Here's How to Avoid that Nasty Pneumonia Going Round

By Sponsored, November 30, 2023

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The mycoplasma pneumoniae, flu season, and the aggressive advance of triple-positive COVID-19 pose a formidable threat right now, and have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

So, how can we prevent cross infections?

We reached out to Shanghai United Family Hospital, who advised three simple tips to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding a woeful winter...

1. Get Vaccinated Against the Flu!


Getting the flu vaccine is an effective means of preventing the flu, thereby reducing the burden and harm caused by flu-related diseases to health.

The peak time and duration of flu activity varies in different parts of China each year, but in order to obtain protection before the peak flu season, it is recommended to complete immunization by late November / early December.

So if you haven't already done it, now is the time!


2. Treat the Symptoms


Autumn and winter are the peak seasons for respiratory diseases, and many patients display similar symptoms.

If you experience uncertain symptoms related to respiratory infections, it is recommended to seek medical attention early.

During the consultation, doctors will carefully distinguish based on symptoms, epidemiological history and laboratory tests, before selecting appropriate medications.

Only after the pathogen is determined can a treatment plan be formulated based on the cause and symptoms, preventing the occurrence of drug abuse and misuse.

3. Live a Healthy Life, Exercise Actively & Enhance Your Own Immunity!


In the face of infectious diseases, ultimately, we have to rely on our own resistance to fight against viruses. Therefore, from children all the way to the elderly, enhancing our own immunity is the ultimate move.

Balanced Diet

Protein is the foundation of many immune-active substances, so it's important to intake protein – eat more meat, fish, shrimp, and beans.

At the same time, supplementing vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin A, which have immune-regulating functions, can help maintain the integrity of epithelial cells and prevent infections.

You can also eat peanuts, liver, spinach, etc., to supplement minerals and trace elements.

Pay Attention to Hygiene & Develop Good Habits

  • Open windows for ventilation in a timely manner to ensure fresh indoor air.

  • Try to avoid or reduce going to crowded and enclosed places.

  • The elderly and children may wear masks for added protection.

  • Pay attention to hygiene, avoid sharing toiletries with others, etc.

  • Adjust clothing in a timely manner to avoid chilling and excessive sweating.

Strengthen Physical Exercise & Maintain Adequate Sleep

Just as it is important to engage in physical exercise, it is also vital to ensure adequate sleep. Physical exercise and sufficient sleep promote immune activity, enhancing our own immunity.

For Consultation & Appointment Information...

1. Scan the code to add the assistant and inquire for more information.


2. Enter the United Family Medical Mini Program for online appointments.



[All images courtesy of Shanghai United Family Hospital]

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