18 Amazing Art Shows This December in Shenzhen

By That's Shenzhen, December 11, 2023

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Han Jiaying's Design A-Z


In the world of Han Jia Ying's design, he delves into the essence of design by returning to its fundamental elements, seeking the intricate connection between modern design and traditional culture through the study of traditional Chinese characters. This exhibition is not merely a showcase of finished design products but, conversely, a glimpse into the creative process that underlies them.

Until December 17, 2023

He Xiangning Art Museum, No.9013 Shennan Dadao

Dipping with Beauty - Ryan Mendoza


Ryan Mendoza's art revolves around a strong desire to return home, seeking belonging and familiarity. Through his brushstrokes, he captures the essence of human emotions, intertwining nostalgia and yearning. Each stroke becomes a vessel for emotions, as if the canvas itself carries a lifetime of memories and experiences. Embracing the inherent flaws of humanity, he acknowledges that true beauty lies not in perfection but in shaping the raw and authentic moments that make up our lives. This solo exhibition by Ryan presents the power of vulnerability, reminding us that it is through our imperfections that we find our most authentic selves. 

Until December 20, 2023

KennaXu Gallery, A0112, No.19 Langshan Road, Nanshan

Plant Intelligence


In the era of intense focus on artificial intelligence, it's crucial to broaden our perspective on the concept of "intelligence." According to Mancuso, defining intelligence as the ability to solve problems opens up diverse possibilities. Intelligence doesn't solely originate from humans but extends to nature, encompassing microorganisms, minerals, celestial bodies, and more abstract entities. Treating everything with equality is a mindset; by revisiting ancient wisdom like "qi-wu" or utilizing modern technology, we can gain a more diverse outlook. The artists invited to the exhibition reflect the inspiration fueled by the "non-human-centric" ideology, emerging from the synergy of science, technology, and art.

Until December 22, 2023

Guan Shanyue Art Museum, No.6026 Hongli Lu, Futian

Moment of Fantasy


The exhibition features 160 sets of Qi Baishi art treasures, offering a unique opportunity to experience the warmth and legacy of this renowned artist. It includes works across various categories, showcasing Qi Baishi's mastery in figures, landscapes, flora, fauna, and aquatic life.

Until December 23, 2023

Shenzhen Art Museum (New Venue), No.30 Tenglong Road, Longhua

Exhibition of Fine Arts and Documents from the Collection of Shenzhen Art Museum


The exhibition will combine rich literature with works for comprehensive display, showcasing over 100 types of artworks such as traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc. At the same time, supporting public education activities will be held to construct a unique relationship between urban art museums and the public, exploring the ways and ideas of art museums as urban living rooms to participate in social and cultural life in the future deeply.

Until December 30, 2023

Shenzhen Art Museum (New Venue), No.30 Tenglong Road, Longhua

A Journey of All and None - Jacky Tsai Solo Exhibition


The exhibition, titled "万象与留白 A Journey of All and None," draws inspiration from Nietzsche's philosophical novel "A Book for All and None." "万象" represents the infinite richness and complexity in Cai Yunhua's works, while "留白" reflects the depth and inclusiveness in his creative philosophy. Showcasing dozens of pieces encompassing the artist's career, the exhibition embodies his rich experiences with life, philosophy, Zen, and nature.

Until January 1, 2024

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, No.184 Fuzhong Road, Futian

New Fairytale Paradigm


A total of more than 40 paintings by Zhou Yiwen are exhibited, as well as six large-scale installation works such as "Peace Square", "Sleeping Angel", "Birth of Angel", "Angel Singing", "Freshness Period", and "Green Horse", conveying the artist's thinking on love, peace and environmental protection.

Until January 7, 2024

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT), Bldg. F2, Enping Jie, OCT Loft, Nanshan

"Future Phenomenon"-Xu He Solo Exhibition


The exhibition titled "Future Phenomenon" by Xu He is inspired by the artist's exploration of current art practices, research, and the transitional state of Western art history. It reflects on how to break free from regional painting languages, discover new painting languages and directions for the future, and explore how painting is disrupted and integrated in the era of technological information.

Until January 10, 2024

KennaXu Gallery, A0112, No.19 Langshan Road, Nanshan

Innovation of Impressions

Oil Painting and Photography Exhibition of Normandy, France


In the 19th century, France was undoubtedly the artistic center of Europe. The invention of photography in 1839, with its precise reproduction of reality, significantly impacted traditional European painting. Artists began exploring new directions for the development of painting. This exhibition features 120 masterpieces, bringing together works by Western art giants such as Monet, Corot, and Courbet in the Normandy region of France. The diverse exhibits showcase the collision of artistic ideas and blending of painting techniques in the Normandy region, narrating the story of art and technology driving human history and civilization.

Until January 14, 2024

Shenzhen Art Museum, No.32 Donghu 1st Street, Aiguo Road, Luohu

Interwoven Scape Digital Art Exhibition


The France OPLINEPRIZE holds its first exhibition in Shenzhen, featuring 17 sets of works by 21 renowned artists from 9 countries (China, France, Japan, South Korea, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA, and Norway). Most of these works are being exhibited in China for the first time.

Until January 14, 2024

Shenzhen Art Museum (New Venue), No.30 Tenglong Road, Longhua

Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles


The exhibition unfolds a new chapter in the extraordinary solo journey dedicated to the renowned Japanese artist, Shiota Chiharu. Titled "Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles," the showcase features two remarkable works meticulously crafted using Alcantara, underscoring the artist's sincere aspiration to evoke soul-stirring experiences rooted in the enigmatic realm of nameless emotions.

Until January 14, 2024

Shenzhen Art Museum (New Venue), No.30 Tenglong Road, Longhua

READ MORE: Exhibition "Shiota Chiharu: The Soul Trembles" at Shenzhen Art Museum

King Tut Immersive


The five thematic scenes of immersive multimedia technology, holographic technology and high-precision restoration technology and ten highlights interweave sound, light, image and other elements together, aiming to truly restore the appearance of civilization and create a breathtaking immersive exhibition space.

Until January 28, 2024

MixC World, No.9668 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan

Vision and Gaze


"Vision and Gaze" presents an artistic feast crafted by masters like Anthony van Dyck, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Andy Warhol, and more. Each artwork represents an artistic dialogue transcending time and space. Nanshan Museum invites you to experience the artistic evolution and unique charm of figure painting over 500 years! Featuring Western figures and portrait paintings from the Tokyo Art Museum.

Until Feburary 28, 2024

Nanshan Museum, No.2093, Nanshan Avenue, Nanshan

A Herd of Zebras Crossing the Road - Shen Shaomin Art Exhibition


A Herd of Zebras Crossing the Road is one and the only line of verse in I Am the Rule of My Own, a poem written by Shen Shaomin. When the “natural” species of zebras wander in the “artificial” modern city, the zebra stripes overlap and entangle with bionic traffic signs, constituting a mixed, fuzzy and uncertain situation full of pictorial art. The theme of this exhibition, on the other hand, serves as a metaphor of the gap between natural ecology and social environment, which means the distance from spatial boundary to spatial displacement, or stopping “in between”, even arousing the absurd sense of a line separating the space. This is the parallax illusion of Shen Shaomin’s poetic imagination, and also his witty cover-up of art. This way of setting up and crossing barrier, in my view, has become the basic appeal of his artistic creation, or it is also the foothold of his continuous thinking vs. reflection and exploration vs. criticism.

Until March 10, 2024

Art Museum of Guangming Culture and Art Center

Lin Zhinan Solo Exhibition


Titled "Neng Zhi Shan Shui" (The Signifier of Landscape), the exhibition carries a subtle playfulness beneath the expressions of post-industrial art and Eastern freehand. As a large-scale exhibition for the New Year at OCAT B10 in Shenzhen, the exhibition will extract Lin Zhinan's oriental and natural elements, mimicking garden architecture to create a garden-like space in the midst of the city. At the end of the year, it will lead people to an inner world reminiscent of retreat and Zen-like tranquility.

Until April 7, 2024

OCAT B10, OCAT Hall A/B & B10, OCT-LOFT, Enping Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan



As Rhizomatiks makes its debut with a large-scale solo exhibition in China, the artist team takes full control of the exhibition, curated by the internationally acclaimed curator Yuko Hasegawa. The exhibition experience is co-produced by the design and interactive platform Insula. This "upgraded version" for Chinese audiences follows the success of the Rhizomatiks exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2021, promising a unique and immersive experience led by the innovative artistry of Rhizomatiks.

Until April 7, 2024

Sea World Culture and Arts Center, No.1187 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan

Pingcheng and Yungang Grottoes Art in the Northern Wei Dynasty


The Yungang Grottoes, alongside the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang and the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, are renowned as one of China's largest ancient cave temple complexes. With a history of over 1,500 years, the exhibition showcases a wealth of cultural artifacts and historical materials from the Northern Wei Dynasty, totaling 237 pieces/sets. It comprehensively displays the rich outcomes of ethnic integration and cultural exchanges between East and West during the Pingcheng era of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Until May 24, 2024

Lobby & Special Exhibition Hall No.2, Shenzhen Museum of History and Folk Culture, No.184, Fuzhong Road, Futian

Flower Bloom on Branches North and South


This is a special exhibition featuring Flower and Bird paintings by Guan Shanyue and Yu Xining. Both artists were born in a turbulent era marked by internal and external challenges, a time when the nation faced crisis. It was also an era of collision between Chinese and Western cultures, with the replacement of old and new ideas. As artists, their works consistently respond to the efforts of national and cultural revitalization in modern times, reflecting the individual exploration, progress, and humanistic concerns of the artists themselves.

Until June 2, 2024

Guan Shanyue Art Museum, No.6026 Hongli Road, Futian

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