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By That's Guangzhou, June 14, 2024

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When you hear someone in Hainan say, "Gor Bee (歌碧)," it might sound familiar. 

That's right—it's the local term of endearment for coffee.

When picturing coffee-producing regions, tropical islands may not be the first image that springs to mind. 

Yet, nestled in the South China Sea, Hainan Island is becoming an unexpected yet enchanting player in the coffee world. 

Known for its sandy beaches, tropical climate, and vibrant culture, Hainan is now carving out a niche for its unique coffee production, offering flavors as distinctive as its landscape.

Origin and Cultivation

Hainan's coffee story begins in the early 20th century when the first coffee plants were introduced by overseas Chinese returning from Southeast Asia. 


In the early 20th century, returning overseas Chinese settlers broke ground and cultivated the land at Xinglong Market by the Sun River in Wanning, planting the first Robusta coffee bean brought back from Malaysia. Photo courtesy of Hainan Daily.

The island's warm, humid climate and fertile volcanic soil proved ideal for coffee cultivation, leading to the establishment of plantations that are now flourishing.

Types of Beans

Fushan-Coffee-in-Wanning.jpgFushan coffee farm in Wanning. Image Courtesy of 万宁发布

Hainan's coffee farms primarily grow Robusta and Arabica varieties, each thriving in different parts of the island:


Robust and resilient, these beans are well-suited to Hainan's lower altitudes. 

Robusta from Hainan is known for its strong, earthy flavor with a pronounced bitterness and a heavy body, making it perfect for those who prefer a bold cup of coffee.


Grown in the island's higher elevations, Hainan's Arabica beans offer a smoother, more nuanced flavor profile. 

Expect notes of fruit and flowers, moderate acidity, and a clean finish, reflecting the island's diverse microclimates.

Best Ways to Enjoy Hainan Coffee


Xinglong Roasted Coffee. Image courtesy of Longyuan Farm Sharing


Hainan's robust Robusta beans create a powerful espresso shot. 

The intense flavor and rich crema are perfect for those seeking a strong caffeine kick.

Pour Over

Highlight the delicate flavors of Hainan's Arabica beans with a pour-over brew. 

The slow, controlled extraction process brings out the fruity and floral notes, offering a refined coffee experience.

Cold Brew

Steep coarsely ground coffee in cold water for 12-24 hours to achieve a smooth, mellow drink with subtle sweetness and low acidity, ideal for hot, sunny days.

Café Latte

Combine the boldness of Hainan's Robusta with steamed milk to create a creamy, indulgent latte. 

The milk softens the coffee's bitterness, resulting in a balanced and enjoyable drink.

Single-Origin Exploration

Each micro-lot tells a story of its unique growing conditions, from the volcanic soils of the lowlands to the misty highlands.

The Future of Hainan Coffee


Image courtesy of Hainan Daily

Hainan's coffee industry is on a promising upward trajectory. 

Local farmers and entrepreneurs are increasingly focusing on quality and sustainability, employing organic farming practices and innovative processing techniques to enhance the beans' flavor and appeal. 

Government initiatives and investments are also bolstering the industry, aiming to position Hainan as a key player in China's specialty coffee market.

The island's coffee culture is deeply intertwined with its tourism industry, offering visitors a chance to experience coffee production firsthand. 

Longyuan-Farm-Sharing-Experience.jpgCoffee farm tour experience. Image courtesy of Longyuan Farm Sharing

From plantation tours to coffee tasting sessions, Hainan provides an immersive journey into the world of tropical coffee.

For coffee aficionados, Hainan represents an exciting new frontier. 


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[Cover image via Hainan Daily]

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