3 Inner Hainan Escapes: Rainforests, Waterfalls, Canyons and More

By Leila Hashemi, June 15, 2021

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Sometimes we’ve got the feeling that we need to see more of Hainan island than just the sandy beaches. Jump in a car, train or bus and make your way inland for a new adventure in China’s ‘Hawaii.’


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Located 35 kilometers from downtown Sanya, Baoting (保亭) is home to the Li and Mao ethnic cultures. The area is known for its tropical rainforests and hot springs. The lush area is perfect to beat the heat as it is much cooler in summer than its neighbor Sanya. The Li and Miao Minority Culture Park, Yanoda Rainforest and Seven Fairy Mountain below are must-see spots.

Binglang Gu Local Li & Miao Minority Culture Park

Image via Bing Lang Gu

The themed park is located in a valley full of tropical flowers. Having moved to Hainan around 5,000 years ago, the Li people are the island’s first inhabitants who reside in the valley areas. Around 800 years ago, the Miao people arrived and settled in the mountains. At the park, you can learn about both cultures through shows, exhibitions and food.

> Check out their website here www.binglanggu.com.

Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Image via Yanoda Rainforest Website

The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is made up of three scenic areas: Rainforest Valley, Dream Valley and Sandao Valley. The area is a concentration of five tropical rainforests and features a cliff swing, glass bridge platform and zip lining, as well as a ropes course, rock climbing and petting zoo.

> Check out their website here http://www.yanoda.com.

Seven Fairy Mountain (Qixianling)

Image via 51luling.com

This area combines adventure with relaxation and is known as a ‘natural oxygen bar’ – offering visitors the opportunity to hike up the breathtaking mountains through the lush tropical rainforest then soak their feet in the hot, steamy geothermal hot springs.

> Check out their website here http://www.mountqixian.com.


Image via Dianping

A short two-hour drive from Sanya, Wuzhishan is known for its Five Finger Mountain range and rainforest park. The national park listed below is the perfect place to experience rushing waterfalls and breathtaking hikes. Be sure to raft down mountain streams in Red Canyon or find a dose of history at the Hainan Provincial Museum of Ethnic Minorities. 

Red Canyon Tourist Area

Image via Wzshxg.com

This scenic area offers a range of activities including canyoning, aerial obstacle course, rafting and paddle boats, as well as a paintball team building adventure. The site also offers camping and an area to grill where you can buy food on-site or bring your own or relax and enjoy food at the Hainan cuisine restaurant.

> Check out their website here www.wzshxg.com.

Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest National Park (五指山水满河热带雨林风景区)

Image via Hntrnp.com

Located 28 kilometers from Wuzhishan city, the area features a beautiful meandering river and lush foliage. This area is a nature lover or shutterbug’s dream, as the reserve is home to many rare species of plant and wildlife. 

> Check out their website here http://www.hntrnp.com.

Hainan Provincial Museum of Ethnic Minorities

Image via Dianping

Take in the history and heritage of Hainan and its ethic minorities. The museum is free and features more than 2,000 cultural relics and a number of exhibits in English.

Tuesday-Sunday  9am-5pm (Closed on Monday), free entry with passport. No. 5 Taifei Road, Wuzhishan City 五指山市泰翡路5号


Image via Dianping

Known as the ‘heart of Hainan,’ Qiongzhong is the meeting place of three rivers and traditional home of the Li and Miao people. The area features lush and unusual landscapes in its own tropical rainforest zone and scenic spots plus ethnic heritage and fun activities at Shihan Village.

Bai Hua Ling Tropical Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone (海南百花岭热带雨林文化旅游区)

Image via Dianping

In this scenic tourist zone known as ‘Green Treasure House,’ you can experience the Baihualing Waterfall which is around 300 meters high. Inside the park, you can also participate in activities such as rafting down a glass-bottom slide through the park.
Address: 海南百花岭热带雨林文化旅游区, call 0898-6556-7999 for more info.

Shihan Village (什寒村)

Image via Sina.com.cn

Located near Hongmao, this tourist village is located 600 meters above sea level on a mountain. The village is home to more than 300 ethnic Miao and 200 ethnic Li people. Homestays are on offer, as well as camping and ethnic-style hotels. Visitors can enjoy dance performances, embroidery and archery, as well as ethnic delicacies.
Address: 海南省琼中黎族苗族自治县红毛镇, call 5596512881 for more info.

Qiongzhong Chengpo River Shi Jiu Scenic Spot (琼中乘坡河石臼群景区)

inland-hainan-river-spot.jpgImage via HiNews

This rare stone mortar geological feature was formed over thousands of years by the rapid river currents of the Chengpo River. The best time to see the rock formations in the dry season of spring and summer when they are fully exposed. The area is open year-round and free to visit.

Address: 琼中乘坡河石臼群景区

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Leila Hashemi is a Beijing-based writer and editor with a passion for dad jokes, pizza and memes as well as sharing her experiences of living and working in China over the past five years. Follow her on Instagram @astaggeredmind.

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