FREE! Fujian Coffee: The Coastal Jewel of Chinese Coffee Culture

By That's Guangzhou, June 21, 2024

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There's a unique province in China that's beginning to make its mark in the coffee world - Fujian. 

Known for its scenic coastlines, lush mountains, and rich tea heritage, Fujian is now stepping into the coffee spotlight. 

This coastal province offers a unique blend of flavors and cultural richness that is becoming increasingly recognized and appreciated.

Origin and Cultivation

Nan-Keng-Coffee-01.jpgImage courtesy of Nan Keng Coffee

Fujian’s foray into coffee cultivation is a relatively recent development. 

Traditionally renowned for its tea production, particularly oolong and black teas, Fujian’s farmers have started to explore coffee cultivation, leveraging the province’s diverse microclimates and fertile, well-drained soil. 

The subtropical climate, coupled with high altitudes in certain regions, provides an ideal environment for growing high-quality coffee.

Types of Beans

Nan-Keng-Coffee-02.jpgImage courtesy of Nan Keng Coffee

Fujian’s coffee farms are primarily focused on cultivating Arabica beans, but there is also a growing interest in experimenting with other varieties:


Fujian’s mountainous regions are perfect for growing Arabica beans. 

These beans are known for their smooth, mild flavor with bright acidity, floral notes, and a hint of sweetness. 

The varied microclimates across Fujian result in a range of flavor profiles, from fruity and citrusy to nutty and chocolaty.


Some adventurous farmers in Fujian are experimenting with Liberica beans. 

These beans are characterized by their unique flavor profile, including fruity and floral notes with a slightly woody aftertaste, adding a distinctive dimension to Fujian’s coffee offerings.

Best Ways to Enjoy Fujian Coffee

Nan-Keng-Coffee-03.jpgImage courtesy of Nan Keng Coffee

Pour Over

To highlight the delicate and complex flavors of Fujian’s Arabica beans, a pour-over method is ideal. 

This brewing technique allows for precise control over extraction, bringing out the beans’ bright acidity and floral notes.

French Press

For a fuller-bodied experience, try Fujian coffee brewed in a French press. 

The immersion method enhances the coffee’s natural sweetness and produces a rich, velvety texture.


Fujian’s Arabica beans make an excellent espresso, offering a balanced shot with a harmonious blend of acidity, sweetness, and a smooth finish. 

The crema captures the intricate flavors, making each sip a delight.

Cold Brew

Enjoy the subtropical essence of Fujian with a refreshing cold brew. 

Steep coarsely ground beans in cold water for 12-24 hours to create a smooth, mellow drink with low acidity and a natural sweetness, perfect for warm days.

The Future of Fujian Coffee

Nan-Keng-Coffee-04.jpgImage courtesy of Nan Keng Coffee

Fujian’s coffee industry is on the rise, driven by a blend of tradition and innovation. 

Local farmers are increasingly focusing on sustainable practices and quality improvement, from organic farming to advanced processing techniques. 

The province’s strategic location and developed infrastructure also facilitate easy access to both domestic and international markets.

Efforts are being made to integrate coffee cultivation with Fujian’s rich cultural heritage and tourism industry. 

Visitors to Fujian can experience coffee farm tours, participate in coffee tasting sessions, and even enjoy workshops on coffee brewing methods, making it a comprehensive and immersive experience.

For coffee enthusiasts, Fujian represents an exciting new frontier. 

The province’s unique combination of diverse microclimates, fertile soil, and innovative farming practices results in coffee that is both distinct and delightful. 


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