AI Robot Takes Gaokao, Does Just Alright

By Bridget O'Donnell, June 9, 2017

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An Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot took the gaokao this week in Chengdu, doing just alright on the math portion of China's National College Entrance Examination.

The robot, AI-MATHS, consisted of 11 servers and took two versions test on Wednesday without cheating (AKA "without Internet support").

Gaokao robot

AI-MATHS completed Beijing's math test in 22 minutes, earning an extremely not bad score of 105 points out of 150. It scored 100 points on another version of the test. Hai keyi.

AI Robot Takes Gaokao, Does Just Alright
AI-MATHS takes the test

AI Robot Takes Gaokao, Does Just Alright

Gaokao robot
Graders score AI-MATHS' answers

While scores like that might not help the robot get into Peking University, there's definitely a spot with AI-MATHS' name on it at Sichuan Second Agricultural University for Traditional Chinese Medicine™. There's also always a lucrative career waiting for AI-MATHS in the ancient Chinese game of Go.

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But you know what, AI-MATHS tried, okay? In its grueling preparation for the exams, it completed 500 sets of practical exercises that included roughly 12,000 questions. (The average high school student supposedly needs to solve 30,000 questions before taking the gaokao, but that's beside the point).

Gaokao robot

And AI-MATHS' score this week was much higher than its February attempt, in which it barely scraped by with 93 points. Test takers need a minimum score of 90 to pass.

Nonetheless, AI-MATHS' creators are unfazed by the result. "It would take two hours for a human to finish the test," said Lin Hui, the CEO of Chengdu Zhunxingyunxue Technology, the company that developed the bot. "I hope next year the machine can improve its performance on logical reasoning and computer algorithms and score over 130."

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"This is not a make-or-break test for a robot," Lin added. "The aim is to train artificial intelligence to learn the way humans reason and deal with numbers."

He also said that AI-MATHS had a tough time with some of the questions. (And we don't blame the poor little bot — just look at some of these questions). 

"The robot had a hard time understanding the words 'students' and 'teachers' on the test and failed to understand the question, so it scored zero for that question," he said.

China's Ministry China's Ministry of Science and Technology hopes to develop robots that will be able to gain admission into more prestigious universities like Peking University and Tsinghua by 2020.

[Images via People's Daily]

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