PHOTOS: 10 of Our Favorite Areas to Run in Sanya

By Vanessa Jencks, November 9, 2021

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Of course there are plenty of gyms in Sanya to run inside during a rainy day, but this city has more sunny days than not. Below is a list of our favorite places to run, all for different reasons.

1. Sanya Bay (Beach Running)
Sanya Bay is great for either beach or sidewalk running, but with construction sometimes taking months at a time by the road, the beach is much more reliable for sunrise, sunset or night runs. Sanya Bay has one of the flattest areas of all the bays and beaches in Sanya, so it is hands down the best choice for beach running with a good view.

Night running is also possible as the light pollution from nearby buildings gives off enough rays to see in the dark. Sanya Bay’s sidewalk is also lined with palms, so if you’re up for the challenge of running in the heat of the day, you can stay partially shaded through your run.


2. Haitang Bay (Beach Running)
Haitang Bay is our second pick for beach running as the boardwalk along the sand starts and stops at strange intervals, making the option to run on a path not as steady. Haitang Bay isn’t as well-lit as Sanya Bay though, and so sunrise and sunset options are all that’s left, with running during the day without good shade being too hot.


3. Houhai Bay (Beach Running)
Houhai’s Bay can be an option for beach running in a pinch if the tide is out, otherwise the sand is too steep and people are too numerous for a good run.

4. Xiaodonghai (Waterfront View)
Though Xiaodonghai’s sand isn’t great for running on the beach, the boardwalk connected to Intercontinental’s property and wraps out to the road makes for a great long stretch with good views. If you go west after leaving the Beer Factory area and head down the road, you can find a circular drive that connects to a decent beaten sand-path runway. It’s not on the beach so doesn’t really count as beach running, but it does still extend the run and the view. This is a great area for any time of day as the shaded boardwalk through the resort is large enough even with a crowd.


5. Serenity Marina (Waterfront View)
Serenity Marina makes for a good space to run for sprints as the car area isn’t long but there are plenty of speed bumps to slow down automobile and moped traffic.


Do note that sunset time is pretty packed with photographers, but early morning and night running leaves plenty of space and light for speed practice.

6. Sanya River Loop (Waterfront View)
Running along Sanya River offers beautiful views of reflected lights at night and a nice 3km loop that can easily offer enough distraction to power through for a 10km. Nighttime right after dinner is the busiest time for these large sidewalks, so be patient with slow pedestrians and swerve past dancing grandmas if choosing this spot.

7. Linchun River (Waterfront View)
You’ll be surprised by the running tracks along the Linchun river as you take in the views of towering buildings and Sanya city’s public architecture installations.


8. Linchunling Forest Park (Hill Running)
Running up to the tower is only possible during the early morning and we think the success of conquering this short but intense run is totally worth it.

If you can’t be bothered to be an early morning riser, the park’s area to the north of the tower offers some great vistas and views of the city with less crowds and plenty of steps for a quick cardiovascular spike.


9. Wetlands Park (Running Under Shade)
We don’t recommend the Wetlands Park at night due to snakes, but we still find the park cool enough to run through at any other part of the day.

10. Yingbin Lu (Hill Running)
Yingbin Lu stretches from Sanya Bay to the top of Yalong Bay’s hills, so the run up and down several bumps along the way can make the route unbelievably tough. Your thighs will scream but your confidence will soar if you take on this challenge. Make sure to pay attention to sidewalk problems, as the route has some holes in safety. We still prefer these hills to Luhuitou Mountain though. Cycling or running up Luhuitou is a sign of athletic beastliness, but the traffic and lack of complete sidewalk makes the area less than safe. We can’t recommend this route per se, but we won’t deny we’ve run it ourselves.

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