Useful Mandarin Phrases: Taking a Taxi

By Urban Family, January 2, 2019

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This article originally appeared on our sister website, Urban Family Shanghai.

By Mandy Tie

Grabbing a taxi is a popular means to get about in Shanghai, but the language barrier can sometimes hinder your chances of arriving at the correct destination, or going the way you want. To help you communicate where you're going and how you get there, here are some handy Mandarin words and phrases to keep in mind during future rides.

Please take me to [address]
请带我去 [XXX]
Qǐng dài wǒ qù [XXX]

It’s near [street or junction]
Zài...fù jìn

I would like to drop off my friend at [address] first
我想先送我的朋友去 [XXX]
Wǒ xiǎng xiān sòng wǒ dí péng yǒu qù [XXX]

Make a ____ turn here
这里 ____ 转
Zhè lǐ   ____   zhuǎn





Keep going straight
Zhí zǒu

Please drive slowly
Qǐng màn yī diǎn kāi

Can you roll down the window?
Qǐng dǎ kāi chuāng zǐ

Please pull over here
Qǐng zài zhè lǐ tíng

How long does it take to go to [address]?
去 [XXX] 要多长时间?
Qù [XXX] yào duō cháng shí jiān ?

How much is the bill?
Duō shǎo qián?

Please keep the change
Bù yòng zhǎo qián

Could you print a fapiao for me please?
Kě yǐ bǎ fā piào gěi wǒ má?

Can I pay using…
Wǒ néng yòng . . . zhī fù má?

- WeChat
Wēi xìn

- AliPay
Zhī fù bǎo

- Credit card
Xìn yòng kǎ 

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This article was originally published by our sister magazine Urban Family Shanghai. For more articles like this, visit the Urban Family website, or follow the Urban Family WeChat account (ID: urbanfamilyshanghai).

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