquire a deep knowledge of Chinese culture.

  • Courses are taught by native-Chinese teachers.

  • A Chinese test is required for admission in this stream.

Regardless of their cultural origin and mother tongue, LFS accompanies all their students for a better consideration of their needs and abilities.

>> Non-native families embracing French education

Studying in French when it is not your mother tongue is possible!

The French as Language of Instruction (FLSco) program allows students who begin in French to fit in the French education system. Courses target children from K3 on. A lot of non-French speaking students currently enrolled at shanghai French School went through the FLSco program.

This curriculum, which generally takes two years, allows students to gain access to the basic learning required at school.


>> A wide range of after-school activities for all

Sports and cultural activities (ASC) are an integral part of school life at Shanghai French School; to better express oneself, interact with others, develop creativity, and go the extra mile are complementary learning tools which allow students to fully grow outside of the classroom.

We offer over 70 activities on both our campuses, all supervised by skilled contributors, from K3 to Grade 12, in English, French and/or Chinese.

>> Shanghai French School – not just for France, but universities worldwide

Do you believe that LFS students can only pursue their higher education in France? Think twice!

As a matter of fact, most of our upcoming graduates are opting for universities in England, Scotland, or Canada.

And one thing is for sure: they'll be stepping into some of the world's top-ranked institutions!


If you have any inquiries, please contact our admission team:


  • +86 (21) 3976 0555 ext.501        

  • +86 (21) 6897 6589 ext.758

Or you can fill out a contact form by scanning the code below:


[All images courtesy of Shanghai French School]

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