YOOZOO Games Team On the Secrets to Their Success

By Bryan Grogan, March 6, 2020

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For the Record is a regular series where we ask local tastemakers about a cultural niche. This month we spoke to Shanghai-based company YOOZOO Games to hear about their recent developments on the League of Angels series.

The latest release in the League of Angels series of games, League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury dropped in February, via Shanghai-based company YOOZOO Games. The fourth in the popular series of games continues on with the series’ focus on Western mythology, bringing more and improved features for gamers all over the world to enjoy. We linked up with the team behind the game to talk about the development of the series, increased gaming competition in China and new features.

“Compared to the previous chapters in the series, League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury is much more devoted to the PVP gameplay mode, pitting players online against one another with not-seen-before intensity. Additionally, roles are more clearly divided than before, with three classes each offering a wider array of heroic skills to join the angels in the fight against darkness.

“With more angel transformation functions now in-play, players must strategize and choose wisely if they are to emerge victorious. Based on the feedback we got, we can tell that players are hugely excited about the extremely smooth next-generation battle graphics teamed with rich gameplay and spectacular in-battle fighting skills. The game offers a flawless user experience during battle, which we hope will attract new players to try the game.

“It has been key for us to use ‘localized’ thinking in order to really tap into the wants of users in overseas markets, and continuously optimize the user’s experience of the game based on the feedback we get. This way, we are not just offering a great game on release, but constantly staying in touch with the customs of local markets around the world, to provide a supreme entertainment experience for players. For example, taking internationally known festivals and integrating them into the storyline in a way players around the world can accept and love.

“The Chinese gaming market has changed rapidly in recent years. There have been hundreds of good games, and a handful of phenomenal games, but the market has also experienced relatively tough times too. Innovation is now the biggest feature of the Chinese gaming industry. At present, game research and development innovation is most obvious, followed by gameplay and graphics innovation.

“Now, with all these new features emerging, the challenge is for old titles to stay relevant, fighting to incorporate the latest innovative elements into their existing operations. Competition in the gaming market is clearly beneficial to the promotion of the market. Some of the great games we’re seeing being released at the moment are proof of this. However, excessive competition can also cause some problems; for example, too many homogenized products in the market, and increased pressure to simply survive for smaller game makers.

“Chinese games play an important role on the global stage. Competition is definitely more conducive to the development of the entire market. The rapid development of Chinese games can drive global game innovation, but this is not enough for Chinese games alone. Game manufacturers must, and should, continue to work together.

“YOOZOO was one of the first Chinese companies to build on its successes at home and expand globally. With Shanghai as its headquarters, YOOZOO has established regional branches around the world – in Germany, India, the US, Singapore and elsewhere. This allows us to strengthen our localization and R&D capabilities for specific markets, and really get to the core of understanding what players want.

“Through this, we have built a globalization strategy coupled with localization systems covering the entire games lifecycle – from project establishment, through to distribution and operation. It’s important to say we are always listening, and always learning.

“The most important thing about the global market is to differentiate and customize. Each overseas regional market has its own characteristics and cannot be generalized. If you want to occupy a certain share in the regional market, you need to thoroughly understand the characteristics of the region and the universality, and then combine the characteristics of the product with a targeted distribution strategy in order to maximize localization.

“In terms of other releases this year, we’ve also got a doomsday-esque car role-playing game (RPG) called Doomcar and a fantasy-world mobile 3D massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called League of Valhalla set to be released this year. All of these games will be on show at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany in August, so stay tuned for announcements.”

Click here or scan the QR code to play League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury:


[Cover image via @League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury/Facebook]

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