Embark on a Pioneering Wine Culture Party at Oceanic Wonder

Penfolds 'Boundless Space' Immersive Wine Tasting Experience Sets Sail in Guangzhou

By Sponsored, December 13, 2023

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From December 7th to December 16th, Penfolds unveiled a brand-new immersive wine tasting experience, 'Penfolds: Boundless Space,' at Warehouse No. 3 of the Guangzhou Taikoo Warehouse. This fresh space echoes Penfolds' theme of "Boundless Transcendence," transitioning from space interstellar travel into an all-new oceanic world. Docked at the cultural landmark of Guangzhou's Taikoo Warehouse, the Penfolds ship invites visitors to explore a vibrant display of wines from various countries, an immersive journey through wine-themed light and art spaces, and the Transcend Masterclass in wine tasting. Through a tunnel crossing the depths of the sea, it connects to the 'One by Penfolds,' an interplay zone situated underwater. Collaborating with HUMAN MADE, Penfolds vividly portrays the cultural essence of iconic wine regions including the USA, France, China, and Australia, blending avant-garde art with wine culture to break conventional barriers.

1_-.jpg(Image caption: Penfolds presents an immersive wine tasting experience themed around oceanic exploration at Guangzhou's Taikoo Warehouse)

On the opening day of 'Penfolds: Boundless Space' on December 7th, a pioneering party called 'One by Penfolds' took place, featuring captivating performances by singer-songwriter and actor Casper, along with Yamy, celebrating the momentous occasion with friends.

2_-.jpg(Image caption: Casper and Yamy deliver a spectacular performance at the Penfolds pioneering party)

Explore the Penfolds Oceanic Wonderland and Experience Limitless Craftsmanship in Winemaking

Following the theme of space exploration, Penfolds elevates its brand ethos of 'Boundless Transcendence' in collaboration with international 3D visual artist Mikaela Stafford. Together, they create a rich, splendid, and colorful Penfolds fantasy ocean world, transcending geographical and spatial boundaries, embarking on a new journey into the unknown.


(Image caption: 'Penfolds: Boundless Space' narrates a story of brand innovation in a vivid underwater world)

Entering 'Penfolds: Boundless Space' immerses visitors into a dazzling underwater realm, with red corals and sparkling mother-of-pearl catching the eye. The tides and waves softly whisper, leading the way into Penfolds' wondrous adventure. As the colossal diver emerges, the underwater expedition officially begins. Each suspended deep-sea bubble carries a unique digital code, bearing rich significance from Penfolds' collection. Following the currents, the 2023 Penfolds Collection shines brightly, encompassing, for the first time, iconic regions from China, France, Australia, and the USA. It demonstrates Penfolds' expansion and breakthrough in winemaking principles above daring innovation and exploration spirits. Further exploration leads to the all-new Transcend Masterclass, tasting exquisite Penfolds wines from globally renowned regions. Through the light and art space, indelible memories of Penfolds' winemaking journey are left behind.

As a luxurious wine brand approaching its 180th year, Penfolds maintains a steadfast commitment to bold experimentation, transcending temporal and geographical limits to explore global premium wine regions, crafting high-quality wines in the distinct Penfolds winery style. The 2023 Collection, led by Grange, includes FWT 585, Bin 704, Bin 600, and the inaugural Chinese wine from this series, CWT 521, all making a vibrant appearance at 'Penfolds: Boundless Space,' allowing guests to fully experience the essence of regions like the USA, France, China, and Australia.

(Image caption: Explore Penfolds' innovative exploration story and craftsmanship in the oceanic wonderland)

Embrace Trendsetting Boundaries and Interpret the Vanguard Culture of Wine

Strolling through the tunnel of time at the ocean depths, amidst the shifting lights filled with symbols of contemporary culture, guests arrive at the intriguing 'One by Penfolds,' an interactive zone filled with cross-boundary experiences. Curated by internationally acclaimed artist and HUMAN MADE fashion label founder, NIGO, it creatively interprets the cultural facets of the four original regions of 'One by Penfolds,' showcasing trendy gear, playful games, and exquisite wines, defining Penfolds' winery style with symbols of contemporary culture for all adventurers.

(Image caption: The 'One by Penfolds' play zone draws inspiration from HUMAN MADE's exclusive label design, presenting a unique vanguard wine culture to guests)

The 'One by Penfolds' wine series embodies values of "diversity, boundlessness, and inclusivity," presenting a young, fun, and creative wine style from an artistic perspective, symbolizing the ingenious fusion of wine culture and contemporary art trends. As Penfolds' first-ever creative partner and one of today's influential artists, NIGO collaborates across boundaries with bold innovation and tension-filled expressions. Through HUMAN MADE's distinct label designs featuring animal head illustrations of a rooster, panda, bear, and crocodile, representing the original wine-producing regions of 'One by Penfolds' — France, China, the USA, and Australia — the collection injects a fresh wave into contemporary wine culture from multiple perspectives.

As pioneers at the 'One by Penfolds' party, Casper and Yamy showcased not just their stunning performances but also an attitude of breaking boundaries and daring self-exploration. Casper's transition from an athlete to a singer and actor, alongside Yamy's evolution from pop music to breakthroughs in the rap domain, exemplifies the spirit of "diversity, boundlessness, and inclusivity."

10_-.jpg(Image caption: Attendees thoroughly enjoying the trendy party atmosphere)

Penfolds has continuously strived to offer a distinctive wine culture experience to global consumers in diverse, innovative, and entertaining ways. With bold boundary-breaking and artistic cross-boundary expressions, it communicates Penfolds' winemaking philosophy, savors the Penfolds winery style, and provides opportunities for wine appreciation and exchange. The 'Boundless Space' themed 'Penfolds: Boundless Space,' evolving over the years from interstellar journeys to oceanic explorations, showcases the diversity of wine culture. It represents Penfolds' latest attempt and breakthrough in creating a diverse lifestyle. This immersive experience from multiple perspectives and sensory dimensions defines and innovates the exploration of wine culture in the present and future.

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