The Secret to Cooking Fish: 3 Simple & Tasty Recipes

By Sponsored, December 8, 2021

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With crispy skin on the outside and tender meat on the inside, perfectly cooked fish is delicious enough to make grown adults cry tears of joy. The experienced home cook can learn all the secrets of tasty fish recipes.

Hint: the key is to keep it simple.

And to do just that, acornfresh is here to share some easy recipes, suitable for almost all kinds of fish. With these recipes, you will never have to stress over how to cook that perfect fish dish again! 



This basic cooking method is ideal for most deep-sea fish and can save you a lot of trouble. acornfresh provides frozen-at-sea fish, making it even more convenient to cook; high quality deep-sea fish are frozen on the boat immediately after being caught, without heads, guts and bones. 


Good ingredients require only simple cooking, and pan-searing sets a strong foundation for more advanced cooking techniques to come.

ingredient.jpg200g Halibut (or other recommended fish)
1 gram Salt 



1. Move fish from freezer to refrigerator one night before cooking

2. Marinate both side of the fish with salt and pepper and let it rest for five minutes

3. Preheat the pan and drizzle with oil, add the fish, and sear each side for two minutes until a golden crust has formed



ingredient.jpg200g Halibut (or other recommended fish)
1 gram Salt
1 teaspoon Broad-bean sauce (doubanjiang)
1 teaspoon Cooking wine
1 teaspoon Soy sauce
3 cloves Garlic
3 slices Ginger
1 bunch Coriander
1 Dried chili



1. Move fish from freezer to refrigerator one night before cooking

2. Marinate both side of the fish with salt and let it rest for five minutes

3. Preheat the pan and drizzle with oil, add ginger, garlic, dried chili and anise and stir fry 

4. Add the fish and sear each side for two minutes until a golden crust has formed

5. Add boiling water, make sure the water level is over the fish

6. Add broad-bean sauce, soy sauce and cooking wine, braise for five minutes

7. Enjoy!


*Feel free to replace with other sauce based on personal flavor preferences. From this recipe, it’s easy to create more fish dishes, like sweet and sour cod, teriyaki halibut, etc. 



Olive oil, tomatoes and onions are commonly used when cooking fish in the Mediterranean region. This flavor combination is the basis for many advanced healthy fish dishes.


Here, acornfresh would like to introduce a famous Italian fish dish called Acqua Pazza. The literal translation of this dish is “fish in crazy water.”

While many are unsure where this name came from, we can only guess it’s because who would have thought fish poached in a water-based sauce could be so delicious!


200g Cod (or other recommended fish)
3 cloves Garlic
100g Onion
200g Tomato
1 Dried chili
1 bunch Basil
100g White wine or cooking wine
Salt and olive oil



1. Sauté onion first, add garlic and chili, then tomato and wine

2. Reduce the wine by half, cooking out the alcohol and leaving behind all the flavor

3. Add water, then simmer to reduce by about half to finish the sauce

4. Place the fish on top of the sauce. It will sit mostly above the liquid level. Cover with a lid or a baking tray or foil

5. Poach until the fish is just cooked, with no raw parts left but still retaining optimum moistness This will take around 6 minutes

6. Stir herbs into the sauce, and enjoy!


This cooking method is excellent for extracting the most flavor out of a simple dish. The flavors from the fish add depth to the sauce. It’s the purest form of fish stock, and the fish itself absorbs the flavor of the sauce ingredients.

These fish recipes work perfectly whether you are a beginner or a master chef. It’s always a good choice to pan-sear the fish for a quick and simple but delicious dish, or you can go with the more advanced versions where you can play around with different flavors and side dishes.

This is just the jumping off point for many other delicious fish recipes, like Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce, Creamy Tuscan Salmon, etc. Be on the lookout for more acornfresh recipes to enhance your next at-home dining experience!


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