15 Fantastic Kids Camps to Fill the Summer with Fun

By That's Shanghai, May 22, 2024

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BodyLab Dance Center


Hip Hop & Jazz Summer Camp


During the Hip-Hop & Jazz Camp, students will delve into the foundations of hip-hop, popping, breaking, K-pop, and jazz.

All techniques acquired will be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive dance routine, which participants will have the opportunity to showcase at the culmination of this summer camp.

Age: 7-9 years old & 10-12 years old


  • Season 1: June 24-July 5

  • Season 2: July 1-12

  • Season 3: July 15-26

  • Season 4: July 29-Aug 2

  • Season 5: Aug 5-16

  • Season 6: Aug 19-23

7-9 years old:

  • Time: 10am-12 noon

  • Price: 2,000*/week

10-12 years old:

  • Time: 1-4pm

  • Price: 3,000*/week

Location: BodyLab, No.2, 1/F, Building 3, Lane 1550, Zhangyang Lu, Pudong District 张杨路155031近民生路

Contact: See below

*Early bird discount: register before June 15 and get 5% off; register for 2 weeks and get an additional 10% off

Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer Camp


Rhythmic Gymnastics is a beautiful and elegant sport demanding strength, flexibility, agility, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity.

It offers a unique blend of music, movement, and apparatus that challenges students to discover their bodies capabilities. Hand apparatuses such as ball, ribbon, hoop, rope, and clubs are used.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer Camp includes professional competition training and Regular camp. Experienced certified gymnastics coaches will be focused on enhancing body strength and flexibility, refining coordination, honing apparatus handling skills, and instructing participants in new dance routines.

Regular Camp

Age: 7-9 years old & 10-12 years old


  • Season 1: June 24-July 5

  • Season 2: July 1-12

  • Season 3: July 15-26

  • Season 4: July 29-Aug 2

  • Season 5: Aug 5-16

  • Season 6: Aug 19-23

4-6 years old:

  • Time: 10.15am-12.15pm

  • Price: 2,000*/week

7-9 years old:

  • Time: 9am-12 noon

  • Price: 3,000*/week

9-15 years old:

  • Time: 1-4pm

  • Price: 3,000*/week

*Early bird discount: register before June 15 and get 5% off; register for 2 weeks and get an additional 10% off   

Competition Camp

Age: 6-12 years old


  • Season 1: June 24-July 5

  • Season 2: July 1-12

  • Season 3: July 15-26

  • Season 4: Aug 5-16

Time: 9am-12 noon


  • RMB6,600*/2 weeks, 3 hours per day

  • RMB13,200*/2 weeks6 hours per day

  • RMB13,200*/4 weeks3 hours per day

  • RMB26,400*/4 weeks6 hours per day

*Early bird discount: register before June 15 and get 5% off; register for 2 seasons and get an additional 5-10% off


  • BodyLab , 70 Weifang Lu, by Pucheng Lu, Pudong District 潍坊西路70浦城路

  • BodyLab FOR Location, FOR A310, No. 2108 Yanggao Zhong Lu, by Fangdian Lu, Pudong District 杨高中路2108号天物空3 A310, 近芳甸路

Contact: See below

BodyLab Summer Camp @ Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong


BodyLab is also honored and proud to announce its collaboration with Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong (although non-Dulwich students are, of course, also very welcome).

BodyLab dedicated gymnastics coaches will focus on enhancing body strength and flexibility, refining coordination, honing apparatus handling skills, and instructing participants in new dance routines.

During the Jazz & Hip Hop Camp, students will delve into the foundations of hip hop, popping, breaking, K-pop and jazz.

All techniques acquired will be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive dance routine, which participants will have the opportunity to showcase at the culmination of each summer camp.

Registration is now open for various levels, catering to ages 6 to 12, with half day and whole day options.

For the whole day option, your child can choose a unique program together with BodyLab partner Little Medical School (LMS) – let your kids build confidence, learn new skills of dance or rhythmic gymnastics and some basics knowledge of medicine.

Age: 6-12 years old

Date: July 1-Aug 16

Half Day Camp

Hip Hop & Jazz:

  • Time: 10am-12 noon

  • Price: RMB4,400*/2 weeks

Rhythmic Gymnastics: 

  • Time: 1-4pm

  • Price: RMB6,600*/2 weeks

*Early bird discount: register before June 1 and get 10% off

Whole Day Camp

Hip Hop & Jazz:

  • Time: 10am-4pm

  • Price: RMB4,300/week, includes lunch

Rhythmic Gymnastics: 

  • Time: 9am-4pm

  • Price: RMB4,600/week, includes lunch

Location: Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong, 266 Lan'an Lu, by Biyun Lu, Pudong District 蓝桉路266近碧云路

Contact: For all of the above camps...

Sign Up Now

Max BodyLab 1812 116 8334


Follow BodyLab – Official WeChat


Let’s Camp Shanghai


Welcome to an unforgettable summer experience at Let's Camp Shanghai 2024 Summer Camp!

This premier camp offers a wide range of exciting activities, including horseback riding, swimming, various sports, magic classes, music sessions, outdoor picnics, and much more...


Located in the heart of Shanghai, the camp is easily accessible with convenient pick-up and drop-off point at Jing'an Workers' Stadium.

Running Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4pm, the camp provides a full-day program designed to keep kids engaged, active, and learning.

Participants aged six and up will have the opportunity to make new friends, develop new skills, and build confidence.

With a dedicated team of instructors and a supportive environment, campers will thrive both physically and mentally.

Age: 6 years +

Date: July 1- Aug 23

Time: 8.30am-4pm

Price: RMB3,399*/week, including lunch & snack

*Early bird discount: register before June 10 and get 5% off; register for 4 weeks and get an additional 3% off; sibling discount 3%

Location: Pick-up and drop-off at Jing'an Workers' Stadium, 888 Changping Lu, by Jiaozhou Lu 昌平路888近胶州路

Contact: Scan the QR code below...


VERA Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer Camp 


VERA Rhythmic Gymnastics Club was established in 2017, with international professional rhythmic gymnast and coach Ms Yana Nemolochinova of Kyrgyzstan serving as head coach.

Their regular rhythmic gymnastics courses focus on helping children develop motor skills, flexibility, coordination, dance skills, basic equipment training, and introducing basic knowledge of rhythmic gymnastics to children.

Their advanced courses focus on developing advanced competitive skills, namely increasing basic physical difficulty (jumping, turning, and balancing), improving the use of equipment (ropes, balls, ribbons, clubs), enhancing flexibility, muscle strength, and dance skills.

In the past six years, VERA Rhythmic Gymnastics Club have participated in various domestic and international rhythmic gymnastics competitions and achieved excellent rankings.

And VERA Rhythmic Gymnastics Summer Camps are now open for registration in two locations!





Age: 5-15 years old

Date: July 1-Aug 23

Time: Mon-Fri

Price: Half day RMB3,200/week; Full day RMB6,200/week

*Discount for four consecutive weeks 5%; Sibling discount 5%


  • Jinqiao: Entrance No. 3, Pudong Football Stadium Underground Garage, 381 Jindian Lu, Pudong

  • Tangzhen: GBA Sports Center Basketball Stadium, Qi-neng Dongfang Foreign Language School, 2000 Gutang Lu, Pudong

Contact: Call 191 1731 5139 or scan the QR on the posters above

Click here for more information

Eleve Dance Studio Summer Camps


Eleve Dance Studio Summer Camps are the perfect way for children to learn about dance, make new friends, and create lasting memories.

Designed for movers of all levels, the camps give students the opportunity to try a variety of styles including:

  • Ballet

  • Jazz

  • Contemporary

  • Hip Hop

  • Acrobatics.

Eleve Dance Studio also offer courses designed for students who are preparing to apply for high school and college admissions – they recently had students accepted into three Top 10 boarding schools abroad.

Age: 3-12 years old

Date: July 1- Aug 23

Time: Morning & Afternoon

Price: RMB250 per class. Students are eligible to receive discounts if they register before June 15 and/or if they sign up with a friend!

Location: Room 301-B, Block B, No. 488 Zhongshan Nan Yi Lu 中山南一路488号B座301-B室

Contact: Scan the QR on the poster above

Click here for more information

SinoUnited Health Career Experience Program


Grade 10-12 students are invited to SinoUnited Health, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Shanghai, to gain a deep understanding of the medical industry through on-site learning, discussion and practice.

Together with physicians, nurses, surgery center, laboratory and other teams, SinoUnited Health has customized a three-day bilingual professional experience program, which includes:

  • Unique career experience: following experienced doctors and nurses to learn relevant operations in every corner of the hospital

  • Professional CPR course: professional instructors will lead everyone in completion of the CPR training towards mastering basic first aid skills

  • Self-improvement: each student will conclude the study with a two-minute presentation, and has chance to receive relevant recommendation letters from SinoUnited Health doctors

Age: 16-18 years old (Grade 10-12)


  • Session 1: Fri-Sun, June 28-30

  • Session 2: Fri-Sun, July 5-7


  • Day 1: 10am-4pm

  • Day 2: 10am-4pm

  • Day 3: 10am-5pm

Price: RMB4,980*, includes relevant consumables in medical practice, CPR training fees, and lunch on all three days

*SinoUnited Health Family Card Price: RMB3,750

Location: 350 Middle Jiangxi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

Contact: Scan the QR code below...


NASO 2024: Exclusive Access Summer Camp for Teenagers


NASO 2024 is a premier tour of geopolitics and lawmaking in the United States, with an add-on debating camp component in Canada.

The focus of NASO is to show the aspiring parliamentarian in each one of us the world of debating and diplomacy in real-life terms.

  • The only US + Canada joint summer camp offered in the region in 2024

  • Includes 3- & 4-star hotel accommodations by IHG Group

  • Includes all air travel between Shanghai, NYC, DC, and Toronto/Vancouver

Ages: 12-16 years old

Debaters below 12 may apply for special consideration. Debaters older than 16 may inquire about openings for trip assistants/summer outbound internships.

NASO Main: United States – July 7-13


Includes visits to...

  • United Nations Headquarters in New York City

  • Washington’s National Mall

  • US Capitol and Library of Congress

  • Arlington Cemetery & Pentagon Memorial

  • Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

NASO Add-on: Canada – July 14-20


  • 6-Day Intensive Debating Camp

  • Canadian Sightseeing

Click here for more information

Contact: Scan the QR code below...


Sunrise International Kindergarten Summer Program


Sunrise International Kindergarten offers a bilingual (English/Chinese) summer program with a mix of fun, learning, creative and enriching activities and experiences!


  • Daily phonics lesson

  • Daily Theme lesson

  • Creative crafts

  • Water fun activities

  • Field trips

  • Yoga / Kungfu

  • Parties

  • And much more…

Weekly Themes:

  • Pirates & Mermaids

  • Music Fest

  • Circus Fun

  • Artists Inspiration

  • Magical Creatures

  • Like Superheroes

  • Disney World

  • Jungle Safari

Age: 18 months to 6 years old

Date: July 1- Aug 23

Time: 8am-4pm*

Price: RMB3,296/week

Location: No. 2, Lane 9, Hengshan Lu, by Wulumuqi Lu

Contact: 6466 5309 or sunik@sunriseik.com

*Possibility of half day for toddlers only

Summer Tennis Camp


Tennisline has just launched registration for their Tennis Summer Camp suitable for kids aged 4 to 12 years old!

This tennis camp is based on the ITF curriculum and is led by qualified foreign coaches in a circuit type games sense format, involving a great variety of drills to maximize enjoyment and involvement. This summer camp consists of 9 weeks starting from Jul 1 till Aug 30 and takes place every day from Monday to Friday 9-11am. A complimentary welcome bag, individual progress report & diploma for each kid, Low student-to-coach ratio; rackets are provided too! 

Age: 4-12 years old


  • Week 1: July 1-5

  • Week 2: July 8-12

  • Week 3: July 15-19

  • Week 4: July 22-26

  • Week 5: July 28-Aug 2

  • Week 6: Aug 5-9

  • Week 7: Aug 12-16

  • Week 8: Aug 19-23

  • Week 9: Aug 26-30

Time: 9-11am

Price: RMB2,500/week

Location: Tennisline Grand Club, 568 Julu Lu 巨鹿路568号

Contact: Scan the QR on the poster above

Click here for more information

Phoenix Academy


Concordia International School Shanghai is reinventing summer learning with Phoenix Academy!

With carefully curated courses, this summer school offers a two-week adventure tailored for students rising Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

From brain-teasing coding and applied math sessions, to exciting public speaking and investment strategy workshops, to vibrant sports and fine arts – there’s something for everyone to explore.

Through these fun and enriching activities, Phoenix Academy aims to ignite participating students’ curiosity, foster friendships, and build essential lifelong skills.

This is also a chance to get immersed in the daily life and learning culture of Concordia, fostering holistic growth and invaluable experiences.

Plus, Concordia’s high-caliber teachers will guide students every step of the way, ensuring engagement, feedback and assessment.

Open to all students with foreign passports.

Age:  4-18 years old


  • Week 1: June 17-21

  • Week 2: June 24-28

Time: 8.30am-4pm


  • Early Childhood: RMB6,500/week

  • Elementary School: RMB8,000/week

  • Middle & High School: RMB8,000/week; RMB4,000 for half-day session  

*Transportation offered at an additional cost

Location: Concordia International School Shanghai, 345 Huangyang Lu, by Mingyue Lu 杨路345近明月路

Contact: Scan the QR on the poster above, or email steven.sgourdos@concordiashanghai.org

Chinese Summer Camp by That’s Mandarin


Chinese Summer Camp by That's Mandarin is a wonderfully immersive experience for kids and teens. It's the best way to spend the summer – exploring the Chinese culture, visiting famous tourist Chinese sites, and learning Mandarin Chinese together with children from all over the world.

READ MORE: Chinese Summer Camp for Kids & Teens 2024

Age: 10-17 years old

Date: June 17-Aug 12


  • Half-Day Camp: Mon-Fri, 1.15pm-3.50pm

  • Day Camp: Mon-Fri, 9am-3.50pm

  • Full Day (July only): Mon-Sun, All Day + 24h supervision

  • Homestay Camp: Mon-Sun, 9am-3.50pm + evening & weekends activities with host family

  • Family Camp: Mon-Fri, 9am-3.50pm (kids); 8.30am-12 noon (adults)

Price: From RMB3,750/week

Location: 881 Wuding Lu, Bldg 1, 5/F 武定路88115

Contact: Scan the QR below


Click here for more information

Asian Golf Scotland Summer Camp


This summer, Asian Golf Scotland (AGS) is proud to partner with the renowned High Performance Golf Academy from Shanghai to offer an exclusive golf camp for young enthusiasts.

Set in the historic and breathtaking St. Andrews, this is your child’s chance to learn from the best, including Canadian PGA professional Todd Spring.

What makes AGS camp so special:

  • World-Class Instruction: Receive unparalleled coaching from top-tier golf professionals

  • Immersive Experience: Dive into the heritage of golf at its very birthplace and gain lifelong skills

  • Global Friendships: Meet and connect with peers from across the globe who share the same passion for golf

AGS are nearing the end of their registration period though, and spots are filling up fast, so this is the final call for applications – don’t let your child miss out on this incredible summer filled with learning, improvement, and fun.

Experience golfing excellence this summer at St. Andrews – where champions are made!

Age: 8-18 years old

Date: July 5-18

Location: The legendary courses of St. Andrews, Scotland!

Contact: Add AGS director Daniel McParland’s WeChat by scanning the QR below...


Awesome Summer Camp


The 14th Annual Awesome Summer Camp is back for another summer of fun and learning!

The camp is for children between the ages of 2-6 years. They'll have a ton of fun with experienced camp leaders working on important educational, physical and mental skills with a play-based approach.

The daily program has elements of sports, team building, arts & crafts, science, English, Chinese, math and self-learning implemented throughout the program.

Camp goals:

  • Create an environment conducive to learning and socializing with new friends

  • Improve physical and mental abilities through play-based activities

  • Foster an environment that rewards independent learning

  • Enhance children's appreciation of arts, music, drama, dance, sports and more

  • Create a bilingual, caring environment to help develop awesome international learners


Over the summer, the curriculum is broken down to weekly fun and exciting themes so parents can pick and choose the weeks they want to join without little ones feeling like they're missing out.

Lunch and morning and afternoon snacks are provided in the fee, while nap time is available for those that need.

Click here for more information

Age: 2-6 years old

Date: June 17-Aug 30

Time: 8.30am-3.30pm

Price: RMB3,500/week

Location: Shanghai Town & Country Club, 46 Luding Lu, by YunLing Dong Lu 上海市普陀区泸定路46

Contact: Scan the QR below


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