WATCH: Bizarre Drunk Driving Accident In Shanghai Goes Viral

By Urban Family, January 8, 2019

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This article originally appeared on our sister website, Urban Family Shanghai.

By Yuzhou Hu

A video went viral this past weekend, after a white car was shown precariously perched upon a concrete barrier in the middle of an elevated highway in Shanghai. The scene was so bizarre that passing drivers couldn't help but record the spectacle, while wondering how the car got there.

Watch the spectacle below (VPN off):

Incredible as it is to look at, this was not a stunt from Fast and Furious or recently-released Bumblebee. As is reported by the local police, the accident took place at the night of January 5 when the driver, surnamed Gao, was going to fast on Jiamin Elevated Road, a suddenly acceleration seeing the car climb onto the barrier. 

Images via Sina

Gao was found to have a blood alcohol level of 147mg/100ml, nearly twice the drunk driving limit (80mg/100ml). According to Road Traffic Safety Law of Republic of China, Gao's driving license will be revoked and Gao won't be able to reapply one in five years.

Gao suffered slight injuries, while thankfully there were no other casualties. While the hilarious video amused numerous netizens, most of them were angry about Gao's irresponsible behavior, realizing things could have ended far more seriously.

"Drivers like this should never acquire a driving license," wrote one netizen. "Nothing is impossible for a drunk driving person," another pointed out.

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