6 of the Best Chinese-Themed Halloween Costumes

By Matthew Bossons, October 29, 2016

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With Halloween quickly approaching, check out these awesome Chinese-themed costumes.

1. Comrade Lei Feng201510/comrade.jpg

Every Chinese student will at some point hear the praises of military hero Lei Feng. Lei, who died in 1962 after being crushed by a falling telephone pole, is regularly hailed (in textbooks anyway) for his heroic qualities and staunch selflessness. 

You may recognize his face from bus stop posters and metro advertisements – and luckily for you, he’s easy to dress up as.

Step 1: Find yourself a second-hand (or first-hand via Taobao) army jacket and a furry hat with earflaps. It's probably wise to avoid carrying a mock gun around, this is only destined to get you in trouble.

Step 2: Sweep up cigarette butts on your local pub street and open doors for the elderly.

2. Sun Wukong (Monkey King)

The Monkey King.

The supernatural monkey from the Chinese classic Journey to the West, this costume shows you are both fun (because monkeys are hilarious) and academic (because, you know, it’s a classic novel). The Monkey King is known for a variety of attributes, including – but not limited to – his ability to control wind and water, as well as freeze humans, demons and even gods. 

There are numerous interpretations of Sun’s appearance, so you have a reasonable amount of creative leisure with this costume. The best way to accomplish the Monkey King appearance is probably to browse Taobao and buy one of the numerous costumes available online. Alternatively, grab a funky hat, yellow shirt and pants, a staff and don some creative red, black, blue and white face paint. 

3. Monkey

6 of the Best Chinese-Themed Halloween Costumes

After all it is the Year of the Monkey, and what better way to show your Middle Kingdom pride than going as a primate. This costume could be executed in a number of different ways, from cute to ugly and the downright hilarious.

With so many options available to monkey around with, we will leave this costume entirely up to your imagination. Go bananas!

Alternatively, screw the monkey and go as your own Chinese zodiac animal, because there's no better reason to don one of those ridiculous horse masks.

4. Yiren

Man in a gorilla costume.

If you are unfamiliar with this Chinese cryptid, it’s similar in many ways to the North American bigfoot and rumored to live in the mountainous regions of Hubei province. Generally described as larger in stature than a human, this creature is alleged to sport a thick coat of grey or red (or both) fur. While in theory this costume may be difficult to replicate, you could definitely have a memorable (albeit hot) night in a gorilla outfit, scaring children and crushing empty Tsingtao cans over your thick yerin skull. 

This costume also comes with phenomenal re-wear value, as no party is truly complete without a man in a gorilla outfit. Gorilla costumes can be found in abundance on Taobao.

5. Minion

Girl in a minion costume.

Although not a character of Chinese origin (though virtually all minion costumes are probably made here), there is little doubt the minion craze has taken China by storm.

Dressing as a minion on October 31 is a great way to catch attention from Chinese folk of all ages. It’s also a great way to get suckered into endless roadside selfies while party hopping. 

Like the costumes listed above, becoming a miniature yellow servant of tyranny is easy via Taobao. Alternatively, try and buy a used costume off one of the countless McDonald’s employees forced to dress as minions for a marketing campaign earlier this year.

6. Panda

A girl in a panda onesie.

There are few animals in China (if any) that are more iconic than the panda. This is largely due to the fact that the panda is only found in China, while other notable Chinese creatures – like the tiger – are found in other neighboring countries. 

The advantage of sporting a panda outfit this Halloween is that it’s cute and decidedly hard to hate on (who doesn’t love pandas?). Onesie panda pajamas can be easily purchased on – you guessed it – Taobao. If you're not a fan of internet shopping, many clothing markets carry various forms of panda apparel.

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