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By That's Guangzhou, May 14, 2024

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Coffee, a beloved daily ritual for millions, owes much of its character to the art of roasting. From the bright, tangy notes of light roasts to the deep, robust flavors of dark roasts, each level offers a unique experience. Understanding these roasts not only enhances your appreciation but also helps you brew the perfect cup. 

Let's journey through the spectrum of coffee roasts and discover the best ways to enjoy them.


Light Roast

Flavor Profile: Light roasts, often referred to as Cinnamon, New England, or Light City, preserve the original flavors of the coffee bean. Expect bright acidity, fruity and floral notes, and a lighter body. 

Best Enjoyed With:

Pour Over: The controlled brewing process of a pour over highlights the nuanced flavors and acidity.

Cold Brew: Surprisingly, cold brew with light roast can be a revelation, offering a crisp, refreshing profile.

Black: Savor it without milk or sugar to truly appreciate the intricate flavors.


Medium Roast

Flavor Profile: Medium roasts, also known as City, American, or Breakfast roasts, strike a balance between the bean's inherent flavors and the development from roasting. They feature moderate acidity, fuller body, and a well-rounded flavor with hints of sweetness and toasty undertones.

Best Enjoyed With:

Drip Coffee: The even extraction of a drip coffee maker complements the balanced profile of medium roasts.

French Press: This method enhances the roast's body and sweetness.

With a Dash of Milk: Adding a splash of milk can soften the acidity without masking the balanced flavors.


Medium-Dark Roast

Flavor Profile: Medium-dark roasts, known as Full City or Vienna, offer deeper flavors with less acidity. Expect a heavier body, richer sweetness, and notes of chocolate, caramel, and spice.

Best Enjoyed With:

Espresso: The intensity of medium-dark roast shines in a concentrated espresso shot, revealing its rich, complex flavors.

Americano: Diluting the espresso with hot water preserves the boldness while mellowing the intensity.

Café au Lait: Equal parts of brewed coffee and steamed milk create a creamy, indulgent experience.


Dark Roast:

Flavor Profile: Dark roasts, often labeled as French, Italian, or Espresso roast, are known for their bold, smoky, and bittersweet flavors. The roasting process eclipses the bean’s original notes, resulting in a heavy body with low acidity.

Best Enjoyed With:

Espresso-based Drinks: The robust profile of dark roast stands up well in lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos.

Moka Pot: This method brews strong, rich coffee, highlighting the intense flavors of dark roasts.

With Sweeteners and Flavored Syrups: The boldness pairs well with sweet additions, creating a balanced, flavorful cup.

Whether you prefer the bright, tangy notes of a light roast or the deep, robust character of a dark roast, there's a perfect brewing method to enhance each roast's unique qualities. 

Embrace the adventure and savor the diverse pleasures of coffee!


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