Over 40 and Fit: "For Once I'm Proud in My Own Body"

By That's Sanya, September 15, 2021

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The shape you can get in truly doesn’t matter where you start, at what age, or at what fitness level. These testimonials are here to prove that to you.

First though let us just share with you exactly what you’re getting with K2Fit:

  • 10 Weeks of detailed workout programming that includes strength training, core work, K2Fit Slöga, and HIIT training. You can choose home or gym workouts (Value: $177 or RMB1,140)

  • K2Fit meal plan guidelines and recipes (Value: $37 or RMB238)

  • Exclusive K2Fit Facebook and WeChat Community where we hold you accountable to your goals (Value: $47 or RMB302)

  • Fun, surprising challenges and varied workouts to keep your motivation up (Value: $47 or RMB302)

  • Workout videos and instructions by a trainer with years upon years of experience and thousands of clients (Value: $27 or RMB174)

  • Bonus Weekend Warrior workouts to push you to your best (Value: $27 or RMB174)

  • Weekly emails and updates on fitness and motivation (Value: $18 or RMB116)

  • Personal trainer in your pocket - if you need anything, shout out directly to Coach Kara or her team and they will be there to help (Value: PRICELESS!)

  • A chance to win cash and prizes in the category of your choice!

Though it totals to over RMB3,000, get it for only RMB1,280 for 10 weeks. That’s RMB18 per day or half the cost of a venti spice pumpkin latte.

To get in the best shape of your life, scan this code or click on this link to register for your own program.


Below are the thoughts of those who pushed through the challenge and won the prize. If they can do it, so can you.

Champion Karen is in Zhuhai and over 40, but she didn’t let age stop her.

“I am so glad I found K2Fit and Kara & Christie. I have always been fit and exercised regularly but somehow over the last 7 years my weight started to creep up. Not much but slowly, and even though I tried to diet the weight would not come off.  Also having a long term neck and shoulder injury made me also scared of doing too much in the gym in case it became worse.

“I put the weight gain down to age. Then with moving to China in 2017 quite a few more kilos were added on.

“Joining K2Fit and having those ten weeks of exercise and nutrition coaching was great. It helped me to try and get back on track with diet and exercise and look more closely at what I was eating.

“The first season I came in 2nd place. I think I actually came 2nd place three times in all, and I became quite frustrated with myself as in between the challenges I was yo-yo-ing with my weight and treating it as time off, which is not a healthy thing to do. So at the end of Season 12, I made a huge effort to continue all the good work we had been encouraged to do through the challenge so that when I started Season 13 I could also start strong and ready.
“Seeing the before and after photos side by side is great as you can really see how your body has changed over the 10 weeks. Having Kara there to help out and encourage you also helps immensely and so does being part of a team. I am very proud to have been a part of The Pirates and having that support network available as well. I couldn't have done it by myself.”

Her feelings of accomplishment aren’t alone.

Check out Pano in Zhuhai who placed second in the 40+ category for men.  

“It has been such a remarkable pleasure to be a part of such an amazing experience. I assume many would relate to me saying that I truly let myself go. I didn't care about my physique because life has other priorities which take control. But the truth is that being active and healthy, helps in so many ways to lead a good life. It's important for many reasons. It has helped me have confidence in myself and for once be proud in my own body.

“The pirates really helped me achieve that. It was mostly down to an amazing leader who was there for his teammates. Kara was also extremely supportive and a pivotal individual making everyone try their hardest and create a lifestyle that goes beyond K2 fitness.

“If anyone has any doubts, they shouldn't. With the right advice and motivation from your group leaders and Kara there is no better opportunity to alter your bad habits and be healthy. Not just for yourself but for your family around you. My children call me superman now. That's the best reward I could ever hope for.

“K2 is not just a training regime. It's a lifestyle change for the better.”

And lastly, check out these amazing photos from Boardy, who placed third in the Muscle Up category.


He could have taken an easy win in the 40 plus category, but went for a challenge against younger participants.

You too can have an amazing body transformation. Click on this link or scan the QR code below.



Not convinced? Check out other participant testimonials here.

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[Images courtesy of K2Fit]

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