Antalya: A Culinary Journey to the Heart of Turkey in Guangzhou

By Billy Jiang, October 12, 2023

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The Place

Antalya Turkish Restaurant is a sun-soaked oasis nestled alongside the picturesque Liede Canal in the heart of Guangzhou. It feels like stepping into a private garden, reminiscent of the Mediterranean city of Antalya, bursting with sunshine and lush greenery. 


For some, this place may exude exotic charm, while for others, it's a taste of home. However, for food enthusiasts, Antalya is a hidden gastronomic gem.


The owner of the restaurant, a passionate globetrotter, particularly adores Turkish and Arabic cuisine. His love for these flavors led him to introduce the city he adores to these culinary delights. The very name, "Antalya," is perhaps his love letter to the world of food.


The Food

Embarking on an authentic Turkish culinary journey often begins with a cup of Turkish Tea (RMB15 per cup). If you're simply looking to relax over afternoon tea, the Antalya Tea Set (RMB90) includes a classic Turkish pastry, Baklava, which perfectly complements the tea's soothing warmth. The sweet, honeyed layers of Baklava pair harmoniously with the fragrant tea, setting the stage for a serene and delightful experience.


Antalya Turkish Restaurant specializes in grilling, and their signature dish is the Antalya BBQ Lamb (RMB170). These lambs are lean and virtually free of fat. They are grilled to perfection, offering a mouthwatering experience with every bite. The smoky aroma is captivating.


For meat lovers, the restaurant's meat selection is diverse. The Antalya Mix Grill (RMB160), primarily featuring lamb and chicken, is a delightful platter that showcases the best of Turkish grilling. They also offer the classic Mix Doner Kebab (RMB135). Preparing the Kebab is an intricate process. The meat, whether it's beef or chicken, is marinated with more than a dozen spices, left to soak and marinate, and then grilled using a rotating skewer. Afterwards, the meat is sliced and served with fresh vegetable salad, drizzled with your choice of sauce, and enveloped in a piping hot flatbread.


Antalya also boasts a unique take on lamb dishes. In addition to the traditional sauced Leg of Lamb (RMB130), they offer a special Leg of Lamb with Rice (RMB160). This dish features fragrant long-grain rice permeated with meaty richness, which often steals the show.


Puff Bread (RMB30) is another specialty of the restaurant. The bread, adorned with sesame seeds, puffs up during baking. It's best enjoyed when dipped in Antalya's homemade Gali sauce. This sauce is freshly made daily from egg whites and garlic. Whether you pair it with bread or grilled meat, you cannot get enough of it once you get started!

For those with a preference for lighter fare, Antalya offers a selection of refreshing salads, including a cheese-rich and creamy Arabic Greek Salad (RMB65), as well as a zesty Fatush Salad (RMB60).


The Vibe

As you step into Antalya, your gaze will be drawn to the wall adorned with Cappadocia-inspired decor. Within seconds, you'll feel transported to the mystical world of Turkish culture. Many of the restaurant's decorations, such as tapestries, were acquired by the owner during his travels.

The second floor of the restaurant exudes a warm and hospitable Turkish atmosphere. A massive LED screen plays music and visuals imbued with rich ethnic influences, enhancing the overall ambiance. The decor beautifully captures the essence of Turkish culture and invites you to immerse yourself in its warmth and character.


Antalya Turkish Restaurant isn't just a place to eat; it's a place to embark on a culinary adventure through the heart of Turkey. With its charming setting, tantalizing food, and warm hospitality, it offers a culinary escape to a world of flavors and traditions that will linger in your memory long after you leave.

Special Offer

As a token of appreciation to That's Guangzhou readers, Antalya Turkish Restaurant is pleased to offer a special treat with every order. Your dining experience at this hidden gem will be further enhanced with the choice of a complimentary dessert, Turkish ice cream, or a set of Turkish tea.

Please present this article to your waiter/waitress when ordering at Antalya.

Antalya Turkish Restaurant Guangzhou

Open Hours: 11am - 2am

Happy Hour Discount on Food: Daily, 11am - 4pm

29A-30A, Bld.12, Hunter Lane, No. Liede Ave., Tianhe

About 120m outside of Exit B, Liede Station Metro Line 5; Opposite Conrad Guangzhou

[All images by Billy Jiang/That's]

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