WIN! Free Beer at This Boozy Guangzhou Craft Beer Festival

By Ryan Gandolfo, March 26, 2021

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Spring is in session and so is a selection of refreshing, tasty craft beer from award-winning breweries at the upcoming Bravo Guangzhou! Craft Beer Festival

Taking place from April 9-11 on the third floor outdoor garden in Tianhe’s centrally located Taikoo Hui, this brew fest, organized by Bravo Brewing, will include over 300 different beers from 25 craft beer vendors all over the country, including Bravo, Bionic Brew, Master Gao and NBeer, to name a few. 

Expect the kegs to be flowing all weekend long, with a variety of entertainment from a bagpipe performance, DJs and bands to beer olympics, beer yoga and a scavenger hunt. 

Local food purveyors will also set up shop, including tacos and churros from Bandidos, wings from the Goat, steak from Mr. Rocky, fries, noodles and much more.

On Saturday, visitors can take part in a crazy dress competition and have a chance to become ‘The Face’ of Bravo’s next beer. Five hundred Guangzhou craft beer maps will also be given out for free during the three-day festival.

Ready to toss back some ice-cold beer? We sure are. No ticket is needed for the festival – every purchase is made via Bravo’s on-site coin system: RMB50 for three coins; RMB100 for eight coins; RMB150 for 14 coins; RMB200 for 20 coins. Beer (350-milliliter glass) will range from two to four coins, and food can also be purchased using coins.

You can take Metro Line 3 to Shipaiqiao station to reach Taikoo Hui. If you’re taking a Didi, head straight to Taikoo Hui West Gate and take the escalator straight up to the outdoor garden area.

Fri-Sun April 9-11, 5-11pm (Fri), 3-11pm (Sat), 3-7.30pm (Sun). Taikoo Hui (third floor outdoor garden).


Much like Bionic Brew’s Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest, expect a wild, boozy time here in Guangzhou.

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Bionic Brew

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Bionic Brew

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Bionic Brew

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Anton/Bravo

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Anton/Bravo

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Anton/Bravo

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Anton/Bravo

Electric City Shenzhen Craft Beer Fest. Image provided by Anton/Bravo


We are giving away RMB50 (three beer coins) to 20 Lucky That’s GBA readers. For your chance to win, simply share this article on your Moments with the caption ‘That’s what I want!’, take a screenshot and send it to our WeChat account (ID: thatsguangzhou) along with your name, email address and phone number.

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Check out the craft beer vendor bios below:

NBeer Craft Brewing

Established 2013 in Beijing, NBeer is one of the first natively-owned-and-brewed craft beer brands in China. To this day, we remain a leader of China’s craft beer movement, gaining a dedicated following among the nation’s craft beer fanatics. NBeer’s diverse and innovative brews have broadly influenced craft and premium beer venues across the nation.


The brand name "Dang Ge" came from a poem, "The drinks, the song, life goes on, but for how long?" Dang Ge was founded by the brewmaster, Shijue and first made a name for itself due to "Dang Ge Stout", which won the 2015 IMBEER Invitational Ultimate Stout Competition.

Jing A

Our goal is to make beer we’re damn proud of; beer that pushes the envelope, celebrates it’s roots, and changes perceptions of Chinese brewing worldwide.” Jing-A is a brewery in constant motion. We’re obsessed with hunting down rare ingredients and unexpected flavours to brew our beers, ranging from twists on classic styles to curious experiments and inspiring collaborations.

Red Ears

Headquartered in Beijing, Red Ear Brewing Co.was founded in 2019 by three founders who are from different industries and backgrounds. Red Ear owns two production lines, One experimental lab with 40 tons annual capacity in Beijing and one Microbrewery with 600 tons annual capacity in Zhejiang.

Trueman Brewing

Trueman Brewing in Tianjin, China is one of the most promising new craft beer brands in China. At present, it has one brewery, four taphouses in Tianjin and one taphouse in Beijing, which is deeply loved by drinkers. Its beers are sold in nearly 100 craft beer bars across the country. Since its establishment in 2016, Trueman has always taken the pursuit of product quality and innovation as its life, which has attracted the favor of beer competitions.

Maha Nine Brewing

Maha Nine Brewing was conceived in 2015. The characters in its Chinese name "Da Jiu" are taken from two plaques inscribed with “Dazhao (Giant Buddha)” and "The First Spring of the Jiubian" at Wuliang Temple's gate in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. In 2018, the craft brewery was officially put into operation, marking the first commercial step for Maha Nine Brewing.

No.18 Brewing & Co.

Founded in 2013, No.18 Brewing & Co. is one of the earliest craft breweries in China. Under standardized operation and management, we have grown from a small pub (No.18 brewpub) to a leading craft brewery in China. Our brew master Jiang Qi is the first Chinese person who won the gold medal in the International Beer Cup (IBC) and European Beer Star (EBC). He is also a certified judge for BJCP.

Master Gao Brewing Co. 

Master Gao Brewing Co. of Nanjing can be dated back to 2008. It owns Master Gao® brand beer. The company is a practicer, advocator and pusher of China’s craft beer movement. Its motto “Brew Free” has become the ideological pursuit of the entire craft beer society. In 2012, the company’s “Baby IPA” received nationwide applause, and regarded as a milestone and breakthrough of China’s craft beer movement.

Mingri Brewing

Mingri Brewing is a Shanghai craft beer brand founded by several beer lovers. They firmly believe that most of the beer should be drunk at it's freshest time, so they use the same materials and equipment as the best foreign breweries to brew fresh and enjoyable beer locally.

Shanghai Love

Shanghai Love is a leading independent craft brewing company. Winners of multiple awards with over 20 releases ranging from beer to cider and coffee, a large scale production of draft cocktails, and a session larger sub-brand. Distributors with accounts in over 80 venues in Shanghai and other cities including close partnerships with major international chains and 5 star hotels.


TripSmith was established in 2013, started with a small pub at Yujia alley, and yet has became a 1000-ton capacity brewery that had launched TS90 in 2018, a project that never give up on providing the freshest beer both on tap and canned beer.

Myth Monkey Beer

"Myth Monkey" beer, founded in Wuhu, Anhui in 2015, is one of the earliest craft beer brands in East China. It has an independent brewery and brewing system, and its main business is to brew "Draft beer". Currently, we have 10-15 draft beer styles with different styles.

Dao Brew

Dao Brew craft beer is a kind of creation, and serious play is our creative attitude. From malt to alcohol, Dao Brew takes culture as flavor, music as seasoning, and uses interesting flavors to create different drinking feelings from person to person. As one of the earliest batch of craft brewers in China, Dao Brew spent 10 years developing a way of “civilized brewing and barbarous take-off”.

Wild West

Established in 2016 in Qionglai-Chengdu, Wild West Brewing utilizes the best local and imported ingredients, bringing to the people of Sichuan and Greater China the highest quality Fresh, Local, Independent Craft Beer. Co-founders are the husband and wife team of Scott and Carol Hunt. Scott hails from Utah in the Wild West of the USA; Carol is from Sichuan in the Wild West of China. 

Nanmen Craft Brewing

Originated in Chengdu, Sichuan, a city famous for its gourmet food and leisurely lifestyle. It was named Nanmen because it was founded in Tongzilin, the "South Gate" area of Chengdu. Nanmen Craft Brewing started to build its brand in 2017, with the goal of creating its own craft brewery brand for Chengdu people.

Yun Brewing 

Yun Brewing, founded in 2016, was initialized by a group of people who are extremely passionate about craftsmanship: create craft beers that are beyond awesomeness. After numerous rounds of attempts, we are proud to present you three beers that are brewed with the finest material and craftsmanship: Red Moon, Pine Nuts Ale and Belgium Witbier.

Bionic Brew

Bionic Brew is a pioneering craft brewery founded in Shenzhen in 2014, and ever since been committed to promoting the local craft beer culture. Bionic is proud to be an independent force making quality craft brews and celebrating our community through it.


Founded in Shenzhen at the end of 2017, it was created and supervised by Gavin Hemple. Gavin has repeatedly won awards in international craft brewing competitions and went to an influential Norwegian winery to study. With his love and talent for beer as a British, coupled with rich creativity, he has become a highly accomplished professional brewer.


Since BeerHardcore's first store was established in Guangzhou in 2015, the brand already has developed into a well-known chainstore, and  there are four stores, where located in Zhujiang New Town and Pazhou New Village in Guangzhou, and Cuixianting Store, Langqing Store in Zhongshan.

Recluse Brewing Craft Beer

Recluse Brewing Craft Beer was founded in 2017 and is located in Qingyuan City. Founder and brewer Ocean was originally an industrial product designer. By home brewing, DIY small brewing equipment, through continuous learning, continuous research and development of formula, to start commercial brewing – it is the growth road of independent brands.

Hubba Brewery (Guangzhou)

Hubba Brewery was founded in 2019, the founder and brewer Max has eight years of rich experience,committed to brewing with local characteristics of craft beer: Michelia Wheat Ale 、 Wampee Sea salt Gose、 Peanut Butter  Porter、Double IPA ... From the small shop(20㎡) in 2016 to the pub of more than 200㎡ ( HUBBA in Wuyang new city), it has been firmly promoting the combination of various cultural elements and craft beer to create a unique drinking atmosphere.

Supra Beer

Supra is a high-end brand under the Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Co., Ltd,inheriting the European "Castle Brewed" craft beer technology in the 16-17century, and combining the ingenuity and innovative spirit of the brewer, then appraised by the sensitive taste buds of the taster, brings the classic taste of European aristocrats' home-brewed beer to the tongue of all beer lovers, to meet the premium quality pursuit of high-end consumers.


Half Ton brewery is one of the earliest brand that focus on craft beer in Shenzhen, established in 2014. We started from bottle shop and create our own brand brewing in 2018.Half Ton brand concept has always sought to express its ideas, stories and emotions through beer, believing that beer is the best thing to make people close. Our Slogan is Brewed with Purpose, Drink with Friends.

Bravo Brewing Co.

The multiple-award-winning craft beer brand Bravo, was first established in 2016, in Guangzhou. Its products hit markets not only across the nation but also in southeast Asia. Throughout the years, Bravo’s beers have become one of go-to brands for local craft beer lovers.

Boxing Cat Brewery

The Boxing Cat Brewery is one of the first and the most internationally recognized microbreweries in China. Established in 2008 in Shanghai, we now have over 3 brewpub locations and 1 central factory in Minhang. Over the years we’ve won best American restaurant, best bar, best brewery, best beer selection, best brunch, just about every best you could have! At the heart of it all, we believe in craft beer, honest well-made American comfort food with great friendly service.

Food & Drink Vendors


Bandidos offers authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine in a fun and relaxed environment. Drop by for lunch, dinner, or our marvelous margaritas!


Bravo Restaurant & Bar is located in a prime downtown location with delicious food. They have won multiple awards including Burger of the Year and Outstanding Pub of the Year over the years.


There is no better place to watch the game, celebrate a birthday, try some craft beer, see live music or grab a delicious meal.  The Goat combines all these things under one room with Guangzhou's biggest TVs, 20 beer taps and full menu of North American favorites on the menu!

Kary’s Kaffe Co.

Kary is born in Guangzhou. KARY KAFFE CO. is founded in Guangzhou China. As we turn our dessert bakery into coffee roaster, we dedicate ourselves to roast beans and coffee manufacture. Kary is willing to offer each cup of particular and fresh coffee to everyone.

7 Sea

7 Sea pronounced [nana sea], in Japanese  [名无し (ななし)], it means 'no name.' The restaurant didn't have a name when it was opened, and the names were solicited from customers for three consecutive months. Now the names given by the guests are still hanging on the bar.


Moming is a brand using traditional fermentation techniques to create a new line of beverages with health benefits. Our drinks focus on all sorts of fermented processes: Kombucha, ginger beer, lacto fermentation, fruits kvass, kefir as well as enzyme. Seasonal fruits products are used with great care. Moming is one of the Hope & Sesame team’s latest brands.

[Cover image provided by Anton/Bravo]

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