Where to Find Christmas Trees and Decor in Guangzhou 2018

By That's Guangzhou, December 4, 2018

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Christmas is less than four weeks away, which means it’s time to pull out those decorations that have been collecting dust. If you’re running low on snow globes and stockings, there are several places in town to help you turn that apartment of yours into a winter wonderland (although this weather certainly doesn't feel like winter). 

No matter how committed you are – i.e. you just want to hang a few lights or you want your place looking like the merry land of Whoville – we have you covered with the best places to shop in Guangzhou: 

1. thMart

Image via thMart

For ease of mind, look no further than thMart for your perfect Christmas tree set. Trees are available in a range of sizes from 1.2 meters to 4 meters and they come in different colors to match your home's interior. A set of fun decorations is also included, to save you the trouble of buying them separately. If you're looking for ornaments, santa costumes or even gifts, thMart is primed with great options this holiday season.

Find a Christmas tree on thMart here. 

2. Aeon

Image by Ryan Gandolfo/That's

Aeon boasts a large selection of holiday gear. We found a wide variety of inexpensive stockings, faux Christmas trees, ornaments, stickers, streamers, snowflakes, stuffed reindeers and more. Note that not every Aeon branch carries holiday decor – only the larger stores do – so plan accordingly.

See listing for Aeon Popark Shopping Plaza.


Image by Ryan Gandolfo/That's

Just across the street from Aeon, IKEA stocks basic Christmas decorations during the month of December. Go early to avoid the crowds (and feuds with your significant other). Did we mention IKEA also stocks quality edibles at a reasonable price? If you’re hosting a holiday party, the grocery aisle near the front of the store may be worth a quick browse.

See listing for IKEA.

4. Olé

Image via Ryan Gandolfo/That's

The go-to shop for foreign goods in Guangzhou, Olé offers plenty of Christmas and holiday decor, from snow globes and gingerbread houses to Santa figurines and gorgeous holiday wrapping paper. And unlike everything else sold at Olé, the holiday decorations are surprisingly affordable. 

See listing for Olé. 

5. Fangsuo Bookstore 

Image by Ryan Gandolfo/That's

Located in Taikoo Hui (upstairs from Olé), Fangsuo offers artistic ornaments, handmade wreaths, floral arrangements, intricate greeting cards and a wrapping station for extra-special gifts (we say extra-special because gift wrap for one package could set you back RMB50-100). If you still have Christmas shopping to do, Fangsuo also offers a wide selection of fo