New Book Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong Launches in Shenzhen

By That's Shenzhen, September 1, 2023

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On the afternoon of August 19, the bustling heart of Shenzhen Central Book Mall was filled with anticipation as the launch event for the eagerly awaited book, Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong, took place. In this world of literature, the air was infused with the aroma of exquisite cuisine.



Launch of the new book Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong

At this intersection of gourmet food and culture, the event was graced by the presence of several distinguished guests, renowned figures from the culinary world, five-star hotel chefs, and friends of Chen Hanzong, the Oyster King, from all corners of the world, gathering in Shenzhen to witness a significant moment in the life of a figure who has had a profound impact on Chinese cuisine.


Launch of the new book Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong

Leading Chinese Oyster Cuisine onto the World Stage

Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong invites readers into the world of Chinese oyster cuisine, offering deep insights into Chef Chen Hanzong's outstanding contributions in this field.


Chen Hanzong, the Oyster King

Chinese cuisine, as a treasure in the world of global gastronomy, carries a rich history and profound culture. Chen Hanzong is a culinary master who has made remarkable achievements in the realm of oyster cuisine. Through unique culinary artistry and innovative concepts, he has injected new vitality and allure into Chinese cuisine. His meticulous research into the unique flavor and nutritional value of oysters has led to the creation of a series of mouthwatering oyster dishes known as the "Nine Styles of Oyster." In his hands, oysters have become a tantalizing temptation for taste buds and a culinary masterpiece.

Chen Hanzong's distinctive insights and innovative ideas about oyster cuisine have given us a fresh understanding of the culinary artistry of Chinese cuisine. Under his guidance, oyster cuisine has become a brilliant gem in Chinese gastronomy, bringing countless delicious surprises.

As a window of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen has attracted talent and wisdom from all walks of life, nurturing a unique oyster culture. Here, you will find gifts from the sea and the distinctive charm of Shenzhen. The venue for this book launch event, Shenzhen Central Book Mall, is an important platform for cultural exchange, providing readers with a close-up opportunity to understand the oyster culture and the allure of Chinese cuisine.


Launch of the new book Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong

Documenting the Journey of Simplicity in Entrepreneurship

The author of this book, Huang Jinglin, is a well-known lifestyle self-media influencer in China. With her skillful use of words and design, she excels at capturing the beauty of life's subtleties. When discussing her creative process, Huang Jinglin said, "Chef Chen Hanzong's culinary journey has been filled with hardships and struggles, but he persevered in his pursuit of excellence, always maintaining a passion and dedication for cooking. He has infused his wisdom and creativity into every dish, allowing people to experience the infinite charm of Chinese cuisine while savoring his creations. Today, we are fortunate to hear his stories about oysters, and he shares his entrepreneurial experiences and unique insights into oyster cuisine. I believe that through his words, we can feel his passion for cooking and his distinctive perspective, gaining a deeper understanding of the allure and value of oyster cuisine."

Chen Hanzong also shared his unique insights into oyster cuisine, allowing readers to appreciate the distinct charm of oyster dishes. Furthermore, the event invited experts from the culinary industry to engage in discussions, exploring the important position and influence of oyster cuisine in Chinese culinary culture. It was a feast of food and culture, where everyone came together to explore and savor the delightful fusion of culinary innovation and Chinese gastronomic culture that oyster cuisine brings.


Launch of the new book Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong

Historical Value: Passing Down Taste and Transmitting Culture

Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong is the second book in the second season of the "Legacy of Taste" series. It tells the story of Chen Hanzong as a promoter of Chinese oyster culture. He not only introduced Western-style oyster dishes to China but also inherited the flavors of his hometown, Hailufeng. By drawing on the essence of both Chinese and Western cuisines, he has become a new-generation master of oyster cuisine, innovating the taste of oyster dishes. The book records his struggles and showcases his deep love for hometown cuisine.

In July 2020, the first season of the "Legacy of Taste" series was published by Qingdao Publishing Group. The first season consisted of four books, each featuring a story about four Chinese culinary masters: Qu Hao, inheritor of Shandong cuisine, Da Dong, the creator of artistic Chinese cuisine, Zhou Xiaoyan, inheritor of Huaiyang cuisine, and Lan Minglu, inheritor of Sichuan cuisine. They represent the highest standards in the fields of Shandong, Sichuan, Huaiyang, and artistic cuisine. They are the torchbearers of Chinese culinary traditions and pioneers in contemporary Chinese culinary culture.

Dong Keping, Chief Planner and Chief Editor of the "Legacy of Taste" series, said, "The publication of Those Who Influence Chinese Cuisine: Chen Hanzong pays tribute to and documents Chen Hanzong's outstanding contributions, almost single-handedly elevating Chinese oyster cuisine to a world-class level. Qingdao Publishing Group has made tremendous efforts to edit this book, hoping to present readers with a complete and in-depth story. In this book, you will be able to appreciate Chen Hanzong's unique insights, rich experiences, and exquisite skills in oyster cuisine. It is a mouthwatering culinary exploration and an enlightening cultural journey."*

The first and second seasons of the "Legacy of Taste" series are available at major Xinhua bookstores, Dangdang,, and Taobao Tmall.

About the Chief Editor, Dong Keping


Dong Keping, a graduate of Philosophy at Peking University, is an expert advisor for the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Leaders' Meetings and was the chief consultant for the inaugural and second seasons of A Bite of China. He is also a consultant for the first and second seasons of Once Upon a Bite and serves as the chief consultant and chief planner for CGTN's Flavors of China. Dong Keping is the convener of the Morgan Stanley China Summit banquet, a director of the Meituan-Dianping Black Pearl Awards, and a council member of Ctrip's Gourmet List. He has authored classic books such as Oral IndulgenceTaste Buds, Craving for FreshnessSavoring, and Savoring the Flavor, among others.

About the Author, Huang Jinglin


Huang Jinglin is the founder of Olive Culture and the operator of the self-media platform "Linlin's Kitchen." She graduated from Nankai University and is a senior media professional. She is a former senior food reporter for Southern Metropolis Daily, a former editor-in-chief of a gourmet magazine, and a well-known domestic lifestyle self-media influencer. Huang Jinglin is one of the first invited special gourmet contributors to Sohu self-media, Toutiao, Sina Weibo, and more. She excels at capturing the subtleties of life through both her words and designs.

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