Bikes Now Banned on These Shanghai Streets

By Lauren Hogan, April 13, 2017

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In just a few short months, we've seen the bike sharing craze take over the city, literally, cause injuries and even deaths.

And, thankfully, Huangpu officials have noticed the chaos too.

Crackdowns on bike shares have been in the works and yesterday, the downtown district's government put into place measures that will regulate roads where you can - and cannot - ride or park your ride, to include your personal wheels.

Areas include People's Square, Yuyuan Garden, the Bund, Xintiandi, Nanjing Pedestrian Street and Tianzifang, along with 27 other commercial streets (listed below).


The major bike share companies have been told to remove their respective roadsters from restricted areas by April 19 and if they fail to do so, they'll be fined RMB20 for each bike not removed. Riders who fail to park bicycles in designated areas will also be fined between RMB20-50 by traffic police.

A high-tech electronic fence will also be installed around some banned areas to help with parking abuse.

No Placing, Riding and Parking Allowed

1. Nanjing Dong Lu (Xizhang Zhong Lu – Henan Zhong Lu), 南京东路(西藏中路-河南中路)

2. Huaihai Zhong Lu (Shaanxi Nan Lu – Xizang Nan Lu), 淮海中路(陕西南路-西藏南路)

3. Xingye Lu (Madang Lu – Huangpi Nan Lu), 兴业路(马当路-黄陂南路)

4. Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (Nan Suzhou Lu – Yan’an Dong Lu), 中山东一路(南苏州路-延安东路)

5. Zhongshan Dong Er Lu (Yan’an Dong Lu – Xin Kaihe Lu), 中山东二路(延安东路-新开河路)

No placing and riding allowed

1. Nan Suzhou Lu (Xinqiao Lu - Xizang Zhong Lu), 南苏州路(新桥路-西藏中路)

2. Beijing Xi Lu (Chengdu Bei Lu – Xizang Zhong Lu), 北京西路(成都北路-西藏中路)

3. Beijing Dong Lu (Xizang Zhong Lu – Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu), 北京东路(西藏中路-中山东一路)

4. Nanjing Xi Lu (Chengdu Bei Lu – Huanghe Lu), 南京西路(成都北路-黄河路)

5. Nanjing Dong Lu (Henan Zhong Lu - Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu), 南京东路(河南中路-中山东一路)

6. Jiujiang Lu (Huanghe Lu – Jiangxi Zhong Lu), 九江路(黄河路-江西中路)

7. Fuzhou Lu (Xizang Zhong Lu – Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu), 福州路(西藏中路-中山东一路)

8. Yan’an Dong Lu (Chengdu Bei Lu – Zhongshan Dong Er Lu), 延安东路(成都北路-中山东二路)

9. Huaihai Dong Lu (Xizang Nan Lu – Zhejiang Nan Lu), 淮海东路(西藏南路-浙江南路)

10. Xin Kaihe Lu (Renmin Lu – Zhongshan Dong Er Lu), 新开河路(人民路-中山东二路)

11. Lujiabang Lu (Zhizaoju Lu – Haichao Lu), 陆家浜路(制造局路-海潮路)

12. Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu (Ruijin Nan Lu – Xizang Nan Lu), 中山南一路(瑞金南路-西藏南路)

13. Zhongshan Nan Lu (Xizang Nan Lu – Lujiabang Lu), 中山南路(西藏南路-陆家浜路)

14. Longmeng Lu (Jinling Zhong Lu – Huaihai Zhong Lu), 龙门路(金陵中路-淮海中路)

15. Xizang Zhong Lu (Beijing Dong Lu – Yan’an Dong Lu), 西藏中路(北京东路-延安东路)

16. Xizang Nan Lu (Yan’an Dong Lu – Fuxing Dong Lu), 西藏南路(延安东路-复兴东路)

17. Hubei Lu (Nanjing Dong Lu – Guangdong Lu), 湖北路(南京东路-广东路)

18. Haikou Lu (Guangdong Lu – Zhejiang Zhong Lu), 海口路(广东路-浙江中路)

19. Henan Zhong Lu (Henan Lu Qiao – Yan’an Dong Lu), 河南中路(河南路桥-延安东路)

20. Henan Nan Lu (Yan’an Dong Lu – Renmin Lu), 河南南路(延安东路-人民路)

21. Henan Nan Lu (Jiangyin Jie – Lujiabang Lu), 河南南路(江阴街-陆家浜路)

22. Zhongshan Nan Lu (Dongmeng Lu – Dongjiadu Lu), 中山南路(东门路-董家渡路)

No placing , parking area

1. People’s Square (from Xizang Zhong Lu on the east to Huangpi Bei Lu on the west, from Yan’an Dong Lu on the south to Shanghai Grand Theatre and 200 Renmin Dadao on the north), 人民广场地区(东起西藏中路西侧人行道,西至黄陂北路东侧人行道,南起延安东路北侧人行道,北至上海大剧院和人民大道200号外墙沿线范围内的公共区域)

2. Yu Garden (from Anren Jie on the east to Henan Nan Lu on the west, from Fangbang Zhong Lu on the south to Renmin Lu on the north), 豫园商旅区(东起安仁街、西至河南南路东侧人行道,南起方浜中路、北至人民路南侧人行道的地块,以及方浜中路自安仁街向东至人民路的路段,馆驿街全线,三牌楼路全线等在内的公共区域)

3. The Bund area (from West Huangpu River on the east to Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu and Zhongshan Dong Er Lu on the west, from Dongmen Lu on the south to South Suzhou River on the north), 外滩风景区(东起黄浦江西岸、西至中山东一路和中山东二路西侧人行道、南起东门路北侧人行道、北至苏州河南岸范围内的公共区域)

4. Tianzifang (from Taikang Lu on the south to Jianguo Zhong Lu on the north, from Sinan Lu on the east to Ruijin Er Lu on the west), 田子坊地区(南起泰康路、北至建国中路、东临思南路、西至瑞金二路)

5. Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Street (Zhongshan Dong Er Lu on the east to Huanghe Lu to the west, from Tianjin Lu on the north to Jiujiang Lu on the south), 南京路步行街区域(东至中山东二路,西至黄河路,北至天津路,南至九江路。其中西藏中路至河南中路段为非字形路段)

6. Xintiandi (From Songshan Lu-Taicang Lu-Shunchang Lu-Songde Lu-Jinan Lu on the east to Madang Lu on the west, from Fuxing Zhong Lu on the south to Xing’an Lu on the north), 新天地区域(东起嵩山路折太仓路、顺昌路、崇德路、济南路,西至马当路,南起复兴中路,北至兴安路)

[Image via Shanghai Daily]

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