9 Amazing Art Shows to Check Out This March in Foshan

By That's GBA, March 6, 2024

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Foshan Traditional Culture Exhibition


This exhibition showcases the traditional customs of Foshan from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month to the 26th day of the first lunar month, focusing on three themes: welcoming spring in the twelfth lunar month, celebrating the New Year in the first lunar month, and ushering in blessings and fortune. These distinctive local customs, brimming with the rich cultural heritage of Lingnan, exude charm and appeal, reflecting people's aspirations for renewal, prosperity, and auspiciousness.

Until March 10, 2024

Foshan Library, No.11 Huakang Road, Shunde

Near Exit D/E, Shijilian Station, GuangFo Metro

Unfamiliar Landscapes


The exhibition explores the artistry of Ji Weiwei, Fu Weiwei, Wang Zhuo, and Xiao Haisheng. Their works delve into the unique aspects of southern and northern China, capturing the essence of diverse living environments, human interactions, and urban landscapes. 

Until March 10, 2024

Four Seasons Art Gallery, Ludao Lake, Kerun Road, Chancheng

Only Informing the Arrival of Spring


Li Jianing's solo oil painting exhibition. In the dense jungle of life, where thorns abound, even if we try to evade and prepare in advance, we still find ourselves wounded and bruised on the cautious path forward when confronted by the rampant growth of sharp thorns. We battle with trepidation for the unpredictable next step, huddling in tiny tree hollows.

But when the mountain flowers bloom, you and I will surely leisurely observe the raging storms and feel the warmth in the sunny spots during the flower's morning and evening. Just like a gust of spring breeze in the warm winter, a glimpse of greenery in the spring, a slice of watermelon in the summer heat, and a tree laden with fruit in the autumn breeze—all refreshing to the soul when the gentle wind brushes past.

Until March 25, 2024

Serrangel Art Space, Unit 102 Courtyard, No.6 Chenghai Road Nr., Daliang, Shunde

Weaving Time - Unveiling a Century of Guangdong Photography


Looking back at a century of photography development in Guangdong, the region's photographic prowess has always been evident, seamlessly intertwining with the fabric of Chinese photographic history as a typical slice and parallel history. In tribute to the predecessors and in appreciation of their artistic styles, the "Weaving Time" exhibition selects works from a hundred photography masters, threading together different themes to gradually unfold the narrative of photography in Guangdong. This exhibition constructs a grand history of photography from the perspective of the Guangdong region.

Until March 31, 2024

Serrangel Art Space, Unit 102 Courtyard, No.6 Chenghai Road Nr., Daliang, Shunde

Legendary Kiln Fire - Millennium Pottery Town Collection Exhibition


The exhibition showcases classic pottery sculptures from various dynasties in Shiwan, revealing the unique charm of Shiwan pottery. The exhibition allows viewers to immerse themselves in the emotional expression and artistic context of the exhibits, experiencing the life wisdom and aesthetic taste conveyed by Shiwan pottery.

Until March 31, 2024

Inside Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, No.5-6 Gaomiao Road, Chancheng

Near Exit D, Shiwan Station, Foshan Metro Line 2

Tales of the South


'Tales of the South' delves into the intricate and ever-evolving historical roots and contemporary realities of the southern region, nurturing artistic forms that defy simple definitions. When discussing locality or regional identity, we inevitably confront the clichés of identity and regional style. Dispersal becomes a solution, an inevitable outcome. 

This exhibition explores the impact of contextual changes, institutional reforms, shifts in media, and institutional fluctuations on southern art. We will retrace the development of southern art over the past 150 years, focusing on the blurred, controversial, and confrontational aspects of southern art, presenting audiences with a vivid panorama of southern art amidst ongoing fluctuations.

Until April 7, 2024

He Art Museum, No.6 Yixing Road, Shunde

Near Midea Station, GuangFo Metro Line

Impression Monet


This exhibition will showcase Monet's works through museum-level replicas, presented with new media technologies and scenographic designs. It aims to create an immersive artistic experience that integrates physical exhibits, music, and visuals, blending narrative with interactivity. Divided into 7 exhibition areas, it seeks to explore the light and shadow artistry in Monet's works.

Until May 19, 2024

Look Art Museum, Shop 2, Xietian Lane, Lingnan Tiandi, Chancheng

Near Zumiao Station, GuangFo Metro



Go Yayanagii and Tetsuo Mizu, artists in their nineties and eighties respectively, have journeyed through a lifetime of cultural exchange, shaping their art with experiences spanning Japan, Brazil, Europe, and beyond. Their works, showcased at the Boxes Art Museum in Shunde, epitomize a fusion of worldviews and talents, reflecting the wonders of civilization, visual imagination, and the recklessness of nature. Their dialogue with life across different regions mirrors the evolution of modern Japanese civilization, revealing the transformative power of art in embracing diverse cultures and ideas.

March 7 - June 3, 2024

Boxes Art Museum, Shunfeng Mountain Park, Shunde

Near Exit D, Shunde OCT Harbour Plus Station, Foshan Metro Line 3

A Rock Poet Between the Spiritual and Natural World


Born in 1959 in the UK, Billy Childish is a multi-talented artist and writer, known for his prolific output in both music and literature. With hundreds of albums and dozens of novels and poems to his name, Childish's creative process is characterized by its directness, speed, and raw energy. His dynamic paintings, often created in a single burst without any revisions, reflect his unique artistic vision.

In an exciting collaboration, the He Art Museum will present the curated exhibition "A Rock Poet Between the Spiritual and Natural World" starting from March 23, 2024. This exhibition will juxtapose Billy Childish's works with depictions of landscapes by Chinese contemporary artists, initiating a spiritual journey that traverses East and West, engaging in dialogue with the realms of nature and spirituality.

March 23 - June 30, 2024

He Art Museum, No.6 Yixing Road, Shunde

Near Midea Station, GuangFo Metro Line

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