12 Amazing Art Shows This November in Guangzhou

By That's Guangzhou, November 15, 2023

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Art from Collections of GAFA Over 70 Years


The exhibition is curated by the museum's collection department, offering a systematic showcase of artworks from different periods, representing the significant works of teachers and students in teaching. This exhibition highlights pieces that have contributed to the development of teaching at our university. It provides an opportunity for academia, the art community, and the public to understand the significance of the university art museum's work in art collection, positioning, and research.

November 18 - December 24, 2023

Art Museum of GAFA (Changgang Campus), Haizhu



"Holzwege," named after the ancient name for the forest, translates to "Wooded Paths" in English. It originates from Heidegger's essay collection of the same name, where he explores various topics, including the essence of art, revealing that the essence of an artwork is the uncovering of truth. This exhibition features the solo works of artist Woori Bai, focusing on the artist's contemplation of the divine nature of life and an exploration of the meaning of existence.

Until November 19, 2023

IM Gallery, A303, No.1821 Xinjiao Dong Road, Haizhu

Art Exhibition by Isabella Jin


Discover the compelling world of Isabella Jin's art in the exhibition "Out of the Garden." As she approaches her 18th birthday, this young artist's work transcends her years, reflecting her deep connection with feminism and a profound understanding of women's experiences. With 26 diverse pieces in mediums ranging from sketches to sculptures, Isabella's artworks not only showcase her technical prowess but also convey a powerful message of inner strength and empowerment.

Until November 19, 2023

Kui Yuan Gallery, No.9 Xuguyuan lu, Yuexiu

Hidden Gaze


"Gaze" differs from mere observation or seeing; it is continuous, contemplative, and maintains a distance. It involves a kind of transcendent and detached scrutiny and reflection, coexisting with the activation of a certain perception beyond the line of sight. It is a highly personalized experience.

Until November 20, 2023

Trealm Culture & Art, No.21 Geshan New Street, Jiangnan Ave., Haizhu

Have a 谷 Day


This is a zero-waste exhibition about biodiversity. Starting with rice, it guides visitors through four main sections to reintroduce this familiar yet unfamiliar food, aiming to urge the public to care about food, pay attention to food safety, eat well, and live well.

Until November 21, 2023

SeeD Studio, No.11 Aiguo Road, Yuexiu

Tea Helps to Build A Better World


The exhibition brings together a number of tea industry intangible inheritors, Lingnan tea culture scholars and a number of tea culture brands to jointly create 12 tea culture spaces in three exhibition areas, displaying the new achievements of the inheritance and development of Chinese tea culture in the context of the new era, and carrying out a series of public welfare tea tasting meetings and tea culture experience activities for citizens and tourists.

Until December 25, 2023

Guangzhou Cultural & Arts Centre, No.288, Xinjiao Middle Road, Haizhu

Take a Breathe


"Take a Breathe" marks the nationwide solo debut of the young oil painter Liu Lian. Proficient in capturing emotions through color, she utilizes the evocative power of hues to strengthen individual self-awareness in various spaces. Visitors at the exhibition can let their consciousness flow with the artist's expressive personality, experiencing interactive installations in the gallery that recharge their own mind and emotions, allowing a renewal of breath.

Until November 28, 2023

Art Space, No.4 Shamian Nan Street, Liwan

Ancient City New Green


The exhibition brings together renowned Lingnan painters and emerging artists from various regions. These artists pour their profound emotions for the millennium-old city into their works, depicting trees that are rare and over a hundred years old in Guangzhou. The paintings bear witness to the vibrant development of the beautiful city in the new era. The artworks showcase the rich ecology and humanities of the southern region, reflecting a deep sentiment for building a beautiful city and a harmonious home.

Until November 30, 2023

Tianhe Cultural Center, No.8 Huicai Bei Road, Tianhe

Arrive Deep in the Forest


In Han Jianyu's works, there's a marvelous resonance between the sketches and the allegories of nature, landscapes, and forests. They create a profound contemplation on the relationship between material and nature, birth and death. Han Jianyu presents us with a monochromatic world that transcends the flashy and colorful reality, returning to the artist's simple and vivid emotions and the distant realm of nature, away from the "real."

Until December 29, 2023

GCAC, 6/F, North Tower, Guangzhou Daily Center, No.370 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu

In Praise of Love


Tribute to the Master - more than 20 authentic artworks - Exhibition of Pablo Picasso. Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso

Until January 3, 2024

Look Art Museum, 6/F Grandview Mall, Tianhe

The Glory Within Authenticity


The exhibition features 222 exhibits, telling the comprehensive story of Yongle Palace, covering its architecture, murals, Taoist culture, and relocations, showcasing over seven centuries of its enduring artistic vitality.

Until January 7, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang Dong Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe

Lover in the World


This exhibition is the first to focus on the Chinese literary classic "The Romance of the Western Chamber." Leveraging the collection of this museum and bringing together 320 exquisite cultural relics from 13 cultural and museum institutions nationwide, it provides a multidimensional and all-encompassing presentation of the deep cultural connotations and noble spiritual pursuits of "The Romance of the Western Chamber." The exhibition delves into the profound influence of "The Romance of the Western Chamber" on material, spiritual, and cross-cultural exchanges, aiming to "bring to life the words written in ancient books" and thus achieve the creative transformation and innovative development of outstanding Chinese traditional culture.

Until February 25, 2024

Guangdong Museum, No.2 Zhujiang Dong Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe

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