We All Can Be the God of Cookery! Chua Lam's Dim Sum Launches New Products

By Sponsored, July 3, 2024

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In today's fast-paced era, the younger generation, constrained by the "social clock," yearns to connect life and emotions through food, seeking a "new way of relaxation."

Recently, Chua Lam's Dim Sum launched its new summer products under the theme "We all can be the God of Cookery," introducing several innovative and visually appealing dim sum items. 

These new offerings, which made a stunning debut, not only tantalize taste buds with their exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients but also resonate emotionally with food lovers, making everyone a "God of Cookery" in life. WechatIMG-5.jpg

New Summer Dishes: Embracing Relaxation with Seasonal Flavors

Experience the taste of summer with our seasonal offerings. 

Known for its creativity and customer acclaim, Chua Lam's Dim Sum has focused on the distinctive consumption scenario of "enjoying dim sum at leisure." 

The new items, which include Juicy Dumplings Stuffed with Crayfish, Haam Seoi Gok Stuffed with Radish and Beef, Agar-Agar with Passion Fruit, Beef Brisket and Tomato in Casserole, and Iced Momordica Grosvenori Pudding with Coconut Milk, are made from fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

These five new dim sum items create a delightful "symphony" of visual and taste experiences for consumers.WechatIMG-6.jpg

Highlights of the New Dishes

Each new dish incorporates the ingenious creativity and craftsmanship of Chua Lam's Dim Sum, aiming to offer a "relaxed and leisurely" dining experience. 

The Juicy Dumplings Stuffed with Crayfish feature tender dumpling skin infused with natural squid ink, paired with succulent crayfish, delivering a burst of freshness and sweetness in every bite. 

The Haam Seoi Gok Stuffed with Radish and Beef combines the traditional Cantonese snack with a "cute" radish shape and novel presentation using "fried rice and Oreo crumbs" in a whimsical potted plant setup, creating an interactive dining experience. 

The flavorful beef, radish, and mushroom filling, encased in a crispy exterior, offers a delightful multi-layered taste that captivates both the eyes and palate. 

As a representative of Chua Lam's culinary brand, Chua Lam's Dim Sum has always been loved by consumers for its high-quality food and unique cultural appeal. 

Chua Lam's passion and pursuit of culinary excellence ensure that the brand remains innovative and committed to craftsmanship. 

This summer's new product launch, centered around the theme of "God of Cookery," conveys the creativity and dedication required in cooking and encourages more people to love and enjoy food, and even experience the joy of creating it. WechatIMG-4.jpg

Creative Experiences: New Expressions of the God of Cookery Culture

Quality reigns supreme, and experiences triumph. 

To connect consumer emotional value with artisanal cuisine, Chua Lam's Dim Sum has designed several fun interactive activities, writing a new expression of trendy food culture. 

To gather more food enthusiasts, Chua Lam's Dim Sum invites diners to participate in both online and offline events, allowing more consumers to deeply engage with the "God of Cookery culture." 

This summer, become a "Culinary Creative Master" in the heat of summer. 

"We all can be the God of Cookery." 

What to eat, and how to eat it? Every diner has their own "taste bud control." 

Before the new launch, Chua Lam's Dim Sum initiated a "Call Order: The God of Cookery" activity, inviting diners to vote for creative dim sum ideas, co-creating new summer dim sum. 

After the launch, the brand hosted fun offline store events and introduced various themed products, making "eating dim sum" an interesting affair. 

Notably, the "God of Cookery Lucky Draw" event, starting from June 21, allows participants to draw three cards in a fun game, with successful draws of new ingredients winning exclusive God of Cookery fridge magnet blind bags, adding a unique touch of coolness and fun to the summer. 

The brand also launched a special God of Cookery apron, available for purchase with any summer new product order, cleverly linking "food and creativity" in a new cultural expression. 

A series of tangible, enjoyable, and delectable God of Cookery-themed activities transform the brand's previous "one-way communication" into a "two-way interaction" between Chua Lam's Dim Sum and diners. 

Diners are positively motivated by the tangible appreciation of food in life, further identifying with and appreciating Chua Lam's Dim Sum. WechatIMG-2.jpg

Relaxed Living: Finding Slow Delicacy in a Fast-Food Era

In the fast-food era, the pursuit of "slow economy" with humanistic care has become a consumer trend. 

Consumers no longer focus solely on immediate value but intentionally slow down their pace to enjoy long-term spiritual satisfaction and relaxed indulgence, advocating for a leisurely "slow life." 

"Slow" becomes the "new luxury" against the backdrop of "fast" and has become the "new delicacy" favored by the younger generation. WechatIMG-3.jpg

Lam's Dim Sum always pays attention to the core emotional needs of today's consumers, understanding the importance of "relaxation and social connection" for modern urbanites. 

Thus, the brand, based on the philosophy of "eating seasonally," strives to bring customers unique dim sum with a blend of traditional Cantonese and innovative elements, along with a delightful dining experience. 

This new launch conveys three key brand concepts: "natural, free, and humanistic." 

Here, customers can feel relaxed in a natural, slow-paced environment; freely explore countless possibilities in the world of food; and gain a rich cultural and humanistic understanding, enhancing their inner sense of well-being and brand recognition. WechatIMG-1.jpg

In the future, Chua Lam's Dim Sum will continue to innovate, offering not only creative dim sum but also a place where people can find a moment of leisure in the bustling urban life.

[All images courtesy of Chua Lam's Dim Sum]

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