PHOTOS: Clash of the Karas – The Full Story

By Jocelyn Richards, May 5, 2017

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As many of you likely saw, the May issue of That’s PRD featured an interview with ‘the Karas’ – two women you either know or wish you did (if you like having sushi boats delivered to your door or sculpting a Baywatch-worthy physique, that is, but moving on). 

What you are reading now is the full, uncensored version.

Dubbed ‘Bad Kara’ and ‘Good Kara’ for the sake of convenience when addressing them, the two are widely regarded as polar opposites – primarily because one is dark-haired, dirty-mouthed, petite and enjoys dancing on bars, while the other is blonde, incredibly buff, good-mannered and dedicated to an all-around wholesome lifestyle. (Clarification: having dark hair does not make one ‘bad,’ please don't read too much into that… or this entire article, for that matter). 

There are other differences too. Good Kara is devoted to her family while Bad Kara is single and claims she “can’t get a date.” Yeah, right. Good Kara’s motto is “Be healthy, be fit, be strong!” while Bad Kara lives by the quote: “If you keep one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, you piss all over today. Don't piss on today." 

Oh, and the former can literally bench-press the latter, as evidenced below:



As if they weren’t different enough, ‘Good’ Kara Wutzke helps people get fit through her esteemed K2Fit program, while ‘Bad’ Kara Schroeder inevitably makes people fat with Mazing food experience app (for tips, see her article entitled ‘How to Get Fat Using Mazing’).

On the day of our photo shoot, one arrived with heels and a dress in hand (we won’t tell you which), and the other a change of athletic gear. But first, a snack:


They tried each other's take-out, albeit unwillingly...




Following an awkward lunch, Good Kara attempted to lead Bad Kara through a light workout, but to no avail.


Bad Kara simply refused to take off her heels...




Then it got... ugly:

workout-the-karas-community-featureFeeling out of her element, Bad Kara invited – or rather 'forced' – Good Kara to dance on a bar.


She quickly regretted the offer, however, as soon as she saw Good Kara’s bad, bad moves. 



It was clearly time for a drink.



All in all a very productive shoot, even if it meant giving up their Saturday when Bad Kara would have rather been “getting as much sleep as possible, having brunch with friends, napping and then going out again to see how crazy everyone gets,” while Good Kara would have preferred “sleeping in – well, until 6.40am – coaching Bootcamp at 7 and having coffee with the K2Fitters afterwards.”

Sorry ladies. And all we have to show for it is this lousy article.

Do the two even get along or was this all for show?

Bad Kara: “I really admire Good Kara for building such a fantastic program to motivate people to be healthy. She’s also very, very caring and kind and even though she’s ‘good,’ I’ve caught her being bad a couple of times, which makes her even more likeable!”

Good Kara: “Bad Kara isn't that bad. She's extremely kind and full of life which makes you want to be around her. She's always smiling, laughing and spreading that gift to others. She goes out of her way to help people and has the best first name ever!”

How sweet.

We’re fortunate to have this pair of achievers in our community, if only so we can devour a whole chocolate cake delivered to our office and then find the motivation to burn it off. Skeptics might say they’re in on a scheme to keep each other employed, but that sounds too bad even for Bad Kara, so we won’t pursue the subject further.

On a more serious note, are the Karas here to stay?

Good Kara: “I love South China for all the people I get to meet from all over the world, in all different industries, from all walks of life. I’m a coach with friends who are diplomats, lawyers, pilots, teachers, business owners, journalists, soccer players, the lot. Isn’t that just awesome?!”

Bad Kara: “If I end up doing something crazy here, no one is surprised anymore so no one cares. There’s so many wonderful people to meet and become friends with, and most people are supportive of one another. It's amazing!”

I think we have our answer. Best of luck to these two!


Thank you to Al Sports and M9 Restaurant Lounge for graciously hosting our ridiculous shenanigans.

[Photos by Jocelyn Richards] 

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