You Don't Have Time to Workout? Neither Did She

By That's Sanya, September 18, 2021

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Back in 2017, Donna Spisso was 66 years old and a challenger in the Ultimate You Season 5 after many seasons with K2Fit. She was proud to show off all she had accomplished. Her job has her sitting behind a computer 8 to 10 hours a day. (For comparison, teachers have more movement in a classroom.)

Spisso had her work cut out for her to get in enough activity to build muscle and get lean, but she had a good attitude. “How buff can a 66-year-old gray haired lady be? As buff as she is willing to work!”


Though her busy lifestyle and rocking results are impressive, the backstory is what is especially interesting. Coach Kara was Spisso’s personal trainer before K2Fit existed. During that time reaching back into the 2000’s, Spisso credits Coach Kara in helping her get on a regular program that benefited her fitness level. 

Spisso mentioned though that as the years went by, despite the advantages, personal training was hard to continue. “One-on-one training became difficult and then impossible to schedule for many reasons, (including leaving Guangzhou in 2009). We lost touch until my husband and I returned to Guangzhou in 2014.”

When Spisso returned she was impressed with what Coach Kara and her team had built with K2Fit.


“K2Fit has revolutionized the whole concept of personal training,” Spisso explained.

Most of us probably think in-person is always better, but Spisso had  tried both and preferred the new flipped method of meeting with Coach Kara. She believed it was more holistic than the one-to-one personal training sessions.


“When I joined my first K2Fit Challenge, I thought it was so cool to come full circle. Here I was back in Guangzhou and working with Kara again, but this time it was so much better. I had a dietary goal (learn how to eat clean and stick with it), weight goal (lose 15 pounds and keep it off) and a fitness goal (build muscle, lose fat, increase stamina).”

K2Fit participants often swear by the experience, and Spisso is no different. 

“It’s not simply a list of exercises to be performed. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about diet and exercise and mindfulness. It’s about taking charge of your life and sticking with a regimen that is easy to follow and results driven.”

And how did Spisso deal with her busy schedule and sedentary work environment? She ate clean and stayed consistent.


“I walked at least a kilometer to the gym and another one back to the apartment in China. So 40 minutes of walking a day, one hour of weight training and the occasional yoga class was all the movement I got per day. And I still made progress!”

That’s impressive! Great job Donna Spisso and the K2Fit team!


You can also get these same results, and you don’t have to try to figure it out alone or spending a ton of time guessing what’s right for you. It’s your personal trainer’s job to help you figure out that puzzle!

Let us just share with you exactly what you’re getting with K2Fit:

  • 10 Weeks of detailed workout programming that includes strength training, core work, K2Fit Slöga, and HIIT training. You can choose home or gym workouts (Value: $177 or RMB1,140)

  • K2Fit meal plan guidelines and recipes (Value: $37 or RMB238)

  • Exclusive K2Fit Facebook and WeChat Community where we hold you accountable to your goals (Value: $47 or RMB302)

  • Fun, surprising challenges and varied workouts to keep your motivation up (Value: $47 or RMB302)

  • Workout videos and instructions by a trainer with years upon years of experience and thousands of clients (Value: $27 or RMB174)

  • Bonus Weekend Warrior workouts to push you to your best (Value: $27 or RMB174)

  • Weekly emails and updates on fitness and motivation (Value: $18 or RMB116)

  • Personal trainer in your pocket - if you need anything, shout out directly to Coach Kara or her team and they will be there to help (Value: PRICELESS!)

  • A chance to win cash and prizes in the category of your choice!

Though it totals to over RMB3,000, get it for only RMB1,280 for 10 weeks. That’s RMB18 per day or half the cost of a venti spice pumpkin latte.

To get in the best shape of your life, scan this code or click on this link to register for your own program.



Not convinced? Check out other participant testimonials here.

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[Images courtesy of K2Fit]

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